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  1. Andrea

    Jeg bruker Dior sin Hydra Life pro Youth sorbet creme, ansiktskrem og øyenkrem. Lyseblå krukker. Bruker normal to combination skin. Har du testet ut disse kremene? vet du om de går under anti aging produkter? vet at man ikke skal bruke det før man er litt eldre. Jeg er 18, så er redd jeg rett og slett bruker feil produkter. Er fornøyd nå, men er redd for at det får negative utfall senere.
    Du har en helt fantastisk blogg! du er så utrolig fin og flink, stå på videre:) Likte skikkelig godt høstantrekkene, kunne hatt alt!:)


  2. Kate

    Hello Hanne :)
    Could you be so kind and tell me how do you take your pictures. What kind of camera, light do you use? All your pictures are so perfect and natural :)
    Thank you for your help

  3. coralie

    Hello, I am coralie big one fan French of your blog, I find
    you great and I adore that you made. Concerning your long-lasting
    hair remover I asked the question of what color are your hairs? The
    question is a little bit indiscreet sorry:) but I am fair and I
    have hairs light-blond and I wonder if the hair remover will
    walk(work) on me. In any case I wish all the best to you

  4. Nicole

    Far out…just googled oro gold as I loved the product but
    wasn’t going to spend that much either and when I read your
    experience, it was word for word exactly the same as my experience,
    even down to the indignant response… I’m not a salesperson, I’m a
    promoter! Has to be the same guy, same accent. However I was
    ‘besieged’ at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Retail area. Soooo pushy
    and over the top! But the stuff he put around my eyes and on frown
    lines was nothing short of miraculous! However, I’m like you and
    prefer to shop online for better deal. So funny to read your
    encounter as mine was exactly the same! Talk about scripted!

  5. Brendan

    Dear Hanne,
    I came across your website by accident. Thank you for sharing your life. Just an idea for you to consider, why not blog a diet/food section on your website? It may sound trivial, but I think many of us would like to know what you eat, your favourite dishes, restaurant critiques on places you’ve eaten at and any of your favourite recipes. Also a travel section would also be cool too. Travel is a favourite topic of mine and I am sure that of many of your fans. Post some pictures of the places you’ve visited, the exotic islands and get away’s. The little unique haunts you have found that made a visit memorable.



  6. Yvonne Manning

    Can you tell me the acceptable reasons for returning orogold products. They made me break out and on reading the side of their boexes it says there should be a 24 hour patch test before using.

    Many thanks

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