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When you choose what to wear on your skin, think of it like a wardrobe. I’m saying this because like clothes, beauty products are subject to more than just preference. There are beauty trends yes, but choosing products based on season is also important. Products work differently depending on the climate and it’s pretty safe to say you’d need different products on a frostbitten winter day than a humid summer evening.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that I’ve been using so far this summer.

I’ve written about this the Nuxe Huilde Prodigieuse OR before, check the full review here. This has been a favorite of mine for years and during the summer months I usually change out the regular oil with the golden shimmer one. This is a dry oil and what I love about it is that it works on basically every skin tone, it emphasizes tan on darker skin and creates a glow for lighter skin types. What I also love about this oil is the smell and I never wear perfume when I use this oil, it’s not too strong and it normally fades after two hours. Another product that gives a beautiful sunkissed glow is the Manasi Makeup Lyster Bronzer cream. Any time my skin has a nice, dewy glow this is why. I love this product and have been using it for a long time. The big jar lasts forever! It’s also water resistant which is perfect for the beach and long summer days. You can read my full review here. My next product is the Devita Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer spf 30 which I found at at WholeFoods while browsing for a sunscreen without the harmful ingredients a lot of them have. My all time favorite moisturizer with spf is Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Moisturizer SPF 30 but for some reason they discounted it. This is an ok alternative for everyday use and to wear under your makeup, but I’m not sure I would rely 100% on it against UV exposure. This creams formula includes 19% zinc oxide, however that’s not enough to guarantee it’s ability to function properly as a broad-spectrum sunscreen. There are other important factors (like stability and dispersion). However my skin likes it and it does apply easily, then sets to a dry finish on skin, it does have a slight white cast but that usually fades within a few minutes.

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The Andalou Naturals Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub is a product I’ve been using on and off the last year or so. I find it works better for me in summer when my skin is a little bit more oily. The fragrance is really fresh, it smells like lemon and sugar, yum! This scrub feels super gentle on my skin and leaves in glowing and soft. After scrubbing my skin I like putting on a hydrating mask and one I’ve been using lately is the Fresh Rose Face Mask. This mask is hydrating and toning infused with pure rosewater and real rose petals. The rose scent is a bit overpowering at first but I don’t mind it. I love the small jar which is perfect to bring along to all my travels. My skin definitely feels more hydrated, plumper and all in all smooth and pretty. Last but not least is one of my favorite summer nail varnishes Chanel #617 Holiday. This is stunning and loud orange-red screams summer and looks great on tanned skin.

I’d love to hear about some of your beauty discoveries this summer?

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