The Tangle Teezer

So this is not a brand new product on the market, but it is new to my beauty collection – which makes it natural for me to talk about. I had already read a lot about this hairbrush at different blogs but didn’t get to try it myself until a few weeks ago when a hair stylist I worked with used it on me. I had a lot of products in my hair so I thought combing it would hurt and make me shed a lot like usual, but it didn’t and it was surprisingly gentle!
Although my hair is fine I have a lot, and it tangles pretty easily. I love that it doesn’t pull on your hair – just detangles it with a minimum of hair loss. It is also super gentle on my scalp. I really like that I can use this brush in the shower to spread out conditioner or treatments. It is also great for traveling as it’s so compact and light.

I have the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in Golden Goddess and I bought mine at Boots but you can also find it here. I paid around £12-13 for mine and I do think the price is a bit much for something that looks and feels quite cheap, but I would totally buy it again if my current one breaks! :)

What about you guys? Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? What’s your favorite detangling hairbrush?

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Clare

    Hi Hanne, I just wanted to ask about how you have your hair cut. i have fine hair but lots of it and wondered how you tell our hairdresser to cut it, e.g how to cut your layers, where to start your layers, how to shape the hair around your face etc. Please reply asap as im having my hair cut next week! love the post! Clare xx

  2. Ingrid

    I have the standard black tangle teezer, and I love it. I also bought the Aqua Splash tangle teezer (specifically to be used in the shower) as a christmas present for my sister, since she has curls and doesn’t like to brush her hair when it’s dry [I have poker-straight hair, so I’ve never had that issue], and she loves it. I tried it too and liked it so much that I had to buy my own :)

  3. Charlotte K.

    Jeg har prøvd den og ble utrolig skuffet. Men nå har jeg også veldig langt og tykt hår, så det er mulig den fungerer bedre på kortere og tynnere hårtyper ;)

  4. Amber

    I absolutely love my tangle teezer! I have super long hair
    and it is literally a life saver! I really want to try the one they
    came out with specifically for wet hair. I actually did a review on
    the tangle teezer a few weeks ago because I loved it so much! xx

  5. Nneka

    I Hanna !
    I have many ideas of articles which you can make!
    – Explain your routine sport
    – Explain your routine hair
    – Explain your routine body and face (care)
    – Explain your routine make-up

    It so much has been for a long time since you posted nothing that all your routines had to change!

    Thanks for your coming back ! Xoxo

  6. Zoe Gruss

    The Tangle Teezer is amazing! It detangles even the
    toughest of knots, yet it doesn’t damage your hair. What is really
    great is that it doesn’t pull your hair. I admit it is rather
    pricey for a hair brush, however it is definitely work it!

  7. Synne

    Den er totalt ubrukelig for oss som har et stort bustehode
    fullt med krøller, taggene er altfor korte til å komme gjennom
    flokene. Den tar bare helt i overflaten på meg, men når jeg kommer
    ned i lengden så er det jo lett matematikk å se at det ikke er noen
    sjans til at det kommer gjennom håret. :/

  8. Alexis

    I’m a big fan of the tangle teaser. After a horrific haircut 2 years ago, I had fusion and tape in extensions put in until my natural hair grows out. During my first set, I didn’t have this brush, and what. a. mess. I’d spend hours separating tangles after a shower. Second set of extensions, I found this brush and what a difference it makes. I was skeptical at first because if sort of reminds me of those cheap little hair brushes that Barbie dolls came with…remember?! But it really works! Glad to see you back to blogging Hanne! missed your thoughtful posts!

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