Beware of Oro Gold Cosmetics

On Friday, I had some time to kill between castings and found myself walking around in the Covent Garden area. I was passing by a shop called Oro Gold when a feminine looking guy with an Israeli accent stopped me to offer me a sample. He then somehow managed to engage me and brought me into the shop where he supposedly would show me something crazy.

He had me sit down and started applying some sort of gold scrub on my hand, waited about 30-40 seconds, then rubbed off taking a lot of my dead skin with it. Or so it seemed to be, I found a lot of sources saying that apparently they use an ingredient called PVA (can’t confirm it as I can’t find an ingredient list anywhere – strange?) in this specific peel that is almost like glue, and what happens when you put glue on your skin and let it dry? Give it a try and then rub it off, it looks very much like skin! Afterwards he held my two hands together saying, can you see the difference? “Umm, no not really” I was thinking. He then started putting on some other products talking about how amazing and beneficial they were and that they were made of 24k gold. He started asking lots of questions, about which products I used on a daily basis, how much I spent on beauty products a month, how long my creams lasted etc.

He also showed me the “luxurious” packaging of the products, showing me where I could find the ingredients list so that I could have a look, but as soon as I started studying it he snapped the packaging out of my hands and started talking about something else. He always kept on complimenting me on how beautiful skin I had. He started talking more and more, until it felt like my ears were bleeding! He asked me which of the three products he had used on me was my favorite, I told him I didn’t have one. But he kept nagging, forcing me to choose one so I just said the gold scrub to make him stop. He then started throwing figures in the hundreds of pounds and kept making different combinations of products and offering them to me at different prices (I would get three products for the price of two etc), throwing in extras etc. I told him that he was a very convincing salesman but that I would not buy anything from him, he was then very offended telling me he was not a salesman, but a promoter (HUGE difference apparently). He claimed that he had been working for the big brands like Chanel, La Prairie, Creme de la Mer etc (not so sure about that!) and that Oro Gold was by far the best product out there and the”real deal”. He also told me that their policy was to not advertise so that they could sell their products for a cheaper price.

I told him again that his products seemed good but that I would not buy anything from him. He then became even more aggressive  started asking why I didn’t want to buy anything from him, if it was a matter of price. I told him yes, I would never buy products for hundreds of pounds without doing research first and trying samples. He then started throwing in even more products that I would get included in the price he had already offered me, stating that he was not making anything out of the sale now, and that he only gave me this “amazing” offer because he liked me and wanted me to use their products. I told him NO one final time and that I would not buy anything from him, I told him I would try the sample he gave me, then see. I stood up and started to leave the shop before he  could make my ears bleed even more, on the street just outside the shop a man dressed in suit – looking like the shop manager – starting shouting after me, wanting to know why I was leaving so soon (had probably spent 20 minutes in the shop). I just kept going, I had already had enough of these rude, aggressive people. From now on I’ll walk on the other side of the street every time I cross that Oro Gold shop!

I have to say, I totally understand how people are not able to say no to these people and their sale tactics. Even though I wasn’t interested in the products and knew it was a scam it was hard to say no. After I came home I started googling Oro Gold (read the complaints here) and found the products for a fraction of the price on sites like amazon. I also read about the aggressive sale tactics at other shops around the world (they all seem to have the same tactics), and that the sales associates tell customer they can return the products, but the recepts are stamped to say “no returns / all sales are final”!

Even if the Oro Gold products actually do work, my advice would be not to buy any of these products. This is a company that clearly intimidates and lies to customers and therefor they should not be rewarded!

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Procrastinator

    I had a similar experience! The woman wasn’t quite as aggressive, but there was definitely a lot of “flash” when she spoke — and she kept saying ridiculous things that contradicted each other in terms of ingredients. I think if you have to sell something so hard, it probably doesn’t deserve the amount of praise you’re giving it!

    1. Winter

      I understand that you didn’t want to buy the product.. And men sell this same product on Kensington High Street, but whats the mans accent got to do with it ….?? Gives it a completely different done . As if your offended this man from another country is trying to sell you something . If the man’s sales tactics is aggressive then its aggressive … making a point of an accent makes it a foreign man aggressive attics

      1. Author

        Hi Winter. I myself have an accent so why would I write it to offend the sales person? It was simply a way of describing the man and the whole situation, apparently they are all Israeli sales people and an Israeli company, and yes I do think that has quite a lot to do with it for all those innocent people who were tricked and are trying to get their money back.

        1. Natasha

          All of them are from Israel! That’s the weird part! And qll of them do the same thing with trying the products on people’s hands and asking them to compare their other hand! They have a store next to mine and they are really weird

      2. katarina dencev

        I totally agree with you! Judging business skill based on his/her accent?

        btw I am a user of Oro Gold Cosmetics (and I am sorry for Hanne ‘s experience)
        this is one of thousands cosmetics products out there on the market, which really, I
        mean, really WORKS. (and I have no israeli roots in

    2. Ky

      I am In Houston, Texas. The Houston Galleria mall is one of the mall that famous world wide for traveler to shopping for name brand fashion, products etc… I was walking by the Orogold shop and watch their video in the shop window when a young man talking with me and asking me to go into the shop and try Orogold products. He was very nice and and very good at promoting their products… but the price of these products was higher than anything I saw on the current market! Yes! there isn’t any listing information on what’s really in the products, and that worries me for one! I been in marketing and promotion business for over 25 years. I think people today should given details truth of their products and not depends on push sales clerk.

    3. Elena

      I just had the same experience with D’or 24k. The salespeople were Israeli also . In Delray Beach Florida. They gave me a free sample then asked if they could put a serum under my eye. The D’or 24 k under eye serum. Probably preparation H. And the swelling from the night before went down. But flaky dry like egg white Then tried to sell me a anti wrinkle machine for 7 thousand dollars and when they saw I wasn’t going for it. Went down to 5 thousand then 2500 then 1400 then 99 dollars. Mind you. Berating me and acting as if Im dumb. I got into an altercation with the sales guy Benjamin and walked out. The other people in the store were all in on the scam. They had bags lined up on the counter and said they were all clients that purchased that day. Lies!!

    4. Lucinda

      Exactly the same thing happened to me in St Christophers place, the woman caught me asked me what products i used, i said “neals yard” she said ah i like, told me i had amazing skin… gave me a sample and said come in let me just show you quickly… she did the scrub thing on my hand then started scrutinising my face saying come on what do you really use… i repeated myself… and then she got out the under the eye puffer thing… no difference… i couldnt wait to get out of there!!! nightmare!! so i googled today to see about ORO GOLD…. and was amazed at this blog!!! the saleslady was saying how she had just got back from training in las vegas and that the product had 24 carat gold etc… exactly the same tactic … this must be what they train in LV!

    5. Ruthie

      Same thing happen to me at the Cerritos store in California. I told this Isrealian sales person that I could not buy without researching. He got pist off and took his sample back. Horrible customer service!!

    6. Anne

      This is 2017, I had the same experience! And… NO ISRAELI! What’s going on! Singapure Lady Sales Person…. she used exactly same kindness of words as you described… making me want to have it cause it works Ansbach look so beautiful…. I was not wanting to buy, and Shevardnadze kept going, offering me first a deal for 6000 Dollar and went down to 250, but I was supposed to tell no one about it… to me it seemed all the way from the start almost line a real good game… she also became very discouraged but tried to hide very professional behind her smile… well, it made me even more not want to buy… the nail polish tool though worked amazingly

    7. Lise

      I was in San Francisco last week. Waling on Market street, the same kind of person attack me on the street. Litteraly I was approche very agfressivly by a femenin north african who try to push me in the store and force me to sit down to put collagene on my eyes. I refused, the he become even more aggresive. Even if the product was good, that should never happen. I think a good product doesn’t need to be sold like this.

  2. Becky

    I had a similar experience with a company called Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics, their aggressive sales pitch was almost exactly the same, the salesman wanted £65 for a tube of very average hand cream, he insisted that I’d never tried anything as good! I told him that I preferred my usual brand (much to his annoyance) and escaped without making a purchase.

    1. Author

      Good to hear you managed to escape without making a purchase! I think I read somewhere that Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics and Oro Gold are owned by the same group! It would explain their similar sales pitch!

    2. Karolien

      There is also a Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics counter / boot in the mall I sometimes go to, it’s not a real shop but more like a stand in the middle of the mall…which means you HAVE to walk past it to go to some shops in the mall. The sales people are really annoying and agressive ! They walk up to you with the products in their hands and start shouting and reaching out to you and when you say no, they are almost offended…Usually I just ignore them and look really mean / angry so that they leave me alone haha !

      1. Author

        Hahah I do the same, it’s annoying me that shopping malls just seems to get more and more of these stands! Really annoying..

    3. makayla

      Owned by the same group..for months in the mall i go to it
      was Premier Dead sea..then they switched to Oro Gold.

    4. Martha Arntson

      The deep sea cosmetics (and other names they use) have been around for at least the last ten years where I live, they are in the malls, center stands, they catch you, put some ridiculous lotion on your skin (like the glue stuff) then show you “see the difference”, Uh, actually NO! So I got curious, went online Googled them of course! Low and behold, scammers, no surprise. A lot of these supposed “one of a kind” products are now on Amazon (where as before you could only get them at the Mall stand), it’s been a great source of irritation for me to be dragged into their “space” and literally charged $100.00 before you even say yes to anything. I got stuck for $200.00 one time (and only time ever!) way back when they first came out with these “stand alone” places in the Malls. I read up, I researched over the years and NEVER EVER buy anything from them or any other stand alone stall products, the people they hire are fraudulent and should be shut down.

  3. tamar

    Unfortunately this article hits close to home for me. I am Israeli, and these pushy salespeople are quite the phenomenon. Usually they are young people fresh out of the army, usually using the Israeli “hutzpa” (sass) to work illegally (!!) for stalls and shops in malls all over the world. It pains me this is the way people see israelis, bit unfortunately these young people are compensated heavily for selling a lot of products so it causes said pushiness and unpleasant buying experience. Sorry you had to go through it, but good for you for being true and honest to yourself and saying no.

    1. Author

      I read somewhere that these people are almost all Israeli fresh out of the army and that they go to western countries to wok hard for a few months… Hope they will solve is situation soon! Xx

  4. Georgie

    Wow, that sounds awful! :\ Thank you so much for the warning, and to Becky about Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics too. It’s one thing when your hairdresser tries to sell you the products that they are using on you (“You NEED argan oil!” “I do use argan oil…” “Then you NEED Morrocanoil!” etc), but quite another to be hassled in the street by strange men!

    1. Author

      Exactly! I hate when hairdressers are really pushy though, they even managed to trick my poor brother into getting expensive hair treatments without him realizing until he had to pay afterwards… :/

  5. Rute

    This is horrible, I hope I never get to experience something like this, seems even scary! :s But good to hear you got away safely!

    1. Author

      Yes I’m so happy I stayed strong and left empty handed! On the other side I’m happy I experienced it so that I can warn my readers! :)

      1. Stephanie

        Just had a similar experience in Amsterdam. The young sales lady loored me in to the shop and tried to sell Oro Gold products, applied some cream on my face and off she went. She said she was south american. Did not buy anything, what an agressive tactic.

  6. Ebru

    Sorry you had to go through such a crap experience. I could tell from the way they were trying to run after people on the streets with samples/products in their hands that they were cheesy/pushy salespeople, so never went in there. I just hold up my hand to indicate no and walk at a faster pace when I walk past, such an annoying style.
    On a separate note, I’m off to Stockholm in a few days for the first time ever and just wanted to ask you whichv cosmetics brands/shops you would recommend I check out. The only one I have on my list at the mo is Face Stockholm. Living in London, I have access to the more international well known friends, so want to try out new things. Also, if you have a favourite restaurant/cafe that is unmissable, I would greatly appreciate your recommendation. Love the blog, many many thanks in advance :)

      1. Author

        Hi! I didn’t answer you yet because it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Stockholm and I wanted to find a Swedish blogger that you could ask instead, I’m not the right person to ask! :)

        1. Ebru

          Hi Hanne :)

          Apologies, for some reason I thought your relatively more permanent base was Stockholm. Many thanks for trying and look forward to your future adventures x

  7. Sarirah

    I had a similar experience on South Molton st. They gave me a sample and started asking me a bunch of questions about what products i use and basically implied that they weren’t doing a good job and i should try theirs. I asked them what sort of brand they were and if they used natural or organic ingredients (because at first I was genuinely interested) but in reply I got a “well, you can read, the ingredients are on the back”. At that point, I just said thanks and walked off. I’m sorry to hear you were hassled so much. Sometimes sales people scare me.

  8. Hoa

    Hi all,

    I had the same experience today at their South Molton St store near Bond Street station.
    The salesman was really pushed me onto buying products and didnt let me leave the store.
    I was really intimidated when they keep asking about everything I use for my skincare and keep comparing, droping the price.
    Wish that I have read this earlier.
    Had such a horibble experience. Wouldnt walk pass that store ever again.
    They made me buy the skin peel product and wouldnt refund it when I change my mind later, in like 5 mins. I kept saying that I want to try put the sample first.
    Feel so stupid as they trick me out a lot of money.

    STAY AWAY from this brand if you dont want to get scam out of your money.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry to hear you had this bad experience with them! The worst part is that even though their products might not be bad at all, you just don’t want to use them after that bad experience.. :(

      1. Tammy Murphy

        There products are amazing the first product I found that truly gets rid of bags under my eyes. But they are so aggressive. They also have a store that sells diamond infused creams. They pulled a bait and switch on my husband and I selling us one product then getting home and completely different products in my bag. When we went back they were closed the owner said he had two stores in the mall so we went to Oro Gold. They denyed they were the same owner. So we went to the mall management office. They called the owner. He explained oro gold has the same formulas just gold instead of diamonds. He called oro gold and had the girls give me the 2 products I ordered. I kept the other products i bought as well. When I went back up the girls were still denying he owned it saying they were doing a favor for the owner. We already knew from the mall office it was one owner. Very rude liars that work there i don’t know how they can sleep at night knowing there lying and scamming people……

  9. Anne

    Yes the same thing happened in Cape Town with Dead Sea Cosmetics, I could not believe their selling methods are legal. They should be reported, which I did.
    They are really useless.

    1. Author

      I know! I don’t understand how it’s legal either! I think they got lots of complaints from all around the world already, but obviously not enough… :/

  10. LittleMissSCB

    That was horrible. I’m glad you stood your ground!

    I had a similar incident happen to me in Sydney. I’m not sure about what the company’s name was, but your story was so similar to what happened to me. The sales representative also kept trying to offer me a deal with the combination of products they had. After I kept politely declining a purchase they kept persisting and also began to get a little desperate and aggressive.

    I trialled a scrub they had which also “peeled” off the dead skin, but I wasn’t even allowed to see the ingredients list. Eventually I got tired of being polite and just walked away…

    Such a bad way to get customers.

    1. Author

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience as well, but good you stood your ground and walked away! Their methods shouldn’t be legal..!

  11. Isabel

    First time I’ve heard of Oro Gold was from a YouTuber, she got away at least. But it’s very horrifying reading some of the comments on them. The sales person would tell you there’s a return policy and that if the customer don’t like the product s/he could just return it, and at the same time as the purchase is made the cashier would stamp the receipt “no returns” – and the next day there would be a new person standing there refusing the return.
    I would never fall for anything like this because I try to use all natural products and if something is advertised as being a miracle worker and with a hefty price, it can’t be all natural. Although I have to warn mom, she’s so easily tricked and don’t know the word “reaserch” and “reviews”.

    1. Author

      I know, I can’t believe they have the conscience to lie their customers in the faces like that! I always warm my mom as well, unfortunately I’m afraid she can be a bit naive and fall for their filthy sale methods :/

  12. Melanie

    NOT cool. I have to be honest, I probably would have told him in no uncertain terms, and most likely in colorful language, just what he could do with his cosmetics.

    Aggressive sales = Melanie walks away.

  13. Christine

    The same thing happened to me with Premier Dead Sea
    cosmetics. Only i couldnt resist and ended up spending 100€ on
    stuff i was never planning to buy. I actually felt very much like
    hypnotised, i only realised what i’ve done when i got to my car in
    the parking lot! Never ever talking to these kind of pushy,
    disgusting salesmen!!!

  14. Tree Mushroom

    Haha so their ways are the same everywhere. I have never entered the store, but there is always 2 guys or a girl standing outside and inviting people to have a sample. I got a sample a long time ago, it was a face moisturizer, it smelled awful and made my skin feeling warm and going to break out…

  15. M.ART

    Hi there, these people are like something you use in Spain when you holiday there. Pushy, arrogant and unfriendly. I tried their products like you did and then told them no thanks. I walked away with a smirk on my face seeing them standing around glaring because I didn’t purchase. It was fun :)

  16. Sarah

    I had the same experience the other day. He offered me the
    the gold scrub for 49£ because- that’s what he said- I would come
    back after using it up anyway. In the end he had tears in his eyes
    and I felt bad saying no…but that really was aggressive and I
    felt really not well at all (and by the way: I don’t actually get
    why he asked me. I usually don’t at all look like I would spend
    100£ for cosmetics).

  17. Sharel

    I had the EXACT same experience today, likely with the
    exact same metrosexual sales “promoter”. I was so angry after I
    left, which is what prompted me to look up this product and led me
    to your blog (which so accurately describes the situation I was in
    today). I couldn’t believe how pushy and aggressive he was! After
    he tested the “amazing” skin peel on my hand, I had the same
    thought that the “dead skin” was actually just the product itself
    congealing. But he continued to tell me how much I needed this
    product, and then show me all his other products. He put an eye
    cream around one of my eyes, and said that it instantly takes away
    puffiness. When I said I couldn’t see the difference, he kept
    making me look in different magnifying mirrors to compare (I almost
    felt like this was a ploy and that I was getting pickpocketed while
    I was sitting there looking in the mirror and not paying attention
    to my purse). He then started showing me the prices and offered 2
    products (each worth 130 pounds) for the “low” discounted price of
    200 pounds for both. Then after realizing I was interested, he
    started offering 3 products for the price of 2. When I still
    wouldn’t budge, he then offered 2 products for 50 pounds total.
    Which would sound like an amazing deal, since initially it was 260
    pounds for the 2 items. What kind of business is this, that can
    sell products at an 80% discount? It just sounded like a HUGE scam
    to me. And when I said that 50 pounds was still too much to spend
    on skincare products I didn’t know and that I wasn’t looking to
    drop 50 pounds today for no reason, he started telling me how 50
    pounds is nothing! Excuse me, but are we or are we not in a
    recession? I can’t go around throwing away money, especially if I’m
    just buying Elmer’s glue. I have also had a similar experience like
    this at Sakare in Covent Garden, who also offer amazing “deals” and
    “combinations” of products, and then lure you into their skincare
    line which costs 100’s of pounds. And if you look at the return
    policy at Sakare, there are so many rules and regulations about
    when you can actually return the product, and that refunds are at
    the discretion of the local distributor, and that they will only
    offer refunds or exchanges if your statutory rights have been
    affected. What the hell? Can’t you just return a product because
    you decide you don’t want it anymore? Nope. That’s not one of the
    listed acceptable reasons to return the product. And interestingly,
    this metrosexual sales promoter at Orogold mentioned that he worked
    at Sakare before moving to Orogold. Coincidence? Hmmm….. Isn’t
    there some kind of Better Business Bureau in this country?

  18. kooki

    Exactly the same thing happened to me this morning. Whole thing a scam but unlike previous comments the metrosexual guy kept saying he wanted to give me something. That something was the cream in broken packaging for £50 I stated I couldn’t take it and made my excuses and left. Ladies if you are walking down Neal street do not accept a free sample. That way you wont be “persuaded” to step inside. P.S. After leaving Neal St making my way to Oxford St on foot I saw another of these stores in Bond St. Stay clear.

  19. Emily Louise

    I had pretty much the same experience in that shop.. I was casually walking past with my mum, we were out shopping- but for nothing specific. I glanced at the shop and had no interest in going in but I got caught looking by one of their sales persons. I got sucked into the store with my mum, I didn’t have a chance to say no. My mum kept saying that we needed to leave as we had a meeting to get too.. but he was adamant I was not leaving.
    Lucky for me that my mum was with me or I would have bought something just to leave!


  20. sandy

    hii hanne,
    I got the same approached but hers the thing .. I suffer from acne many years and I don’t need to say how bad acne looks. but when the sells Pearson approached me and sew the condition of my face he strait away offer me the acne mask witch is the problematic mask. in the mask you have the ingredient benzoyl précised , it usually come in a peel but its new to see in a mask and the tree tee oil .. apparently the combination of the 2 of them together is new and very good for acne .
    I can tell you that since I start using it I help me in a way that people could not understand, its dry’s the breakout and help to reduce the scars that I already have.
    so I agree that there Taconic of selling is way off but I can tell you that there product are really good.

    1. Author

      Hi Sandy, or should I call you Hadar (that’s your real name right?). I just found you on Facebook through your e-mail and I see that you are friends with the seller who approached me in Covent Garden, what a coincidence…. Maybe you work at Oro Gold as well? The products you used must have been truly amazing because it doesn’t look like you have acne on any of your photos on Facebook……

      I will say to you what I wrote at the very end of my post; even if the Oro Gold products work well, my advice is still NOT to buy these products. A company that intimidates customers and lies to them should not be rewarded! If you read all the comments I have received on this post you see only negative experiences with this company. You should show it to your friends at Oro Gold!

      1. Orsina

        You go, Hanne! Love how you do your research!!! :-D

        I had the Orogold experience yesterday at South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach, California. The saleswoman all but yanked me into the store (ok, ok, it’s my afternoon off, no biggie) and told me she had items to help my acne. (I hadn’t expressed a problem with my acne, which is actually being helped by topical prescriptions, the only thing that has helped.) She rubbed some kind of serum on the top of my right hand, and grayish flecks came off; I was told they were dead skin. I was asked if I couldn’t see the difference between my right hand and my left (I couldn’t).

        Today I checked their website, and maybe I’m naive to the industry, but I nearly passed out when I saw the prices on their products!!! One woman posted a complaint that she was allergic to gold, and they assured her there was no gold in it. That tells me they’ll say anything to get you to buy. (Although I have to wonder why someone would believe that a company called Orogold would have products w/o gold — that’s why they’re so pricey, right?!)

        I’m glad y’all told me about PVA, I’m going to do my own research on that as well.

  21. Lorraine

    I was accosted yesterday by the same salesman/jerk in Covent Garden. He almost pulled me into the shop and started applying Orogold to my hand. I told him I didn’t want him to touch my face as I was meeting my daughter for supper ……..well you know what happened next. He even pulled me to the till and started his sales tactics, reducing the cost of the products and adding more at a very reduced cost but still very expensive.
    I have no time for these sales tactics and told him so and walked out of the shop. I couldn’t believe it when I walked around the corner and there was another team outside another shop…… I crossed the road……..

  22. amy

    I am a victim of orogold cosmetics products.and it seems i will spend a thosands of ponuds,i will continue using it.and i will observed the more i will applied into my face its getting i know this is kind of product that destroy your skin ever!!!think we need to spread this msgs to everyone to avoid anothet victim…

    1. Evy

      Surely you have a case to return the product if you are
      allergic to it? I returned Touché Éclat to YSL for a refund when I
      had an allergic reaction to it.

  23. Rekha

    I had the same experience. I bought the product for a huge
    amount as a result of my naivity. I agree with most of the
    comments. The salesman are well- trained to “hypnotize”. they can
    make you fall in their”trap” if you dont have the will power” to
    say no. there is no return policy as I tried and was unsuccessful.
    These people should be stopped.

  24. Miranda

    I have also had an extremely negative experience with OroGold. At West Edmonton Mall, I was lured in by a sales lady offering a gift bag with free samples as my sister-in-law and I approached, and the lady had convinced us to give a few minutes of our time. She sat me down in the chair, and asked what products I used on my face, and commented on how much redness and how many break outs I have on my face. I felt absolutely insulted, as I honestly do not have any breakouts (1 scar only) and as I am very fair in skin colour, I naturally have VERY red cheeks, it happens when I am shy, when I laugh, when I run, or anything, I just naturally have very red cheeks! She repeatedly told me I needed to take care of this sensitivity as it was making my skin very bad.
    She showed me the different products, and as you mentioned, did the whole “dead skin” thing and all of that, and showed me the great deal she was giving me (over hundreds of dollars even with the “deal”). She asked me to compare wrists, obviously I did not see a difference, I actually saw more redness on the arm she had applied the product onto. I told her that I would think about it, and consult with my sister-in-law (who was outside at this moment taking a call), and come back later. She rudely asked why I had to consult with her, that it was my own decision. While my sister-in-law was still outside the shop, she took me to the back and showed me the “facial room”. She then asked what I put on my nails, and criticised me for using a base coat, saying that it was not good for my nails (completely irrelevant to what products she was showing me). My sister-in-law came back and let me know that our family was waiting for us elsewhere in the mall. We let the sales lady know and she persisted to show us more products. We politely tried to ease out of it telling her we would come back but really had to go now. She told me rudely that I needed a proper routine to fix all the redness and breakouts on my skin. My sister-in-law told her that I already had a routine, and she sarcastically said, “What routine? Putting on moisturizer? You need a lot more than that sweetheart, you need a proper routine”. At this point, she had insulted me far enough, and we left the samples and walked out the store.
    This is definitely NOT the way to sell products. I personally do not take these things to heart at all, so it doesn’t bother me so much. But when selling a BEAUTY product, shouldn’t the salesperson make the customer actually feel beautiful? I actually really enjoyed the products, as you have also mentioned, I like the idea of them, they smelled great and to know they were natural was great as well. However, I would never buy these products, nor recommend it to anyone, nor even go back into their store. At first I thought it was just this particular sales lady, but from all of these similar negative experiences, it seems as if these salespersons are actually trained to behave in this way and with the same attitude. This seriously should not be allowed.

  25. Dee

    Oh my god… So THAT’S what happens! There was a booth set up in a shopping centre near me and I was rushing past with my baby (practically running) and he jumped out and started saying “excuse me have you got a minute..” What kind of person thinks that’s an ok time to pitch? Anyway it ended with him putting the sample into my bag! HATE pushy sales people! Thanks for the info … Will be sure to steer well clear x

    1. Naz

      Hi hanne

      I just wana say that oro gold people are sooo annoying
      I work next door and they always scare my customers away my manager told them soo many times not too come in our door way
      They are soo pushy with people it’s soo unbelievable
      I mean I stand and watch them how they lie to people about their product
      Even they knw I work next door to them they try and sell me their stupid product
      They need too be stoppped

  26. Lora

    I had the same experience and also felt hypnotized as I spent thousands of dollars. I returned them 2 hours later and was told I could only exchange them, no cash refund.
    If you look at your receipts you will probably see that, like mine, the return policy was folded under and was not visible.

    I am suing in small claims court and have a court date on July 19th. Wish me luck!

  27. Nicole

    Every-time I go to the mall at Cerritos CA, they are hunting me with samples :”miss miss” They are so pushy and it’s a huge stress to pass their stand… They have tried to sell me products before but I wouldn’t let my self convinced. Using the same technique you described … many compliments on my skin and beauty and also asking personal questions like where I usually shop, what cosmetics I usually buy, how much I spend on cosmetics every month, how much money I make… I told them I am a student and the next question was” Who’s helping you with the money? It must be really expensive to go to school here!” Really… how far this people can go? I am surprised they did not ask for my back account number !!! Uhhhhh….

  28. Eileen Donaldson

    Unlike other complainants I was overwhelmed by kindness and love by a really delightful and understated young lady. I had just disembarked from a 16 hour flight at OR Thambo Airport in Johannesburg and was looking for a much needed coffee before my onward flight. This lovely lady approached me with a sample and I just laughed and said I was only looking for a decent cup of coffee ! Before I knew it I was sitting down having a lovely cream patted onto my very tired eyes. It made a difference and I was happy to purchase that and the serum for R4,600. She also bought me a coffee after commenting that the only best coffee came from her country – Brazil.

    Then another beautiful girl appeared and said “Just try this” She was equally lovely and they both kept calling me “Mummy” as I am only just on the right side of 70. I kept saying no no no, that I was more than happy with the eye package and was not buying anything else.. Yes the cream around my wrinkly mouth did make a difference but I still was not prepared to buy anything else. Then they came up with” an idea”. If I agreed to take the full package at R30,000 and was prepared to let them use my before and after photos in their shop in Las Vegas , then I could pay R500 per month for 5 years. Well maybe that was possible thought I. One lady showed me a slip showing the R500 monthly payments. But I came away with my two eye products a “free: hand cream and two till slips one for R4,500 and the other for R30,000 !! Unfortunately I was now rushing for my onward flight so I did not check the slips till I got home ! I had no official receipt. Two days later the so called 5 year supply arrived. No company address was on the parcel and there was no delivery note or invoice in the box. Now I am unhappy. I checked with my bank and found that the R4,600 had been deducted from my card as had R30,000 !! I am shocked and unhappy that these two very delightful young ladies were so kind to me yet were crooking me at the same time. they said they were from Brazil but I have discovered that one of them at least is from Israel – there was her beautiful face as plain as could be. I am busy checking everyone else now and so is my bank ! Its not the product, it is the dishonesty. I cannot even bear to look at it now let alone use my 5 years worth of beautiful packaged apparently miracle products. Sad sad sad. And more fool me !! Was I vulnerable at the time – very much so. Was I flattered by such warmth and kindness – very much so. Was I stupid – probably but I have yet to have that confirmed !

    1. vina Hayden

      Hi Eileen
      I cant believe that something so similar happened to me last year. I was at OR Airport in Johannesburg waiting for my flight to London. As the customs confiscated my night cream in my hand luggage I was quite happy to accept a sample of hand cream from the young gentleman at the Orogold kiosk. Before I could walk further he complimented me on my lovely skin and wanted to show me something amazing. As I had quite a long wait for my next flight I sat down and then the sales pitch started. He kept on offering me various products with a “free sample” with every one I purchased. The counter in front of me looked like the skyline of New York with all the various beautiful packaging of Orogold. The “special” price he gave me with all the discounts came of R12200. I said no thanks but then he said I could use my credit card and pay over 2 years. Well, by that time I was quite moggy and agreed, putting my card into their machine. It was first rejected as it was over my limit but then he said lets try again. Eventually it accepted the entry and I went off with my bagful of cosmetics. He said I could return it for a full refund if not happy and even gave me his cell number. I was sick to my stomach and could not believe that I was spoken into this deal. I had a call from my bank to check the amount. All the way to Lonson I kept on pinching myself that this was just a bad dream. What was my husband going to say?! I arrived at Heathrow and when I wanted to withdraw some pounds, my card was rejected! I sent the guy from Orogold an sms which read”what have you done to me! I cannot even draw some money for a coffee as my card had been maxxed”.
      During the next few days he and I had exchanged a couple of smsses with his saying that he would refund the full amount on my return to South Africa the next week. To cut a long story short, I did eventually get a R12200 refund on my credit card after having to pay for the two samples that he had given me for my daughter in London. I did however have to make quite a few calls to the superviser in Johannesburg before they agreed. I cannot believe that I was so lucky to get a refund and extremely grateful for that. You imagine that I give Orogold a wide berth whenever I stop over at OR Tambo en route to London when every time I get accosted by their very slick sales people. I also cannot believe that the have not been kicked out of airports and shopping malls all over the world.

  29. Claudia

    Recently while passing the Oro Gold location on South Molton Street I was approached by a man representing the brand and was promised to be shown something amazing! As someone who has had a senior role within the Beauty Industry for the past 20+ years, I thought I would humor them and see what was so amazing, I went through exactly the same process as you did, and when I happened to mention my experience, position, and who I worked for he changed tactics, not only going for the over the top amazing product (not) sales pitch, but also thrusting his groin in my direction on a regular basis… The whole experience at this point had become quite comical, when I was ready to leave as I was due to a Dinner engagement he became very aggressive and abusive in his manner, had I actually been interested in trialling the product samples, and coming back to purchase at a later date, this unprofessional behaviour would have put a stop to any hope of them making a sale from me. I would advice anyone who would like to invest their hard earned money on premium products on staying clear of Oro Gold and to visit an established Luxury retailers Beauty Hall.

  30. deborah

    Hi strange but true i was on my way to selfridges to buy la
    prarie, i was kidnapped, and given a very strong sales pitch, came
    away with a lot of stuff, i have to be honest the face serum is the
    best i have ever used, the ete gel and eye cream amazing, i thought
    i had been had, but the product is very very good

  31. Ann

    I was accosted yesterday in South Molton Street. I bought the eye serum for £300 (with the supposedly great deal and cleansers thrown in for free. I then tried to leave and they insisted I try another amazing product, lady got very annoyed when I wouldn’t let her put it on my face as I said I was meeting friends for lunch and didn’t wish to take off my make up. She was so desperate that she said I could use her make up!! I am normally a very calm person and even though I kept saying I wasn’t buying anything she kept pushing with almost bullying tactics and very rude. I almost ran out of the place. Then a sales assistant in Selfridges told me she had been offered a job there but did not approve of their sales approach and tactics so wouldn’t join. Wish I had seen Hanne’s post earlier.

  32. Aika

    Looks like Orogold are becoming desperate. On my recent trip to High Street Kensington I was stopped by a young lady who followed exactly the same script, except (1) she told me she could help me with my acne and looked very concerned pointing her finger at my skin – I don’t have acne, my skin can get dry and flakey but I haven’t had acne for about 20 years now; (2) she told me proudly that she’s been using the products for a few months now, but her own skin looked awful. I really had to bite my tongue at that point.

    When I thanked her and proceeded to the door, she got very angry telling me how if I came the next day I’d have to pay 215 pounds instead of 100 and how somebody my age should be looking after their skin better. She then said that when I reach my thirties I would be sorry I didn’t look after my skin in my twenties – it made me very very happy indeed as I am nearly 40!

  33. Cindy

    OMG, the oro gold shop just opened in Hong Kong and I walked by yesterday cuz i had a few min to kill. Same thing happened! A young Middle Eastern guy was very pushy and asked me the same questions like what brands I used, if I was married, if I was happy…(what does have to do creams???). He was very surprised that I had not heard of their “famous” brand. He tried to sell me some jar for HK$11,500 (approx US$1,500)….why would I??? Never heard of the brand, they were in the wrong area of town if they are that upscale, aggressive sales, … he then asked how old I was. I told him 50 and he said “I knew it!” WHAT? He tried to come off professional and told me he has been in the biz a whole 6 years so he could tell. I walked off and told him I’m going home to kill myself now that I look my age.

  34. Dom

    Well, I was a victim as well… incredible… although I made them work very hard for it. My wife has reactions to lanolin and other products… of course they found something that would not cause reactions. Also, earlier the same day I had the exact same experience with Seacret in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. We can add Seacret to the list for these scam! The lady at Orogold even wanted to know what products I had bought from Seacret and she was quite familiar with the product. It’s then I knew the other product was also a scam. The lady at Orogold even placed my shopping bags behind her counter so I could not get away… what a character. I’m too polite for my own good of course.

  35. Arvic

    Yes this people are so arrogant and do some lies with their
    products. It seems their shouting at you if you say no to the

  36. Evy

    Oh my goodness! Just found out today my daughter got
    pressured into spending £150 that she could not afford on the Oro
    Gold eye cream. She is devastated she got scammed and that she
    spent so much on so little. Hanne maybe we can mobilise a group of
    people to go into their stores – having left their wallet and
    credit cards with a friend or family member – and go through the
    whole sales pitch knowing they can’t pay (oops forgot my wallet!)
    and really drive the sales people crazy! Something has to teach
    them and save other poor suckers getting sucked into their pressure
    sales. Thanks for having this site up so at least everyone knows
    they are not alone. But reading this a good lesson is to check the
    amount being charged to your credit card before putting in the PIN.
    I know I rarely do and it’s a good discipline to learn to. Thanks
    and best wishes, Evy P.s. I just use Rosa Mosqueta oil at night and
    Kiehls moisturizer in the day, practically the least expensive
    things you can buy and wonderful – for me at least – and I’m no

  37. Martin

    I had the same experience yesterday with a Brazilian guy.
    After a good 25 mins and me saying NO. He went downstairs to ask
    his manager if he give me a special deal. Because I was so nice and
    honest. I could have 1 product for £49.99 and a free pot and later
    bring the receipt and get a free replacement! I managed to walk out
    as I was going to be late for curtain up at the Opera

  38. Jinya Mizuno

    Hi there… I had a similar experience with a company called Sakare near Bond street.
    I allowed myself to be seduced into buying the facial peel and other things for £100 and walked away thinking that I had bought some loving things for my body with a niggling feeling that I had been ripped off somehow… not a nice cocktail of feelings.
    Are any of the products real? Does the facial peel work or is it just watered down PVA? If so, a company selling such things needs to be brought down. The prices seemed extortionate and that is how they get away with it. We think they’re doing us a favour by throwing in some ‘freebies’ but in actual fact they probably cost about 10p to make.

    Learned my lesson. Trust my first feeling. Never will I get duped again.

  39. Nadia

    Same experience on New Bond Street with Sakare. (More
    Isreali dead sea products) You walk past and they hand you a “free”
    soap and tell you how beautiful you are. You explain you’re on your
    way somewhere and they grab you and tell you they have to give you
    and show you something amazing. I say “I’m not buying anything.”
    They miracle scrub your hand (which after research I realised is
    not your skin, but the glue in the peel of the product) you state
    again you will not be buying anything, that you are tired and happy
    with the products you already use then you get “let me show you
    something, you will scream.” Then starts pushing more products –
    all of which he claims are “natural” when I can clearly see the
    list of chemicals on the ingredients of the package. How I “need”
    these products and how he “wants” me to have these products and
    because I am so beautiful he will give me an amazing offer. I
    stopped him in his tracks and said “I’ve seen all this dead sea
    stuff before, and I’ve been stopped and had all these sales tactics
    used on me before – it’s not going to work..sorry. I have just
    stocked up on my La Prairie; and everything else I use is natural
    because I am allergic. I am not interested.” He then proceeded to
    try and push and say La Prairie wasn’t worth the money etc etc, you
    could have ALL this for THIS much, “my special price, nobody else
    because I like you so much and want your telephone number.” I
    decided to test this. “Is it returnable?” him “yes” I bought the
    stuff under the imaginary deal. None of the products had prices on
    the receipt – first give away that it was a scam. I got home and
    googled Sakare, the website under construction – convenient, nobody
    can check prices. Later that evening I texted the clerk saying I
    was returning the products, he told me they were all natural and
    they clearly weren’t – which would lead me to allergies. He wrote
    back and told me because of his special deal the products could not
    be returned. I wrote back and told him he was contradicting himself
    1. for lying to me about the ingredients. 2. For making up this
    special deal; as none of these products have a “Set Price” as it is
    (I was clearly over charged,) 3. For telling me I could return the
    products when I “couldn’t”. 4. For harassing me for my phone
    number. 5. For the allergic reactions I am enviably going to have.
    With that he immediately told me I could return the products. I
    went back to the store and watched the same process happen with a
    lot of naive women, enjoying the attention and viewing these
    “miracles”. I got my 260 pounds back for products I never wanted, I
    told the manager to stop preying on women and treating them like
    fools. Shiny packaging and shameless flirting is a shallow way to
    go about making sales; you are lying to and ripping off your
    customers. Stop it. They of course didn’t appreciate that – but
    those products are what they are, all the same.

  40. Julie

    Wow, they are all over the world! I am here in OC California and they were at the mall, same thing, young guy with a heavy accent being very pushy. I have some mild acne and he brought that up (very sensitive topic for me!!!). He also did the whole exfoliation thing on my forearm, and asked if I “took a shower today”… ok…????!! Anyway, I got away without purchasing anything, but my acne is exasperating me so I was doing some research on Orogold and found this blog. Thank you for all your info!! I will not buy from them, at least not from the mall. ;o)

  41. Zhou

    I got suckered into this store today, but fortunately I hated their sales tactics and I didn’t buy their claims. She used the exfoliating lotion on my arm and it seemed like lots of dead skin came off. I was reading the back of the box and nothing on there could exfoliate skin like that. I asked the sales woman what the exfoliating agent was and she said it was gold. By then, I was certain that they were just making up crap and selling pure quackery, so I left the store and didn’t purchase anything.

  42. Kate

    I’m on holiday from Australia and was handed an Orogold sample in South Molton Street and invited in to try the Eye Serum on one eye. Got out of the store without buying anything yet everyone noticed the difference in the under eye with the serum (reduced bags, etc) so I went back a week later to try it again. Had the serum applied to both eyes this time and saw a great improvement. The salesgirl then applied the thermo mask designed to firm and lift skin. I have to admit I could see a difference. Then the hard sell started with the normal 3 for 2 and one thrown in, all for an exorbitant price and even more than the prices quoted on the first visit!! I made an excuse to leave, and they were annoyed but not aggressive, I guess because I’d been in before. I really like the products and would buy them online but just wonder what toxins glues??? are in them to make such a difference to the under eye bags, etc. Even my husband noticed a difference. The “lift” effect wears off after about 8 hours. I would appreciate any comments.

  43. Alyssa

    I was looking for reviews before trying on the sample
    moisturisers I was given on the streets of Covent Garden. I had a
    slightly more fortunate encounter with the sales lady (or was it,
    promoter?) She attempted to persuade me to step into the store,
    started asking what sort of products I use on a daily basis etc I
    then pretended to look at my watch, told her I have an appointment
    with my hairdresser just around the corner (obviously not), and
    successfully escaped :p She still insisted it will only take a few
    minutes to walk me through some of their products but I simply told
    her “Sorry, I’m running late”, smiled and walked on =) From some of
    the reviews above, it seems like I did the right thing …

  44. Tay

    I am a user of orogold cosmetics , and have been for the last 5 to 6 years . The change in my skin is just simply amazing. I may add that the sales person was wonderful, proved to me that’s be she did actually care about me and my skins need. Orogold cosmetics is just an amazing products, I can not express how much it has improved my skin . I’m defiantly disappointed to hear this, especially coming from a professional beauty page .it is disgusting to hear you putting down a products thats been recognized and loved by millions of people around the world .

    1. Author

      Hi Clair/Tay, or Ali Tozer is your real name right? You can change your e-mail address but you have the exact same IP address as your “friend” Clair. It’s funny to see that my intentions about you working for Oro Gold were right, I just found you on Facebook and your profile picture is you in an Oro Gold shop. I’ve never said that your “amazing” products doesn’t work but your sales tactics are disgusting, just look at all the comments I’ve got on this post, from people all over the world! They are all negative! Shame on you for tricking innocent people into buying overpriced products with your filthy sale tactics. I hope you show this post (and all the comments) to your colleagues at Oro Gold! The fact that you feel the need to look up blog posts like mine and leave fake comments under fake names just show how desperate you guys are!

  45. Clair

    I totally agree with Tay . I am 35 years old and have been using orogold from the age 29 . Not only has it helped with my severe case of pigmentation, it has reduced my sun spotting from working outside in the sun on a farm from age 13 . The deep peel,if you read the instructions properly you will find that PVA is not used in the product . & as you would know it is illegal to put ingredients in products and not have them attached to the packaging. I’m really disappointed to read that a beauty page is putting down such a well know/loved product . I hope people who read this article, don’t go by it. Read more product knowledge and give it a go for yourself . I assure you that it will not be a disappointment .

    1. Author

      Hi Clair/Tay, or Ali Tozer is your real name right? You can change your e-mail address but you have the exact same IP address as your “friend” Tay. It’s funny to see that my intentions about you working for Oro Gold were right, I just found you on Facebook and your profile picture is you in an Oro Gold shop. I’ve never said that your “amazing” products doesn’t work but your sales tactics are disgusting, just look at all the comments I’ve got on this post, from people all over the world! They are all negative! Shame on you for tricking innocent people into buying overpriced products with your filthy sale tactics. I hope you show this post (and all the comments) to your colleagues at Oro Gold!

  46. LJ

    Great post and great insight with the PVA. This company is really slimy starting with the whole gold thing. What benefits does gold have for your face??? I listened to the pitch and did not think it made any sense. I pay very close attention to the ingredients of my products and know what works and why. The margins on skin products are really high so companies are able to pay good commissions to their sales people. I even get tired of the woman who does my facials pushing products on me.
    Reading through the reviews its obvious that these are the sales people posting them which is why its so great you have posted your full review and people can share their experiences. Bottom line there are so many better products on the market developed by people who really understand skin care. SkinCeutical is my brand for the moment but I also highly recommend Obaji. Both these lines costs a lot less and provide great results.

  47. Janey

    I googled Orogold and was so happy to see this blog is the
    2nd hit in google at the moment! (at least in the UK). That means a
    lot of people who goodle orogold will see it. Please keep exposing
    the fake ‘endorsements’ from the employees and friends of this
    company, it is quite comical how every post on your blog endorsing
    the products turns out to be fake. They are clearly just trying to
    aggressively make money. Aside from product quality where different
    things work for different people, surely customer loyalty, ethical
    and sustainable values and making people feel good is a better way
    to sell cosmetics in the long term.

  48. kathryn

    So here’s my experience with their company. A few days ago
    I was walking around the mall and as I walked passed by orogold, a
    young girl offered me a sample of moisturizer. I didn’t think very
    much of it because I thought I would just take one and go. But then
    she drags me to show me something cool and wanted to do something
    with my nails. I really didn’t want to show off my nails because I
    have been experiencing bad eczema on my fingers and I didn’t want
    her see my hands and I’m very insecure about it. And plus I have
    short nails from biting my nails. But she just takes my hand anyway
    and started using a nail buffing tool. The effects of the nail
    buffing tool didn’t surprise me because I have used one before.
    Then the girl starts offering me a complete nail kit and because
    “she liked me a lot” after talking to me for 3 minutes she said she
    will give me another nail kit for free plus an extra nail buffer.
    She literally put these items in my hand like I was going to buy
    them. I said to her I would have to think about it. And I was ready
    to leave the kiosk but no. She kept on saying the extra kit would
    be a great present for someone and blah blah blah. I knew I didn’t
    want to buy one let alone two nail kits. Then she said said okay if
    you don’t want to buy two then I’ll give you my “special discount”
    for one nail kit as long as I don’t tell anyone about it. I thought
    it over because I wanted the nail buffer since I don’t own one now
    but for 30 dollars, yeah right. And since she was offering the nail
    kit for half off, at least I would have the nail buffer plus other
    items. But during my time at the kiosk, she kept pushing me to buy
    this, she’s flattering me in hopes of me buying it, she’s kept me
    at this kiosk for 30 minutes after initially I told her I would
    have to think about it and she’s literally trying to drag me to the
    cash register with her sales pitch and I didn’t like it one bit. In
    the end, I ended up buying it because I thought maybe in the end it
    was probably a good deal. But boy, was I in denial afterwards. When
    I came home, I had a bad feeling about my purchase. So I googled
    orogold and this blog and many other people complaining about how
    orogold is ripping people off and their sales tactics. And every
    story about them is the same. I don’t even know what to do now
    because I have thrown the box it came with in the garbage so they
    probably wouldn’t accept it without the box. Plus after reading
    comments on other sites they lie about their return policy. I feel
    like most people who ended up buying this product, ripped off,
    manipulated and lied to. Even if their product was actually good I
    would never use it because of my experience with them and I will
    not support that. I learned my lesson and in the future I will be
    warning people about these types of merchants. And in my perfect
    world, orogold and other companies like this will be gone
    completely from malls(yeah I’m that furious at them).

    1. makayla

      Exact same thing happened to me today at a Winnipeg
      shopping center.Walked passed was offered a sample did not think
      anything of it and reached out to accept it and then like you said
      “Then the girl starts offering me a complete nail kit and because
      “she liked me a lot” after talking to me for 3 minutes she said she
      will give me another nail kit for free plus an extra nail buffer.
      She literally put these items in my hand like I was going to buy
      them.” Then she asked if i had a mother,or anybodys birthday coming
      up and how they would make a great gift etc It was horrible!! i
      ended up leaving with the deal she offered and that was
      like i could not say no..she kept talking,and next thing you know i
      am swiping my debt.I will for sure in the future avoid there
      kiosk..i will take the long way around to avoid them.

  49. noni

    I had a similar encouter at the festival mall in Kempton
    Park ,RSA. A guy walked up to me and pushed the product into my
    face and used the exact same approach as described above . I was
    not convinced i needed to use their product. He started being
    hostile and aggressive but fortunately Hubby was in a nearby store
    when he strolled over the guy changed his attitude and became
    dismissive . I do not believe we should allow being treated like
    this by a company who wants our money. I will never buy their

  50. Fliss

    Well, our story is a bit different but ends up on the same
    lines and we were tricked. It was 8:30pm and my mum and I were
    walking down South Molton Street when a young woman stopped us,
    gave us a sample and told us to come in. Being quite curious, we
    did and she scrubbed our hands and said that it was dirt coming
    out. Then, before we knew it, she was doing a face mask with 5
    other products on it. She had a very strong accent and she said she
    was from Brazil and had been in the asian skin business for 12
    years… (we thought wow, she must know a lot). Throughout the
    whole time, she kept commenting how beautiful my mum’s figure was
    and making many jokes, so we were gullible and tricked into it.
    Then, an hour later (when we were very tired and sleepy) she
    brought a calculater and the price list and said everything would
    be £2000. what?! so then. she cut it… and cut it… and cut it
    again after numerous no’s and how it’s too expensive. And she
    became desperate and said I’ll give you another 2 for free at just
    £850 plus 2 facials the next day and that she was giving us an
    amazing offer and digging into her own pockets and how she’s not
    selling us day and night creams but all the ‘essential’ items. She
    then said how earlier that day, another woman paid £2000 in total
    so we can’t tell anyone about this deal… hmm… however we did
    pay the £850. We came back the next day for the facials and a
    Israeli guy did it and said that he is the person who trains the
    staff how to do them (personally he’s not great at facials) THEN at
    the end, he explained how he’s not a sales guy BUT he really
    recommends the £2000 serum as it’s the best and will make
    everything we bought yesterday 10x better. When we said we cannot
    simply afford this, he said ok, I will give you £1500 as that’s the
    minimum price. NO. What’s your budget? 200. Ok I will give you the
    price for what I buy it for and it’s 390. NO. Then I will add two
    masks, which the whole box if worth 1000. So we were tricked yet
    again and bought them. But later in the day, we became doubtful and
    decided to return them, thank goodness that was possible as after
    I’d researched Orogold, many people were turned away. But we kept
    the big buy, howerever I am regretting this very much after
    realising we were cheated into it by sweet talking. Next time, I’m
    not even stepping foot in that street. BEWARE!

  51. Vikki

    I had a similar experience too! Shameful. I was at the mall
    just to run in and run out and low and behold there is a guy
    standing in front of the store who handed me a sample and then
    another sample and literally dragged me into the store where the
    hard sale started. He too, asked me what I used, how much did it
    cost, blah blah blah. He then asked me what my trouble spots were
    and I said my eye area. I pointed to my eye and he started with a
    serum and then the cream. Shove a mirror in my face and asked if I
    noticed the improvement. I said no. He continued talking, showing
    me the packaging and then shoved he mirror in my face and asked me,
    again, if i noticed any improvement. This time I did see some. Less
    puffiness. Then the hard selling started. I soulcd have the serum
    and cream fir $248 EACH! People! EACH??? Uh, well that was NOT in
    my budget. I told him I just came to the mall to grab a few items I
    knew I needed. This was not in my budget. Then he said he would
    give me both for the price of one. I said no thank you. Then he
    said he would give me 20% off, then he said he would throw in the
    hand lotion, then he said he would throw in the EXCLUSIVE facial. I
    kindly said no thank you, gave him back the hand lotion and the
    other stuff and walked out of the store. Buh bye!

  52. Nette

    I have never felt as harrassed and intimidated as what I experienced on thursday. I was happily enjoying a causal stroll along Covent Garden having finished a works training day, when I was set upon by this young assistant stood outside the store. Here opening lines were: “Wow you’re incredibily beautiful, have you tried this product before?” My response was no, and tried to get across that I couldn’t stop. She cleverly said I could try a sample, of which I found myself then being lurred into the store. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

    I was also fed the b******t!!!! lines that the ingredients contained gold and what it does to the skin with an exhaustive physiological lecturer. I too was asked about my skincare products used and daily regime. After 10 minutes of feeling I was being suffocated, I tried to stop the woman in her tracks by telling her I had no intentions of buying the products and that I thoroughly was enthralled by her pitch. Who was I to say that. Boy, if her eyes were daggers I would have been slashed in an instance. I was aggressively attacked by her saying that she was a “promoter” and not a “salesperson” and that I would be getting such a great offer if I bought two products and she would throw in a “free” gift. Not to mention that we are not talking about silly money but “£300 for a frigging serum. Guys, be aware of the assistant called Ella she is lethal. Do avoid the orogold store, run and keep running!!!

  53. Zhi Yen

    After reading all these complaint stories, I feel so proud
    of myself that I was able to stand by my decision when I was in the
    Oro Gold store couple hours ago on Queen St. in Toronto, Canada. I
    was walking by the store and one of the girls hand me a small
    sample bag, I decided to take it since I have been wondering what
    this store is all about. She ask me for 2min of mine time and
    wanted to show me something. I decided to amuse her. Beside I spend
    too much money already. She show me the peeling gel and had rub it
    on my forearm while she was explaining about the product and ask
    about my skin care routine. I told her that I have a good peeling
    gel product. Didn’t tell her what product I was using. I have been
    using Cure Natural Aqua Gel, one of the most popular brand in asia.
    When I was looking at the white rub, I thought that it looks and
    feel a bit different from Cure. She ask which moisture product do I
    use, I use SK-II, and it has been working for me really well. My
    cousin told me that what ever I’m doing, is working, these things
    take time, you can’t rush it. The Saleslady ask me do I see the
    difference, of course I would, any peeling gel would make your skin
    brighter because it does takes of the dead skins. She place the
    moisture cream on my arm and telling me that within 5 -10s our skin
    will absorb the cream, I was actually amaze with it. Next, she
    place the cream on my other arm and telling me that your skin won’t
    be able to absorb the cream because it hasn’t been exfoliate, again
    I was amaze because there is this cream, no matter how many times
    she rub it in, it just doesn’t absorb. Here’s the selling pitch.
    She is telling me that today promotion deal $120 for the peeling
    gel instead of the regular price of $150 and I will get the
    moisture cream for free. Alarm bell was ringing in my head at this
    point. Usually, Promotion deal give free item away for regular
    price. If a sale price, they will give a free item in a smaller
    size of the product. I never heard a deal that is $30 off and will
    receive a free item that is the same size as the main product. She
    show me the 2 box, didn’t see price tag anywhere or any promotion
    sign is up. To me, the peeling gel cost too much. The one I’m using
    only cost me $40 and I love Cure. I told her that I’m going do some
    research because I once had bad experience of buying a product
    without knowing anything about it and had made my skin broke out so
    bad. I guess I’m pretty lucky she wasn’t very rude or pushy as the
    other stories that I had been reading. She went on that our skin is
    our life and we need good product to take care of our skin. I was
    looking at her skin, her skin have very noticeable open pore. She
    was telling me my blackhead can be cure by using their peeling gel.
    Told me that a returning customer came back, clear of blackhead.
    Tried to sell the product again but I insist that I really need to
    research the product before buying anything, beside I’m always
    around that area. Telling me all these different product and so on.
    Told me that all their customer love their product. Really, I walk
    by so many time but they are never busy. I saw a woman next to me,
    seem like she is buying about 5 set or more. She doesn’t look that
    excited to me, she must be paying alot. I ask the sales lady to
    gave me a sample pack of the peeling gel. She told me that giving
    out a $3000 worth of product is bad for business, they rather do a
    demo right here in the store and if you love the product, you buy
    it now. Through out our conversation, she hadn’t mention that I can
    buy now and refund later if I don’t like the product. I was already
    thinking that this is one of those store policy, no refund. I was
    telling her that body skin and face skin usually react differently,
    and my arm was itching through out my stay, even now. She told me
    it just the moisturizer and body and face skin are the same.
    Really, every skin care people know that they aren’t. I ask her do
    their have a pamphlet, she gave me one and print a piece of paper
    with her name on it and it also says “Please come back and ask for
    our returning customer discount!” So, I thank her for all her
    helpful information and I will do some research on Vine Vera. I
    walk out of the store. I hope that this review/story will help all
    the Toronto People out there. I wish that I have a better way to
    let all the the people of Toronto know more before walking or get
    drag into Oro Gold.

  54. Lorraine d

    It really is unbelievable that this is all over the world,
    with the same tactics! I was scammed in a Mall in Miami over a year
    ago…Same story…I left the mall feeling betrayed and fooled at
    the money I spent, which I would never do in my lifetime for two
    products of any kind…when I got to the car I pulled out the bill
    planning to return it and saw the bill said I could not return it
    after the sale!! I was visiting the US and leaving the following
    day….felt so upset at the waste of money, the dishonesty, and the
    extremely bad purchase that I still can’t bring myself to use the
    products…they are still exactly as purchased in the boxes I got
    them in – untouched….how can the authorities allows this to
    continue so openly and officially in places like a mall. I can
    understand if you are buying it in some shady back street or
    something so, but there is also a certain level of trust that goes
    with shopping in a Mall where other reputable companies are
    represented…they should be shut down and not allowed to do
    business like that….but this has taught me a lesson….no matter
    how much of a bully or a sweet talker someone is, if alarms are
    going off in your head that it does not seem quite right, forget
    about being polite back or not making a scene, be just as
    aggressive back if you need to and don’t take their “offended
    feelings” to heart by giving in, it’s just part of the ploy…WALK

  55. Stoked

    I decided to look up my sample for some info. Thanks so
    much for the posting. Guess I’m the lucky one because I’ve never
    had a problem saying no. When the ‘big breasted’ gentleman
    approached me at the Oaks Mall in California today. I grabbed the
    sample and kept on walking. Here’s the funny part, there were girls
    yelling insults at him for insinuating that they had a less than
    perfect eye area. Leave it to the LA 20 something’s to put him in
    his place. This company has a storefront here and not just a kiosk
    so I’m guessing that they plan on sticking around for a while. Keep
    up the good work informing the word . I’m sticking with DHC. Great
    products that I can afford.

  56. doreen

    Oro Gold is a complete SCAM and their marketing/sales
    tactics are REVOLTING like their products. I live in Kensington and
    they have opened another store on the High Street which means more
    HARASSMENT as I go about my daily errands. Yesterday I was in the
    Mayfair area (St. Molten Street) and was besieged (along with every
    other women) by Oro Gold’s militia otherwise known as their “sales”
    force. It’s one thing to stand outside a shop and give out products
    and another thing to place 5 employees outside their store to
    harass passersby with cat calls. It’s a pathetic attempt by this
    company to generate sales. If you have somehow been LURED into
    their shops, RUN for the exit!!!! I have complained to the council
    and will complain to better business bureau! Hopefully with enough
    support we can get this company and their “sales” staff off our
    streets!!!! BEWARE of ORO GOLD and thanks so much for getting the
    word out!!!

  57. Mamie

    Good grief! I only thought their stores were here in the
    USA – I thought shameless aggressive sales tactics were only
    allowed here! I love my momma, but she is a SUCKER for this
    stuff…and even after reading these other comments , which have
    confirmed my own suspicions, I know she would not listen to me
    because she’s been duped into believing she’s using a “miracle in a
    jar”. It really hurts me too, because she’s on budget and shouldn’t
    be wasting so much on overpriced moisturizer! The more comments I
    read, the more I feel that the OroGold parent company is hiring
    desperate unemployed young Israelis to work in other countries –
    like China does with sweatshops in their own country. Thank you
    Hanne for giving us a place to air our grievances!

  58. Fiona

    Well I got robbed on Saturday at the Covent Garden store. They are extremely good at getting you in and suddenly 3 sales assistants that look flawless around you complementing that your skin looks good for your age! I didn’t know whether I was coming or going then all I remember is that I have my credit card out paid for eye serum and got a ‘FREE’ scrub, and a used bag! Got half way down the road then went to walk back because I was totally shell shocked and just decided not to bother! Feel like such a plonker don’t normally fall into things like that but they are badly good!!


  59. Moca

    Thank you for sharing your experience in here.
    I was just home from having quite a similar experience in Sydney, Australia. I was at the Chatswood Chase Mal and this man from Orogold was using all the same tactics from the above by giving me a peeling cream at my hand and pursuing me to buy two of their products which were the peeling cream and the night cream. Fortunately, I was a broke student who happens to only have few dollars left in my account so I told him that the price is out of my budget for skincare and he then told me that he’s willing to make a deal for me because I am a student. Originally he told me that the peeling cream is $201 AUD and the same goes to the night cream.
    The deal he’s offering is that if i buy the peeling cream for $201 AUD i will get the night cream for free. Then I said that it is still quite pricey and I was ready to leave and he looked quite disappointed then he suddenly said that he had the best idea ever,
    so the idea was that earlier in the day a lady returning the peeling cream because of the faulty packaging so he’s willing to give me the best price ever according to him which is $100 AUD and he asked me to promise me not to tell anyone else.
    Honestly if I had money left in my wallet I’m willing to buy the item because I was kinda really into all the stuffs he said about my skin and all.
    But, I can not afford it so I left. And I went home and googled this Orogold and found your post.
    I cannot be more grateful that I don’t have any money to buy them, or else I’d feel very devastated from the scamming tactics.

    Thank you, Hanne.

  60. Habiba

    Looks like I’m not the only one that has been enticed and
    then harassed by the Oro Gold peeps, and not the only one in High
    St Kensington either! As my experience was pretty much identical to
    yours, no point retelling it but thank-you for sharing your
    experience to allow the rest of us to rant away too!

  61. Elfie747

    Oh dear! Glad im not alone! I just happened to walk pass
    along bond street, london today to visit the chanel boutique. But
    unfortunately I was stopped by this metrosexual looking man on the
    street. Same thing happened just like the rest of u guys. He even
    offered me a a glass of champagne & called me ‘princess’
    the whole time (yeah right! Princess my ass!). I already told him
    from the very start that im not interested in buying any face cream
    today especially that i havent heard yet about this product. He
    lured me to buy all those bullshit for a £350! What?! Who the hell
    buys a face product for that price?! I told him that its ridiculous
    & too much! I started to get annoyed of his aggresiveness
    & was looking for ways to escape. Good thing my boyfriend
    rang me & so i told him that i needed to speak to my
    boyfriend. Ha! So as i was talking, i slowly walk my self away from
    the store pretending i was still talking on the phone even when im
    not! Hahaha that was the best phone call from my boyfriend

  62. Anna

    I feel so naive and sad after reading this post and all of
    the comments. A really good-looking & charming (or atleast
    so it seemed) israeli salesman made me and my friend enter the
    Sakare store on Bond St. the other day saying he had something very
    special to show us inside. He kept calling us ‘beautiful’ and
    constantly gave us compliments and I must admit I felt very
    flattered since he was really cute… I’m usually not a very naive
    person, but I must admit that I seriously thought about buying a
    product for a few minutes. He said he would make me a special deal
    and obviously that made me question the whole thing a little but I
    said I would come back. I did mean to come back, but not so much
    because I was interested in the product but rather in him. Luckily
    I changed my mind as I passed by the store again and saw him
    chatting with other girls through the window. Probably flirting
    again. Even though I didn’t buy anything, I feel kind of
    manipulated and crushed because I really liked the guy and I even
    still thought about him a few days after that, as I really enjoyed
    talking to him. He seemed perfect to be honest: Funny, attractive
    and simply adorable. So sad to finally realize that probably
    everything that came out of his mouth was a lie.

  63. Peeps

    Yep, these thieves are definitely ALL over the world. I was
    accosted at a mall in Maryland. Same things happened during my
    trickery session with one of the most beautiful young ladies I have
    ever seen. But as soon as she found out what line of cleansers I
    use which are a very good line, she says why would you keep using
    it when it doesn’t take away the lines around your eyes? What an
    insult. But that’s okay because I told her that absolutely no
    product will take away age lines unless you get Botox or plastic
    surgery. Also told her she would have them one day. She tried to
    convince me that the eye that she put her precious 24 K crap on
    looked so much different than the other eye. NOPE…more crap. AND,
    the crap cream was the tackiest, nastiest stuff I have ever had on
    me. It felt like the worst sunscreen you could ever use. I was
    worried that I would have a major zit by my eye in the morning but
    thankfully I did not. Now how can they tote this stuff as natural
    when there must be 25 ingredients listed on the package that you
    can barely pronounce. If you looked them up they probably say
    you’re a fool if you bought this stuff. When she started telling me
    that Dr. Oz recommends and endorses this product I knew she was
    totally full of crap. I looked right at her and said I’m not buying
    this stuff…nothing. She was literally shocked when I got up and
    walked out the door. It’s ashame that the poor women at the cash
    register didn’t do the same. They were really taken and at $200 a
    jar it was a very expensive lesson.

  64. Sioux

    I wasn’t so lucky at not buying from these people. The lady
    put stuff on my face and when I asked her how much it was she said
    $199.00. She then proceeded to show me more products and then she
    kept throwing in other stuff to sweeten the deal she was giving me.
    She want to give me a small facial with these other products and
    when I asked her how much the products were for the face lift she
    quoted $8,000.00 for 6 products. She said a face liff would
    probablly cost $30,000.00 and this only cost $8,000.00. I told her
    I didn’t have that kind of money. Then she said that if I buy
    $30,000.00 worth of products she would only charge me $4,000.00.
    When i said I don’t think so she started lowering the price down to
    $2,000.00 and the then to $1,500.00. She kept telling me that this
    was between me and her and I shouldn’t tell anyone. As it is, I
    ended up spending $400.00 on 2 products with 3 other products
    thrown in to sweeten the deal. Boy did I learn a valuable lesson.
    My husband was very sweet about what happened.

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  66. Lisa

    I had the same experience at their new Whistler store! As a
    disclaimer, I own a natural and organic cosmetic line, so was
    naturally curious when I saw the new store as I was walking through
    the village. I was shocked by their prices and looking at the
    ingredients, there is absolutely NO justification for those kinds
    of prices. It is a clear example of a company slapping a high price
    tag on something to make people believe it is a high quality
    product. There was so much parfum in the moisturizer I opened… it
    smelled to me like a bottle of parfum was dumped into the batch. If
    you have amazing natural and organic botanicals and extracts, the
    ingredients will come through with a natural scent and colour
    without adding synthetic and toxic chemicals. I was horrified by
    the quality and the fact they are charging these prices…. and
    really angry that they can get away with this! It is so wrong

  67. David

    I am reading all your comments and feeling so stupid and
    naieve. I was approached last week in Covent Garden by a very sweet
    lady asking me what products I use on my skin. I use demologica
    products as a rule. She enticed me into the shop and proceeded to
    warm me with her charm and show me the products they sell. I am
    embarrassed to say I parted with £450 thinking I had got a bargain
    when compared to the list prices. Do these products harm the skin?
    Can I still use them or should I just disgard them and put it down
    to experience?

  68. Lisa

    I was in Covent garden Tuesday, when handed an OROGOLD
    sample by what sounds like either the same or similar man. I was
    walking into a shoe shop next door when he got my attention, and
    tried to get me in his shop, I told him I was going into the shoe
    shop and although he smiled he was pushy and told me to come back
    to see him afterwards. I can’t bear it, makes me so mad when I
    think that could be my daughters he is enticing into his shop to
    put them through all that sales patter. There was another man a
    little futher down with more samples, I told him, “No” and he said
    that I didn’t even know what it was, but I kept on walking, if I
    have to be rude sobeit. When I left the shoe shop I looked in the
    other direction and didn’t look back! I think from now on I will
    just say “No” and keep walking, I will also teach my girls the

  69. K-squared

    My wife and I just left the same Covent Garden store
    mentioned and we went through the same experience as Hanne. The
    prices went through three iterations and eventually we were offered
    over a 60% discount. The reasons for each price cut were remarkable
    ranging from “sold thousands worth this morning so have hit my
    quota” to “I just want you to use this”. Was trying to do some
    research and even if it does work or is a cut above the rest, this
    is enough to walk away.

  70. Sally

    Hi Hanne, I just had a rude, aggressive sales pitch off
    them today in South Molton Street London. which is why I’ve come
    home to research them and found your brave and honest review. Avoid
    at all costs, they ask very personal questions mine was a guy who
    was heavily sexual around me. Horrid. I felt awful when I left
    their store. I didn’t purchase, even though I liked the

    1. Pamela

      Well, I can’t believe what I have just read! I am at home after surgery , unable to do much , so I thought I would look at prices for Orogold cosmetics here in the UK, when I came across Hanne’s post. What a read it is too!
      Well, 3 yrs ago , I was on holiday in Las Vagas & I too was drawn in by the young male sales person on the Orogold stand. I am a 68yrs old still trying to look after myself. Up to finding Orogold , I have had a neck lift (surgery ) in London & also had fillers & Botox starting when I was 60yrs old.
      Like all ( well, almost all) of the people who’s letters I have just read through, I did feel very pressured , I am also a sucker for a deal!!! I was also on holiday!!! So I bought about £1500 worth of Orogold cosmetics. I felt so guilty as I had never heard of the company, therefore no research! I have been using the creams etc ever since! I have not had any other treatment on my face since using Orogold, although after now 3 yrs , maybe I could do with a bit of Botox between my eyebrows. I have been so pleased that I recommended Orogold to my daughter-in-law who lives in Dubai, & she too uses the products. I totally agree with all the comments on the hard sell tactics, & yes, the products do seem too expensive, but from someone who has found them very beneficial, I felt I had to write something to let some of you know that the products are not as bad as their salespeople!!!
      Oh! And No, I don’t work for Orogold or anybody else! I am a retired hair stylist!!
      Good luck to those who can see beyond the gimmicks !!

  71. jennie

    MMM sounds similar and I was about to go onto the website to try to order more!! I actually like the products which I bought in Hawaii. Same sales tactics and yes charming Israel men. The products were sent to me in N.Z about three weeks later. Sales docket included but no prices on the docket. I have tried on numerous occasions to email him, NO REPLY. My parcel was to contain enough skincare for a year, today my day moisturiser ran out three months use from a regulated pump that disperses a required “dose”. My husband I were lured as described by the other ladies and given the whole sales pitch, telling me how beautiful I was and my husband should tell me every day blah blah blah. Same tricks for everyone by the sound of it, the more they can sell you the better. Well I did buy and understood there would be enough for the year, my husband was relieved lol!!! Then he preceeded to show me sales dockets way bigger than mine this is Madonna’s etc she buy this. I didn’t actually think for what I got it was extremely expensive. Now my decision is whether to try and buy more in N.Z. I have always used very good skincare with mixed results but believe this quite a good product. As with alot of sales it it always buyer be aware.

  72. charles

    ok 2 days ago in bond street i was lured into the orogold
    store by the most charming israeli man i have ever met.after
    charming and almost seducing me he managed to sell me 250 pounds
    worth of products.being gay he homed in on my sexuality and asked a
    thousand personal questions.he more or less said he was part of the
    package which of course is why i gave in.however i managed to
    resist a further push to buy 4000 pounds worth of products

  73. Fi

    I had the same experience in South Molton Street yesterday. Am so glad that I resisted the sales pitch to do some more research before buying… I came so close to spending a lot of money! My guard went up after the sales asst/promoter/woman offered a 50% discount on the gold peel just because the box was damaged.. £50 off for a broken cardboard box. Then two for the price of one. The sales pitch got harder and harder and the pressure to buy more intense. I said we had to go and the woman leaned closer and pitched the money saving offers again… luckily a sane 6yr old (my DS [dear son]) stated there was no difference in feeling between the hand with peel and hand without and with that I got up and left. Feel genuinely stupid for even considering their products and falling (initially) for their sales patter; quality products certainly don’t need such heavy handed pushy sales techniques. Thank you for your brilliant blog and helping highlight their terrible approach.

  74. Priscilla

    I have had a similar experience in a mall Kiosk in
    Abbotsford, B.C. Very aggressive sales approach but the stuff was
    so expensive and the sales clerks so overwhelmingly aggressive I
    was simply not interested. I have noted they are popping up in
    other areas of the Fraser Valley as mall Kiosks with their own
    business name and no visible connection to Orogold. The clue should
    be the no return policy; some have gold in them or names similar to
    wine. Not to mention the cost – a face mask sells for $100.00; and
    the creams are even more! Personally I do not know why anyone would
    want to pay that much to begin with; there are a lot of very good
    products out there for much less. Thank you for this website;
    personally I agree with your BUYER BEWARE warning when it comes to
    orogold products and related vendors….do research before you buy!
    (Oh and if you do decide to buy, use cash…look at what happened
    to Eileen who posted June 26th!).

  75. Priscilla

    Sorry I just noted an error; I meant to say some of the
    products may have names that remind you of wine. I have no idea if
    the products are good; I did not try them as I object strongly to
    the sales methods , no return policy and cost.

  76. Kim

    Wow!…The same thing happened to me on Michigan Avenue in
    Chicago, IL. I am at the age of the wrinkle revolution myself. I’ve
    spent a lot of money on a really good product, so when it comes to
    skin care I’ll pay the money. These people were so pushy that I
    knew it had to be a scam. I also knew that I could go home and get
    on line and read reviews on sites such as this one…and if the
    product turned out to be decent, could probably get it a little
    cheaper on line anyway. BUYER BEWARE!! Thanks!

  77. Kirsty Espley

    I had the same experience today at the South Molton street
    store in London! This cannot go on. I am now £64.00 lighter. Cannot
    believe I fell for this spiel and I feel so stupid now. I really
    believe we should all take this further. It is not acceptable that
    they are allowed to continue their work like this. And to deny
    refund as well? This is ridiculous. I cannot believe that I fell
    for this. I am going to try to get a refund, and if I don’t I will
    be going further with this – who is with me!?

  78. Eileen

    I just tell those “promoters” that I already have some
    & love it! Then they leave me alone and I graciously stroll
    on by ;)

  79. Nancy

    Walked by Orogold store in Fashion Place Mall in Midvale
    Utah and was approached by guy working there. He asked me to go in
    the store because he had a face cream mosturizer for my face. I
    walked in and I told him I didn’t have money to spend. He said back
    you don’t need money its ok. I was killing time while my husband
    was a few stores down. He put the face cream and gave compliments
    until he was blue in the face. then walked over to another desk and
    asked if my debt card has a butterfly on it. i was not sure what he
    meant… my mistake i pulled it out. he then asked me to hand him
    my debt card to show me the butterfly. he took it from my hand and
    offered me multiple deals and continuously tried to get me to agree
    to him running my card. after going back forth with him trying to
    run and me saying no I told him in a stern voice you will not run
    my card give it back. he gave the card back and i left the store. i
    told my husband who is an officer and who is 6’1″ and 260lbs and he
    went to the store and confronted the guy. he told him to stop
    harassing people and if he ever tries to do something like that
    again to me he would have to deal with him.

    1. Lex

      Oh for the love..! I am an extremely outspoken strong minded woman in the beauty industry. Just last week I was making Christmas exchanges at the Fashion Place Mall in Salt Lake City, UT . There is a huge, beautiful and extravagant shop called OROGOLD right outside of Nordstrom. This is not a rickety little mall kiosk, rather a beautiful and seemingly opulent and plush salon/spa facility which sells amazing skin care products. I bit when the beautiful little twit with the pretty accent handed me a sample…
      The twit provided the exact experiences as described above. Only I bought the $240 eye serum @ a discounted price of $100. Then the Israili metrosexual man (named Oro -oddly enough) offered to throw in the microderm peel for $50 instead of the $160 it was originally priced at. I turn 30 this month and I just want to feel young and pretty! (Especially being in the beauty industry) but I’ve gotta tell ya- I felt instant buyers remorse.
      One interesting addition to my story- the twit threw in a “free facial” that was to be given only to customers who purchased $500 of product or more. But the “Oro” came over and gave me the premier facial (listed at $1000 purchase minimum) instead. Frankly, I’ve paid $150 for a facial before so I don’t feel too badly about my purchases- the products seem all right so far. They smell nice anyway… But has anyone actually gone back to receive this facial or have any feedback about it??? I am truly curious!

  80. Priscilla

    I have since found the name of the products being sold in this area are Vine Vera and doing and Internet Search I found another site with similar posts: Vine Vera/Orogold Cosmetic Scam–BEWARE! – Seems at least one person who posted on the link to the above site also had more taken from her account than agreed to…you are not alone Eileen. This product is being sold at small beauty product Kiosks at malls in the Upper Fraser Valley, B.C. I have seen them at a Chilliwack mall as well as in Abbotsford.

  81. Pink

    hi – i have also just been caught by the heavy sales pitch. Has anyone used the products & not liked them? I agree they are vile sales people but am curious as to how people feel about the actual products? Luckily i only spent £60 on £300 worth of products, but it is scary that i had no intention of buying anything nor am i naive to get swallowed up. Hey ho – wont be happening again!

    1. Nora

      I love the product but hate the salesmanship….I will never go back to thier store but will continue to use the products. It does show a huge improvement with my skin. I only use 3 of their products…dark circle eye solution, anti aging eye serum and the gold deep peeling. It does reduce the puffy eyes and wrinkles around my eyes. So I am happy. But I took back alot of thier other products after the high pressured sales tactic… They refunded my credit card .. I took my boyfriend with me and called my credit card services in the store… They will refund any unopened product…but it was stressful!

  82. Jana

    Wow! I’m surprise to read all of these ‘cos I had the same experience in Singapore (Marina Bay Shoppes). Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything from her because I said, I like the products I am using now. The woman did the same thing to me and offering discounts. Glad I had a research about this and found this page.

  83. Ayfer

    Hi. I had the same experience yesterday afternoon with the same annoying and agressive salesman at Covent Garder. I am happy that I escaped without making any purchase but he has definitely spoiled my afternoon .

  84. Duvlin

    I had to admire these hard sell people here in Dublin as I have always learnt a few sales ideas to generate sales myself . I think I must be one of the few people in the world who acualy sold a product to one staff member . Remember when you see or hear a product promoted in any way you have always the free choice of blocking the buy thought in your brain and pass on . Every time you watch TV you are bombarded to buy…one well known soft drink has convinced the world to drink a high sugar item with meals . Thirty years ago this was unheard of but today through hard sell young and old have fallen for this unhealthy meal . So the next time you are accosted to buy something you don’t need just smile and block the thought and pass bye . As regards Orogold my advice is to stay with Nivea cream its cheep and a proven no-harm to skin product both to boy and girl skin.

  85. Jennie


  86. JENNIE

    I hope you gto my first comment because I too was scammed by the smarmy sales pitch and £150.00 lighter!!!! not happy, absolutely annoyed with myself because I have been using decleor products for sometime without a problem. thank you Hanne for sharing your experience with us – WALK PAST THESE PEOPLE FAST AND DON’T LOOK BACK!!!!!

  87. Anne

    I’ve just had a week in Hawaii being pestered by these people. Wherever I went there they were running after me telling me how beautiful I was or what a gorgeous dress I was wearing . Even my handbag had a compliment. I finally relented and was drawn into having the “free” facial. Despite the different combinations and deals being offered I remained strong and didn’t buy anything much to the annoyance of the sales person. The woman even wanted to prove to me that I was getting a real discount by showing me their Internet prices! These people have no pride nor do they care about ripping off people who generally cannot afford to buy these products.

  88. Mary

    Oh my God, I just had the same situation as you, but in my case it was really sad, this woman called Lina did the same for me and tried to sell me something for £1,000! She tried the product on me and wanted me to buy straight away. When I said I wouldn’t buy straight away but I would like to know the name of the product, so I could come back another time. Then this lady told me that she was not going to give the name of the produc because it was too expensive and I would not be able to afford, she was very agressive to me and on top of that told me to research online if I wanted the name of the product. How rude! She told me that she was promoter and had 6 shops in London, she tried to big up herself towards me, it was disgraceful and on top of that kept trying to sell me cheaper products for £300,00, looked like she was desperate to sell and wanted to take my money on any cost! For a second I tought something bad was going to happen!
    Before leaving the shop I asked to talk to the manager, he tried to calm me down and gave me a ticket for a deep facial peeling, he was polite, but Lina came in the middle of the chat in the back office and was even more rude asking me why was I talking to the manager. What a bad experience! Run from Lina and Orogold! Jesusss, my great day turned into a hell, this is what a bad souls can do to a human being! Money money money!

  89. js

    I had very similar experience where the sales guy was really pushing it to the extent where there was no way I was buying because it became rude. I believe they use a wrong sales technique; I also would suspect something is wrong with their product if they have to push it so hard. If you look at there are many fantastic reviews for the product and I would bet that all of them sales people buying and leaving amazing reviews. There is not a single good review – the reviews are either amazing or bad. I would be very aware

  90. Lisa

    Hi, ladies! Here comes another “pig”, whose forearm was so incredibly dirty that the “peel with pure 24 carat gold” they used on me was really rolling off grayish-black. I was ashamed and shocked – ok, I might be not the tidiest chick on the block, but not quite a pig, or so I thought. The lady-rep jumped on my shame and confusion and aggressively put me in the chair, where she applied some gel on my eyes and thrusted a mirror into my face. I saw the difference, and she offered – only today, extra-special deal – only for $300. I said, that I have to think about it, then she asked me straight, “How much you can pay?”
    I will skip the rest of the story, since it’s EXACTLY the story dosens of people told here already, but the location is Westfield Mall in San Francisco – one of the most reputable, safe, respectable and comfortable places for shopping ever existed. Sad, sad, sad. Please, RUN away from these people, do not let them play a “pig game” on you. I think this shame (“oh, shoot.. I thought I took a good shower this morning, what the..?”) is part of the game, it’s a NLP technique – to throw you off the tracks, to make you feel vulnerable. There are so many other places to go for a professional advice and good products, why trust your skin and face to scam artists with no manners? And one more detail, “you cannot buy our product anywhere but here” – also turned to be a lie, you can get it on Amazon, no humiliation involved.

  91. Lisa

    And thanks, Hanne! I feel better after reading this post, since I am not the only one “pig” out there. Please, ladies, use your common sense.

  92. mita

    I am so fooled. Basicly I don’t need these products, but seriously the israel guy who insisted me to buy is really aggresive, so I bought the peel serum and eye cream and eye serum, it all cost $598. After walked out from the counter, I got to return to the store, small booth in westfield mall, san francisco. I decided to get refund and told him that I don’t need these products. He was a bit upset and tried to give me another long lecture about how those products good for my skin.. Keep saying my face is a business card. He said there is no refund policy. I’m shocked cause they didn’t tell it at first time and no sign at the counter saying it. Directly I tried to contact the customer service and sent them an email asking for refund. Hope I can have the refund. It’s a good lesson for me, never ever again being fooled with the aggressive smooth talk.

  93. carla

    i can’t agree with you guys..My experiences are completely different..
    They stop me at covent garden neal street a year ago and since then I am a regular customer, most of my friends too.
    I’m more than happy with the products, they really give you the promised result.

    my advice: if you simply can’t afford something exclusive, don’t go tin to the shop.Because you gonna love the product and you will buy them.Then you have to visit this kind of pages and complain ;)

    i love my orogold skin care, but I understand we all are different.
    love to everyone Carla xx

    1. David

      Hi Carla,

      I also had a great experence with them as well. The products are of a good quality and I am very satisfied with the purchases I made

  94. jan

    I just came across this site tonight after having a similar experience to you all with OroGold. I was walking in SOuth Molton street and ended up in their shop. Salesman was pushy but I was quite disinterested. Coming home and looking into the company, I’m not surprised they have such a bad reputation!
    I agree we should do something.
    Can we please all do the following:

    1) Write to Westminster county council who rent them the properties and tell them that is a company bringing a very bad reputation to the other higher end shops nearby as well as using bullying tactics to sell to customers.
    2) We need to write to trading standards explaining what they are doing

    Anyone have any other ideas?

  95. Cristiane Frare

    Hi there, I live in Spain and they have just open a shopping center in the south of the country (prefer not to mention where). I was stopped yesterday by a lady in this shop and must say that she had the same approach as you describe. Exactly the same, offering me loads of extras, saying how wonderful the products were and bla bla. She said she was actually the manager of the spot. Wow. She wasn’t aggressive but she was speaking really fast and I was getting tired of it. So I said I would think about it as I don’t spend €100 just like that on a product that I never heard of. I left, she didn’t look pleased but didn’t say anything bad, just the expression on her face said it all.

  96. Sabinah

    Thanks for this blog. I had this same experience yesterday in Dubai in one of the malls. Same sales pitch. When I told the lady that I was only visiting, she told me what she was selling to me would last me for 10 months after which I could order online. I told her to give me their brochure that I would check online and give her a feedback. She did and also included her phone number.
    Fortunately I did not buy because I had made up my mind not to purchase anything not on my list. Now I am better educated about Orogold sales persons.

  97. Zoe Dubs

    I can’t comment on their products as I didn’t buy any – but their selling tactics are very high pressure and really quite unnecessary – I was taken into their Covent Garden shop at 9pm on a weeknight while I was on my way home. What cosmetics shops are open at that time!?!

    Love Zoe x

  98. Sharon

    I too had bad experience in Waikiki. After walking by and saying no twice another person came at and just took my hand and took me in shop. The peel on the hand trick and the eye serum. Said I could have it for a hundred dollars less than price and charged me full price anyway. I went to leave and he grabbed my hand again to show me more stuff. I was adamant I didn’t want it and wouldn’t use it. He hounded me , kept adding products and dropping price. He was getting angrier as I wasn’t interested. Finally I gave in to get out of there. Spent $1500 on stuff I didn’t want. To make matters worse when I did try it I had an allergic reaction. Face like a hundred bee stings and lips ten times their normal size. Has taken a week to nearly look normal. Do not buy this product.

  99. Adriana

    I had the same experience one month ago in the new Orogold store in Dadeland, Miami, Florida. I spent $550 on products, they gave me some extra gifts and 50% discount (original was $1.000), but the good thing is that I received a 1 hour facial that normally costs to me $150, so, I am very abset now that I am reading all this comments, I wish I had seen this article before!!
    How can the authorities allows this to continue this people (that looks like a ”Sect” to me) so openly and officially in places like the prestigious Malls all over the world.
    So, people from Miami be aware: DO NOT STOP in this store, the blond young Israeli lady who works there is very nice (not rude at all), but very smart convincing you to buy everything!

    1. Yamilet

      Wish I had done research before falling in the trap. The young salesman at the Dadeland Mall, Miami, Florida almost hypnotized me with his charms. He was not aggressive at all. His tactic was different. He told me the products (moisturizer and peel) were $128 each. When he came back with an IPad apologizing for making a mistake in prize but since it was his mistake I would only pay $200. Which I bought I will use the products after paying this much but I really feel stupid.

  100. Tonia

    I had EXACTLY the same experience yesterday in South Molton Street !! Tactics identical; guy said he worked for other premium brands, was in there for 30 mins because he wouldn’t let me go!!! I work in professional sales and it was only when I pointed that he was using every dodgy ‘sales technique’ there was that he backed off, I can absolutely understand how people feel bullied into purchasing and was so relieved to get out of the store. I can’t believe that they are allowed to trade.

  101. Karen

    OMG……you told it like IT IS…ORO GOLD Sales persons are to aggressive. Recently
    at Bramalea City Centre in Ontario Canada I was told that if I do not buy this product I will end up a lonely, single, wrinkly old maid as I walked out of the store. I am a srtong person with a strong self awareness, but someone with low self esteem may end up in the hospital. Shame on Oro Gold, Shame on their business practices.

  102. Heather

    I was at the Annapolis, MD mall the other day and 2 Israeli guys at the Seacret kiosk tried to sell me their ‘snake oil’ crap for $500…lol! I let them waste their time by putting on the eye cream and exfoliating my arm…even though I knew what a scam it was and had no intentions of buying a thing. I was really put off by their fake compliments and how they were telling me the products I am using are junk (La Mer and La Prairie) He was checking out my designer bag and jewelry I was wearing, and tried to impress me with his Louis Vuitton wallet and the fact he drives a Mercedes (right!!) He just creeped me out! So sleazy…then I proceeded to tell him thanks for the samples, but I will purchase your $500 creams on Amazon for $13! LOL…(I googled as I was sitting there)..
    Just as I walked away from those vultures, there’s an OroGold store a few steps away. The poor girl thought she had a sucker when I accepted her sample. She tried that slick “Oh, let me give you an eye cream sample too!” I didn’t fall for it. I told her I don’t need her eye cream as I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon in 2 weeks for my eyes. Left her speechless. After being molested by the Seacret dudes, I’ve had enough!

  103. Kim

    I had a good experience originally, but also bought so much product that I didn’t need.. now, my skin is freaking out.. I have always been super fortunate and have had very minimum blemishes on my skin, so lucky.. and now, I look like I am 15 and have breakouts everywhere. I haven’t used many of the products I purchased and logged on to see the return policy since I, too was told $ back guarantee… however, after reading all this, looks like I gave 5K to the Karma Bank.

  104. Marlene

    Finally someone speaks out about this product and the people who sell it. It may or may not be a good product, but the way it is sold is criminal. I have never been so frustrated in my life. The double talking is outrageous. I will give you a special offer today on this when you buy this. Of course, when you get to the cash register – really – no special offer etc. Won’t be fooled again.

  105. Lana

    UNBELIEVABLE!! That’s what was going through my mind as I read each and every comment. It’s crazy how many people have had bad experiences, one can barely imagine the number of people out there who have been affected.
    Without even knowing the opinions/experiences of others I have ALWAYS avoided these cosmetic freaks when out shopping, but not today. After a 6am shift at OR Tambo (Johannesburg, South Africa), I took a different route to my car and walked past the OROGOLD stand. The lady gave me the mandatory 24k moisturiser and the young guy (who said he was 1/2 Italian 1/2 French…yeah right) asked me to sit so he can show me the difference the products make. I was too tired to argue so I sat down and listened to the whole BLAH BLAH BLAH while my ‘puffy’ eyes were treated with 2 products. Did you know that if you bury normal moisturiser in sand it will disappear? BUT if you bury OROGOLD most of it will remain because of the GOLD ingredient! Fascinating ain’t it?! And yes, he mentioned Dr Oz, that he had worked at Dior (a product I had used in the past) and (insert a bunch of further B.S here).
    I asked for the price and he showed me the price list. The 2 products were R2400 and R2000. I told him I didn’t have a card with me and would think about it. He took me aside and told me he was going to do me a very special favour but I must not tell anyone. On the Point Of Sale screen the prices came up as on the list, he ticked a box marked MD “Manager Discount” and VOILA the price dropped to R2000 for BOTH products. Again he asked for my card and I said it was at home. Then there was a whole story about him being there just to train someone and he wasn’t sure when he will be there again. I asked if I could call him and collect the products from him at Head Office where he is apparently based. After some umming and ahhing he gave me his number and said he will be at the airport tomorrow. Talk about contradicting oneself.
    Fortunately I walked away with absolutely no intention of going through with the sale tomorrow and BIG THANKS for all the comments/warnings listed here. I’ll definitely make an extra effort to avoid these people in the future.
    Well done on exposing Clair/Tay/Ali Tozer for the fake comments, they/she/he didn’t even bother using spell check or google translate. Hehe
    Anyway, keep up the awesome work Hanne, your blog rocks!

  106. Jane Ireland

    I had same experience on Tuesday down New Bond Street my
    Sister and I no finesse just in shop sat down products at
    astronomical prices shoved at you ! He did the hand trick and then
    the eye one ! Not one to be intimidated easy i said Thanks but no
    Thanks the mood changed immediately not a good experience so if you
    see OROGOLD Shop i would cross over the street or just a firm NO

  107. SJP

    I’ve been accosted by the people at OroGold in Kensington
    High Street and also Forever Flawless in South Molton Street. On
    both occasions I was hijacked into going into the shop and given
    the most ridiculous sales speech I have ever heard. Neither “sales”
    person had any idea about skin care and when I asked pertinent
    questions they clearly could not answer. As with all the comments
    here, they told me what a lovely person I was but they also babbled
    on forever about what amazing sales they had made that day! I was,
    of course, offered the products for a stupidly expensive amount and
    when I laughed and explained that I didn’t use any type of chemical
    on my skin/hair/body so wouldn’t buy the products anyway, they
    halved their prices and the Orogold “salesman of the year” brought
    the old, battered box from the store room and almost begged me to
    buy it. Still laughing I left the shop. I am writing to Kensington
    & Chelsea Council Trading Standards and mentioning this
    website as I think their tactics are disgusting and they feed off
    naive and vulnerable people. This surely must be stopped from the
    highest level. Sell your products, yes, but don’t harass people on
    the street.

  108. SJP

    Also – to add to my annoyance, I’ve just looked up ALL the
    ingredients in the Forever Flawless “Diamond” infused skincare
    sample they gave me and there are no diamonds in it – zero, nil,
    nada! All the more reason to just say NO – these people are lying
    to us.

  109. Heather

    Thank goodness I immediately went to my car and googled Oro
    Gold….and came up with this site. The sales guy would not let me
    leave the store! And yes, I had the same “luxuirous” peel treatment
    that honestly now that you say it’s a glue…that’s exactly what I
    was thinking when he was trying to tell me it was my skin.
    especially since I JUST exfoliated. When I asked where the product
    was made he said LA, well the package says Japan and did anyone
    take the time to read the ingredients on the sample? I can’t even
    pronounce them, then once I started looking the ingredients up
    online I would never put that crap on my face!

  110. chichi

    guys let me tell you this same thing happened to me on the
    15th at the bond street station store, when i got home i felt duped
    but thought well “I can’t do anything about it now, because I
    already had a VAT receipt issued”. However, I couldn’t contain my
    frustration so I “googled” orogold this morning and this site came
    up, I’m happy I’m not alone, LOL. but let me tell you, after
    reading this I knew there’s no way I will try the thermal mask i
    bought on my face so I raced back to the store and had to lie that
    I got it for my mum and she reacted to it therefore I want a
    refund, they offered me to exchange and all that. I told them NO
    just give me my hard earned 100quid back and I got it back. I’m soo
    happy, they are a scam

  111. Sue Priestley

    I so wish I had read this blog before July! Having had a
    lovely afternoon tea with my son’s future mother-in law in
    Kensington I was enjoying a leisurely walk back to the tube when a
    smart young man came out of a store in Ken High Street to exclaim
    how lovely I looked and the rest is as you said. My protests, that
    whilst the products did appear to lift my sagging eyes it was too
    expensive to buy on a whim, were bombarded with answers. I
    foolishly fell for the ‘if packaging isn’t important I have a
    damaged box with manager’s discount . . .’ I won’t say what I paid
    for Orogold – too much!! I walked away feeling shocked that I had
    succumbed to a high pitch sales technique. I have always prided
    myself not to buy unless I had set out to purchase. It spoilt my
    day. I now will not allow myself to buy any new products until this
    bottle is used up. If it lasts a year my pride is restored but at a

  112. V

    I must have walked by the same salesperson, all the way in
    Hong Kong. When I realized he was handing out samples, I took one
    and walked on. Then when I walked by him again, he said I *had* to
    tell him what I used because my skin was so good. Big smile and
    charming. I rolled my eyes and kept on walking. I wasn’t wearing
    any makeup that day, and my skin is definitely just average.
    Frankly, telling me my skin is great when it’s not is something a
    normal person wouldn’t fall for. Anyway, I found this post while I
    was trying to check the product out before I opened the sample
    that’s been sitting on my bathroom counter. I actually am
    disinclined to put something on my face that has gold in

  113. Sally Arhold

    I am glad to see I am not alone, though at the same time sorry others had the same experience as I did. I too made the mistake of taking a sample, but then was told to follow this lady into the shop where she would swap it for one for sensitive skin. I was sat down and bamboozled. She originally tried to sell me two products “usually £100 each but you can have both for £100”, then I was very stressed (I am very poor) and she said “is it because it’s too much for you – take one at £50 and come see me later”. I ended up with a £50 cream I neither wanted nor needed :(

  114. Ann

    This is an excellent commentary . My experience was almost exact to the last word…except I almost bought but did not and wondered if I had left a good thing in the shop….

    Ever walked in to the church of Scientology ? Try that one

  115. salma

    hello guys
    i’ve been in london last week , and had this same experience in Covent garden bond street . this really hot israeli guy who’s name is Gill dragged me into the store telling me how beautiful and good looking i am , and stupid me , i couldn’t resist the temptation .
    he made all those crazy selling tacticts and pushed me to the edge untle i got this deep peeling product that turned to be based on glue or some thing ..
    The thing is , what happened is a pity but i can’t help it now
    i just keep asking myself about one thing
    when u get into the store , all the staff talk hebrew and their names are all israeli and they come like from tel aviv and stuff . but it’s written that the product is made in japan ? How come all the people even on Facebook pages are from israel not from other places ? i really would like to get an answer as soon as possible !
    Thanks a lot

    1. Lina

      How strange! The guy from seacret who approached me in sydney had the same name! Could it be the same guy or maybe its a common name with them… Hmmmmm

    2. Mark

      They are former Israeli soliders that have just finished off there obligated military service.They are highly trained to sell these products to people i know this as all my co-workers are from Israel and no we dont see Orogold and we are not pushy salesmen at all but my co-workers from Israel gave me the run down on these Orogold people.

  116. Mieke

    Today we had a similar experience in San Fransisco, Maiden Lane where we were offered a free hand cream. At first we received lots of compliments, when it became clear we were not buying anything at prices we couldn’t really afford, the saleswoman offered us one + one for free and things at nearly half of the price. And when we still didn’t want to buy anything the tone became completely different, leaving us with quite a bad feeling about the whole thing.


  117. Gisele

    Last Saturday Kensington High St London

    Same thing happened to me – Salesman said he was Rumanian though. I can’t believe how we have all been taken in by such unprofessional sales practices! Receipt also confirms no refund.

  118. Nelly

    … and now they are in Spain. Just opened a store in La Canada shopping mall in Marbella. Man, that lady can talk. Same sales pitch as described above. All products have a (astronomous) price tag and she was talking like a robot about the list price versus the killing discount price I (we) could get.
    Be warned spaniards and foreigners in Marbella. Just pass by or give the shop a copy of this blog with comments.

  119. Liz

    Oops! I had a similar experience last evening in San Francisco, at nordstroms galleria on market st. Wonderful mesmerizing sales technique by a fellow who realized how tired I was a 7 pm after a full week in technical classes. I did wonder at the grey goop coming off my skin in the first demo-probably not my “dirty skin in need of a special cleanser”. Did fall for the whole lineup but hung in there until I got 3 products for 200.00. The Initial price was $600. before tax. I needed some skin care are but really regretted that I didn’t buy from keihls – their products have been around for over 100 Years and they are true botanicals. Johnny was a trip and insisted after some very private questions that his
    wives cheated on him when I’m sure he was a gay guy- A very charming guy who asked for a kiss o the cheek when I left. I gave it! I had fun! Colloidal silver is amazing, I use it for Scrapes and burns – don’t have any info on gold with the skin, but the info says Cleopatra used it so how’ about that? They did whisk my card away when it didn’t go through….two others appeared in quick order And Called The 800 Number on the back of my card before I realized what they were doing…so they recited my number without my realizing it. They then handed me their phone and I cleared the issue so the sales went through. I’m a little nervous about that NOW that I’ve read all these accounts, so I’m calling my card co for a change of number.I’m in sales so I admit they are Pushy beyond belief but I’m also envious… What a sales job on me, hope I love the products!

  120. Ada L Escobar

    Yes..just happened to me few days ago..I was shopping for a gift and then the same thing was trapped with some sales from OROGOLD.. didn’t need anything but made me buy him a very priced cosmetic.. very sorry abt I did that.. :( too bad those peoples don’t have anything else to do… just sale luxury gold boxes…

  121. Sajid

    i get done by these guys all the time… I have money to burn and I’m a sucker for cute girls that tell me how great I am hahaha

    but seriously… these guys are spreading through London like a virus… they are everywhere now

  122. Rhonda

    Hello, I was shocked that this seems to happen all around the globe. The sales woman was aggressive and fast talking. Not in a kind considerate manner but in a rude way. She mentioned she did not want to seem rude?? Double speak when asking the price.
    I am confident and have recently frequented make up counters and shops. Where the professionals at these places treated customers with respect. Run away from this kiosk in Winnipeg.
    Scary this mall is beside a highschool also frequented by seniors. Warning keep your self esteem intact stay away.

  123. Debbie

    Exactly same experience in La Canadá Marbella , even tried the same sales pitch on my 13 year old daughter who has mild acne, (going for the guilt trip) I was even ask how much do I normally spend on face products as a price comparison, I left empty handed after 15 mins , but it was quite difficult to leave as they bombarded me with special offers. Give them a wide birth good luck.

  124. Rhian Davies

    Exactly same experience in Sliema Malta yesterday altho to
    be honest young Israeli saleswoman wasn’t aggressive and I did
    leave after 20 mins without spending anything on her one day only
    promo. I’d never heard of this product andafter reading all these
    comments will avoid all their shops in future!

  125. Meg

    I just had this happen to me today. A guy gave me a free
    sample then tried to get me to go in the store to check out his
    product. I wasn’t in a hurry so I went to check it out as I was in
    the market for a new skin care product. He did the peel on my arm
    and I thought “this reminds me of when as kids we would put glue on
    our hands and peel it off”. That’s what the “dead skin” looked like
    to me. He tried to give me an “amazing deal”, but luckily I got out
    of there without buying anything. The product actually made my arm
    burn after he put it on, and I told him that. He said “oh that’s
    because it’s a peel”. Between that and his overly aggressive sales
    tactics, and the fact he was telling me I needed this and how bad
    my skin looked, I wasn’t about to buy anything from him without
    looking at customer reviews. Glad I found this site!! Don’t buy
    Orogold products!

  126. natalie

    I live in NYC/USA. I was in Manhatten & passed this
    store. They asked me in to show me their products for under the
    eye. I told them my age .. 64 .. the sales woman was surprised. I
    do usually get taken for about 50 or 2-3 years under 50. They
    wanted me to buy the eye serum to be used 2X/day & the eye
    cream at night. I asked if the serum had SPF protection as I didn’t
    see it on the product. She talked her way around it .. kind of
    saying it does have it. She said these 2 products would last a
    year. If I bought them, they would give me a 3rd. product, a face
    lotion for free. Then she told me the price .. $250 for each eye
    product … for a total of $500!!! I sad that was too much for me
    .. I should have just said not interested. Another thing I didn’t
    think of telling her .. if I’ve gotten to 64 & can still
    look several years younger .. why would even need their products

  127. Sue

    Just want to add another bunch of pushy salespeople in Las
    Vegas with Forever Flawless products. I was not as smart as most of
    you and bought some only to come home and realize that I bought 3
    different colored jars of products and they are basically the same
    thing – moisturizer.

  128. linh

    Oh my god, I went to the mall this morning, and a guy from
    Orogold were forcing me to buy the daily kit worths 338 but he sold
    it to me for 150. After I got home, did some research, I feel very
    disgusting, I just want my money back, what should I do?

  129. Maxine

    I had a bad experience in Bond Street today. As soon as I
    said no he said I had been rude to him and that he felt really
    uncomfortable with me. I walked out and felt so stupid for going in
    there in the first place. Please everyone in London, write, phone
    or email Westminster City Council and contact Trading Standards
    too. As their salespeople aren’t English the company may not even
    be paying tax in this country so the money they are scamming is
    probably going into another country’s economy. This blog is a great
    resource (thank you Hanne) but we need to take it to the next level
    so they can’t scam anyone else so please contact the Council
    because if enough people do this they will have to act. Perhaps
    Hanne could pass all these comments on too. Thank you Hanne.

  130. Maxine

    I just got a confirmation email from Westminster so I
    replied as follows: Hope their email receives messages:
    …………… This complaint is about Orogold. It’s a highly
    priced skin care range which I was unable to explain via your
    drop-down choices. Please have a look at this website – it took me
    over half and hour to go through all the complaints.
    They stand outside giving away samples and once you take a sample
    they entice you in. I’m 67 and was left very shaken after the
    salesperson became angry with me because I wouldn’t buy anything
    (products are being sold for around £200 each). They’re nasty
    people who use a really hard sell. I had to go into Fenwicks and
    get a cup of coffee to calm down. Absolutely shocking. They need to
    go! Thank you,

  131. Bridget

    The same happened to me at the airport in Johannesburg. I was flying home with my young daughter after my father’s funeral (very vulnerable state) and was accosted by 2 of them saying they were Italian. They said I could pay over 12 months which I eventually agreed to being given thousands of pounds worth of cosmetics for hundreds of pounds. Sadly, they took all the money at once which left me unable to pay my rent. Felt like a total fool (and still do) and am very angry with these people. I am in a very difficult financial position now because of them. I haven’t touched their products and frankly think I should take them to one of their shops in London to get a refund but it sounds way too scary. I can’t believe they are doing this all over the world. I have Israeli friends who are nothing like this. Sad that they are giving all Israeli’s a bad name.

  132. Sara

    And all the way around the globe….the Same thing happened to me in Dubai. My husband and I were walking in Dubai Mall when we passed their kiosk. Suddenly I had a scrub on my hand and a lady talking my ears off. Then it was gone and “No”- I couldn’t see the difference.
    I tried to leave, but suddenly a moisturizer was being applied and even after she applied it she wouldn’t let go of my hand. I pretended I wanted to “feel” the difference so she let my hand go for a few seconds then snatched it again (to keep me standing there?!). Then she says the tiny scrub is priced at almost $200 and the moisturizer at $150. However, because she likes me so much, she’ll give them both to me for $300… No? Ok, $ 250.. No? Well fine then $200. Still a no? Fine, she starts whispering that for me and only for me (a perfect stranger) she’ll just charge me for the scrub and throw in the other one free. Nooo?! (At this point she looked amazed and I was really enjoying myself wondering if they knew how comically unprofessional they seem). Then she says, she’ll give me both products (theatrical glancing around and then she whispered) $120 for both.
    Come on! What kind of company goes down almost a third of the price? I told her I needed to thoroughly research and review products before I buy anything. She didn’t seem to like that, but said fine you can do that but our prices are much more expensive online and no one else will give you the “deal” I’m offering you right now. I said that’s perfectly fine as I’m happy with my current routine, thank you. Then I walked off.
    DH was completely oblivious having ducked into a store he likes, as all this was taking place.
    I’m no pushover, but I did feel very pressured into buying something and can sympathize with those who felt it was hard to just say no. Orogold staff obviously don’t take that very well. That woman was looking daggers at me. Anyway, we live and learn I guess.

  133. Tracey

    They are also in St. Catharines, ON, Canada, and I believe they must be affiliated with the little mini personal massagers. Just heard of someone getting rooked into spending $1656.00, on face cream, the customers support worker demanded a refund (loudly) and with a gathering crowd.

  134. Angela Barr

    a friend of a friend posted a photograph on her Facebook page today. It was of a very disturbing incident that she encountered at a kiosk at our local mall. This woman is a caretaker for a woman who is developmentally delayed and taking this woman to the mall and letting her have some independence for a short time, she was appalled to find that someone from Oro Gold had charged this woman’s debit card with 1,500 dollars worth of purchases in just a matter of minutes. Find Suzi Gordon on Facebook…..

  135. Cailey

    Well it was around last November or December, i was at the Chandler Fashion center with my friend and we were walking through the mall on our way to dinner after shopping for clothes. Then there was a couple of kiosks on the right on of us. I was on the left side of my friend as we were walking through. This woman with a middle-eastern accent asks her to try a sample of something and sits her down, doing this deep peel thing on her wrist. I stand there watching, getting a little annoyed but then she does this nail thing that made her nails really shiny and the woman asked me if i liked it on my friend and i was like yeah that’s really cool! Then she is doing something else so i stand there waiting to go to this restaurant. I look up, two other guys with accents are standing there, one of them looking for people to give samples to, and the other, this guy with an earring and an almost shaved head and must be 30 0r late 20’s comes over to me and asks “what are we watching” looking at the woman and my friend then at me. I say “this thing shes making my friend do” hes just like “oh”. Walks behind me, as im standing there watching my friend giving her this “omg lets go” look. The man comes to the right of me and says “whats in the bag?” and im holding a bag from victorias secret, and one from zumiez. I tell him “This one?” holding up the zumiez bag. He says “No, that one” pointing at the victorias secret bag. I tell him its just clothes, but i have a light pink diamond studded thong and pink shirt in it. Then he comes up to me and asks “Can i see?” I looked at my friend and her eyes got big. I was stupid and said “sure” i make him hold my zumiez bag while i take the items out of my vs bag. I show him them and im like “see?” and he asks to hold them. So i let him -_- He grabs the shirt and says “Its very soft” and the underwear he says “Its soft too, silky” and he smells it and he says “Smells nice” and he kept giving me these creepy looks. He was really good looking but kind of creepy. He tells me to have a good night and come back to Orogold and gives me a sample of facial cream. Then my friend finally gets up and the lady gave her a glare, as my friend told me at the restaurant. So a week or two later, i come back to the mall with my sister, this time im on the right side, and i see the same guy who talked to me last time and as i walk by making no eye contact, he is snapping at me up and down slowly as i walk by and he says, “remember me?”. It creeped me out so bad, and sometimes i see him watching me, or i see him follow me around the mall… but the thing is OroGold really works and its amazing what the results do for you. But whoever this guy is, creeps me out >< I don't know if he is acting weird or not.

  136. Pure

    Thank you Hanne, you are doing a great customer awareness service here. While in Miami I was bothered by these Oro Gold people and because of their aggressive way, I simply walked away after 1 minute. Now they have opened a shop on High St.Kensington, same tactics. The interesting thing is that while shopping in Westfield, West London, I was approached by a nice Brazilian girl who almost hypnotised me…the shop is called ‘ Forever Flawless’ and instead of ‘ gold’ their supposedly miracle ingredient is diamond powder…Again, I was offered an expensive product which the promoter discounted heavily when she realised that I was not too interested. Most probably, OROGOLD an d FOREVER FLAWLESS is the same company! Horrible people, cheap product and it all seems a scam to me. They are everywhere, like a cosmetic mafia trying to get money out of people. My suggestion is, when you see any if these shops and promoter,don’t even look at them and walk straight past them!

  137. Pure

    And I forgot to mention that my mother in law was somehow forced to buy their OROGOLD cream for a hefty sum and guess what, she throw it away after some rashes appeared. My mother in law is a lovely old lady but she felt scammed.

  138. Lisa

    I just got a refund from this shambolic outfit. I’m a lawyer so should have known better. All the claims about the products were false; the return policy was false; and the guys were frankly liars. On confronting them, all referfences to the (many) infringed laws fell on deaf ears but when my husband and I stood outside the shop putting off other customers by shouting that it was a sham, they eventually gave me a refund. PERSIST PERSIST PERSIST!

  139. Sue Markham

    I was accosted in the Claremont Quarter, Perth, Western Australia last week. They rubbed something on my hand, asked what products I used and all of the same BS. The saleswoman was very pushy but fell short of aggressive. Her pushy conduct was enough for me to run for the hills and avoid Orogold forever. I did get away with a small sample which I was looking at today and decided to google them to find out about the products …. and found this blog. Hilarious – do they really think people will respond to this kind of sales pitch?

  140. Gabby

    My friend actually gave me a bunch of Orogold samples that I loved. After using the samples, I decided to put it on my “buy” list for the next time I was in need of more facial cleanser (or whatever it was). I had never heard of the brand before, but then I noticed them in the mall. They were one of those vendors in the middle of the mall, without a proper store, that catcall people as they walk by. I decided that even though I liked the product, it wasn’t worth the hassle.

    Flash forward two or three years to yesterday. I was at the Westfield Mall in San Francisco and had A LOT of time on my hands. This guy offered me a sample and I took it and then he ushered me over to the stand to show me some more product. I knew from the get-go that these guys would be full of bulls**t, but like I said, the product wasn’t bad and I was not in a hurry. He showed me the stuff that balled up on my hand and was supposed to represent dead skin (right) and then put moisturizer on my hand to show me how much better it looked than the other hand. This is an old trick that a manager at Bath & Body Works taught me when I worked there – when you massage the skin, it improves the blood circulation and therefore that area will temporarily look more “healthy.” Nothing to do with the product being applied.

    Anyway, I didn’t mind the lies (aka marketing) so much, because all cosmetics/beauty lines exaggerate what they can do for you, but what I did mind was the obvious play towards my perceived insecurities. The salesman was in his early thirties and I’m sure most people would say he is attractive. although he did nothing for me. One of the first things he asked me was if I was married, and then he pretended to be disappointed that Jonathan had no chance with me. (Yes, he referred to himself in the third person.) He told me how beautiful I was and how young I looked for my age many, many times. Here’s the thing – I am 48. I think I look okay for my age, but, all the same, I am 48. I am not a movie star and there is no way a man 15 years my junior would be drooling all over me based solely on my looks. Those days are over and I’m okay with that. The final blow was this line “Imagine we are married (ok, so I’m married to a skinny, gay guy that works at the mall – heaven) and we wake up in the morning. What is the first thing I notice about you?” (I must have been looking at him like he was out of his mind, because he then helped me out with a hint.) “Okay you’ve taken all your eye makeup off and so what do I notice?” Remembering that, according to him, my eyes are my business card, I say “My eyes?” and then he begins to try to sell me some eye stuff. What a basta*d. I was supposed to imagine that I have this “hot” guy in my bed and I then imagine the morning after and the horror of having this man realize my true age once he sees me in the light of day without makeup. Based on all the reviews I’ve read on this site, this has to be something they train people to do. Over 60? They’re probably lonely and miss their kids -act like they’re your mom or grand mother. 40-50? Probably insecure about getting older, but still fantasize about younger men, so flirt and get them to imagine you as their lover. Younger? Pretend that you think everything they’re wearing is designer, flirt like crazy and hint at how wealthy and fabulous you are.

    Even if you like the product, please don’t buy from them. Their tactics are the worse I have ever seen. They are taking advantage of people and playing on their weaknesses and insecurities.

  141. Amber

    I had the same experience today in High Street Kensington ,London.
    Sales person was trying so hard to make a sale, giving all kinda offers, trying creams and scrubs. Paying so many compliments and so on. And when I said that I won’t buy anything today and first I would like to do research because it’s not cheap and will talk to my sister who is beautician, he become even more persuasive, offering facial for free and and instead paying £550 for two items to pay just £150.
    I still said no and left. In future I will try to awoid their shop.

  142. Vicky

    I had a similar experience today, the salesman put the scrub on my hand, the gel under my eye and the scrub on one cheek. There was a discernible difference, (probably glue, I now realise!), however, I did not want to make a purchase. He whispered to me, “can I trust you?” and went to a cupboard under the till and got out a battered box. He whispered to me, ‘is it too expensive for you, you are not bothered about the packaging are you?” and offered me 20% off the battered version, making it a bargain at £105 ! Made my excuses and legged it out of there!

  143. Anton

    Yesterday we went to such a shop in Kensington. That salesguy spoke much about it. Never had an idea of buying any stuff that was marketed that way (good stuff is not advertised that way. Never!), but we had much free time to kill and I was curious ;)
    Everything much similar to stories above, but that guy showed me a small “article” on how gold works. Awesome bullshit reading. It turns out that gold changes electrons order inside your skin, and much more. Laughing, left the store :)
    Never buy anything that someone pushes you to buy. It’s a rule of thumb ;)

  144. Mona

    Wow! I’m amazed at their sales pitch, it is exactly the same everywhere. I completely understand where you all are coming from, I had a similar experience but on the flip side I am amazed with their products. I have been battling acne for about the past year now, due to being really stressed out and my diet not helping. So one afternoon, I had some time to kill so I gladly went in to the store to see what the deal is. I was amazed at the exfoliate peel, for one I had never seen one of a kind before (i’m quite a rookie when it comes to beauty products), that was one thing I was convinced to buy no matter what. then the lady added on the face moisturizer and face wash, and its been about 3 months of using it and i have to say i’m really happy with product, i love the moisturizer because its so light, doesn’t feel so heavy on your face. i do agree the price is ridiculously high, thus i came across this blog because i was looking for ways to buy it cheaper online. I highly recommend their products, i know its a bit pricey, but your skin is worth it. Honestly, i think if you guys were to find a good sales girl like i did, you wouldn’t be intimidated but i do see where you guys are coming from. Hope you guys give this product a shot, it works well for brown skin at least.

  145. Michelle

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I was enticed to the OroGold location in Maui on Sept 12th. The salesman charged my card $3500!!!! I agreed to pay $340. Guess what? They charged me that too. I have spent everyday on the phone with customer service. The woman I have been in contact with couldn’t believe that the salesmen told me: 1.) He is the owner’s son 2.) the products are made with restalyn and collagen 3.) The ingredients come from some lake in Japan 4.)There is a 30 day money back guarantee ( He told me about the refund after I wasn’t very impressed with his demonstration. He said it would take a month to “really see the results. These claims (and countless others) are totally false. Then I actually received a phone call from the salesman!! He would ask me question, then continuously speak over me. He didn’t listen to a word I said. Finally the owner of the Maui location called me. He said he would be willing to refund me $600, but that doesn’t even come close to the almost 4000 dollars they have charged my credit card. My credit card company isn’t being very helpful either. I am a Registered Nurse. Needless to say, there’s no way I can afford to pay that amount. So now I have boxes full of Orogold products. I will not even try them. Does anyone know of some way I can solve this problem? This has brought me and my husband (who was with me the entire time) loads of unnecessary stress. Please help me. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  146. Michelle

    I have also been confronted by the staff of Orogold , the bond street branch . I’ve never stepped inside as they are already so aggressive on the street! I find them really creepy and would advice every one to stay away from them

  147. Sarah

    Hi Hanna,

    I had your exact same experience. Insisted that I would never buy before trying and googling it. The guy offered me his ipad to google it myself, but of course I did not. I am so proud of myself that I did not buy from them… Their tactics are aggressive and he told me I could return the products, but now after reading the posts, I am so relief that did not waste so much money on these crooks. Even if it works, I would not support this tactics and will show solidarity to my fellow female consumer friends.

  148. Chatskies

    Same exact experience in San Fran. It was strange because even though my inner voice said “Get out of here, this is a scam” I still felt compelled to stay and hear the woman out. I even got so far as to agree to purchase the products but as she started ringing up the items I knew I would regret it, asked for my card back and left.

  149. Naomi

    Had a very similar experience at the Forever Flawless store on South Molton street today. Very glad that I stuck to my guns and didn’t purchase anything. I was perplexed when all that dead ‘skin’ was coming off my hands as I’m a diligent and regular exfoliator, it’s easy to see how some people could fall into the trap. While my salesperson didn’t get angry, he was extremely pushy. Hopefully some action will be taken on these aggressive sales tactics.

  150. Maria

    It’s amazing the same guy from Israel appeared in SF CA where I was
    Visiting and he followed the same pattern He didn’t let me go unless
    I buy his stuff. Beware of these people at the end they have the opposite

  151. fishamaphone

    Thanks for this. I’m sort of on the other side of things: an Israeli recently out of the army who’s considering working at this type of kiosk for a few months. I’m originally American, and haven’t been back in years, so I’d love to have the opportunity to be paid to visit, but I wouldn’t want to work in this type of environment. I’m still looking into it, but now with a much more cautious eye. Thanks.

  152. Maxine

    I was bamboozled by the same selling strategy last weekend in a high street in London. The salesman lured me in after I had passed the shop with my suitcase in tow. Part of his selling technique was to use flattery, charm and extreme flirtatious banter. He was very gorgeous, had a beautiful accent, perfect teeth and he was comfortably tactile, and towards the end of the selling campaign, used the offer of hugs and kisses to seal the deal. But I had NO intention of buying anything. I know that if I did have ££ ready to spend and I did not recognize this as just manipulative salesmanship, I would have succumbed and bought the “magic”. How many people have been sucked into this …?

  153. ralka

    i worked for a cosmetic company that have the same thing with selling their products, the owners are from israel too, and these people have a crazy atitude;scream at you, put you to work hard every day… 13 hours /day… I could not work for them more than 3 weeks .It was a terrible experience

  154. Lea

    Same experience in Singapore. No I could not see the difference and managed to escape. Happy to see I made the right choice

  155. Ellen

    I was cleaning out my closet today and found this big bag of Orogold CRAP. Got scammed probably a year ago by the pushy salespeople here in Fairfax VA, and when they adamantly refused to take the stuff back a couple hours after I bought it, I shoved the bag to the back of my closet where it’s been ever since. Started reading the labels today and thinking maybe I’d try some of it. But after finding all these comments on this blog, I will probably just throw it all in the garbage. Over $500 worth of stuff I’d had no intention of buying!!! As soon as I got to the car after the purchase, I felt TERRIBLE, like a big loser and idiot. They really caught me good in their trap!! There IS some GOOD NEWS: Back when it happened, I reported it to my credit card company, and they said they’d look into it, but that if the sales receipts said “no returns” (which they did, but how do you know that until you have already spent your money and get the receipt into your hand?) that there would not be anything they could do. However, I ended up having the second purchase credited back to my account (over $300!!)…because apparently the sales place couldn’t provide my credit card company with a copy of that receipt. So I’m glad I gave that a shot! Now when I go to that mall, I see them there and I feel so disgusted!!

  156. Abbie

    I embarrassingly have to say I fell for the sales tactics, I have no idea what I was thinking, someone mentions ‘hypnotised’ and that’s what it felt like, I fell for so much and walked out of the shop £600 lighter!

    The so called face peel got stuck to the fine hair on my face which left me with red marks where I tried to scratch the glue, I mean ‘face peel’ off, I was furious with myself & with the Sales people, but I went down to the Covent Garden shop and basically refused to move until they gave me a refund, almost an hour later and having been offered possibly every alternative product in the shop and many beauty treatments I finally got my money back for the peel, it was only a fraction of the money I felt I ‘d been conned out of but a mini victory in my eyes.

    They’ve now set up two shops on High St Ken and I now have to walk past these Sales Monsters on a daily basis as a nasty reminder to the con I fell for, which clearly many other people are falling for too as how else are they opening up shops & expanding so quickly, with their so called “Award Winning Products”.

    Putting aside the bad experience I thought well I have these stupid over priced products now so I may as well use them. I have just finished the day cream and I must say that although I will never buy these products from these bullies again, it is actually quite a nice product. If you do find yourself in a situation where you’ve been conned into buying these products, especially the Face Peel/Glue, trade it in for the day cream.

    PS: I’m not promoting this company, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchasing this but if you do get conned at least end up with a nice pot of face cream rather than a pot of glue!

  157. Vanessa

    Wow this happened to me today! Same
    Exact way. I was walking back the Nike store on 57th when this Israeli feminine looking guy stopped me. He took me inside the shop
    And the rest unfolds exactly like your story. Did he have a mole? Lol bottom like is they are extremely aggressive, and no matter how many times I said “no I’m not buying this” he insisted. He asked was it a money issue? The nerve gave me products after products with discounts if I purchase right there and then $500 for two creams! Lesson learned crossing the street next time!

  158. Embarrassed

    I am rather embarrassed to say this, but they got me good. It was this phillipino woman, and I won’t lie I’m a guy and I use products to try and make myself look better. 6 years in the army took an effect on me. I can’t believe I got duped especially after having dealt with these tactics almost daily overseas. I guess it can be seen as a positive that I don’t have the same level of hostility anymore, but I am quite embarrassed. Honestly though these people are scum… The women used my background as a soldier (I have a very distinguishing tattoo that marks me as such) and other information I foolishly volunteered to sucker punch me. They are incredibly aggressive in their sales techniques. I don’t think I could’ve possibly gotten out of there without causing a huge scene, but I am tempted to go back and throw the products at the damn stand… Glue is the secret ingredient to the exfoliant, the moisturizer will make you break out if that doesn’t. The eye cream basically dyes the black circles under your eyes (I have insomnia). I am quite certain that miracle hand washing crystals are formulated so that when they dissolve it looks like dirty water. They are really good at getting you to volunteer information they will use against you. I intend to file a formal complaint with the mall where I purchased it although I doubt it will do any good. I’ll just have to remember my time in Iraq and treat these people accordingly. Sincerely, one extremely embarrassed guy.

  159. Lana

    Same thing goe me tonight. My expected dice minute trip in the mall turned into 45 minutes with face cream rape. Yes, my lines disappeared and now I’m home and wrinkles are back. Of course people will buy crap if they are held captive in the store and the wrinkles are erased while they are there. $398 for line eraser and flakes chunky white crap if you get an itch. OBVIOISLY it’s crap. I have an $80 month product I love and blows this Orogold crap out of the water. Save your money on the mall version of an infomercial!!

  160. Jac

    I had a beautiful Friday evening planned in London with my husband last week and was on my way to meet him. I was feeling relaxed and happy when I found myself lured into Sakare in Covent Garden after being handed what looked like fudge by a man who seemed not to care that I was asking what it was he had handed me- all he wanted was to get me into the shop. The next half hour began as baffling , leading to disconcerting and ended by being squarely in the realms of personal violation. Not one single price tag in the shop and a dizziying number of “offers” . Any attempts by me to read labels were parried and bottles taken away and I was talked at non- stop. I repeatedly said I had to leave to meet my husband and this made no odds. The guy could clearly not care less. The shop was populated by young Israeli men and there was a sense of being duped and also being sneered at – yet the pressure was unbearable. Ashamedly , just to leave , I bought £75 worth of goods- albeit I was under massive pressure to buy more. I left feeling sick, violated and completely stupid. I would NEVER go back and I too, like others intend to write to Westminster City Council. I feel these companies should be ousted before they cause more damage, including to the good repute of customer-focused established business. Thank you Hanne for highlighting this.

  161. Dennis

    The Israelie women are now flogging this product with the exact same tactics to the tourists in Waikiki. I walked through the lobby of the Sheraton Waikiki and unfortunately stopped for the free sample. BIG MISTAKE. I was given the exact same treatments and then shown the prices. $750 for 3 products. BUT WAIT. Because I was attending some unknown convention the price was reduced to a mere $270. Scam artists all around.

  162. Lourdes Cuenca

    I just had the same horrible experience in Santa Barbara, CA the worst thing was when the sales representative flattered me saying I look like from New York City. I am very conscious I was not looking at my best! So, these reps are trained to sell no matter what! Be careful!!

  163. Mary

    Ditto here about the aggressive sales behavior. I was handed a sample in the mall and then invited to come in and see the product, I did. Not impressed with the put something on your hand and see all your dry skin removed, then asked if it looked better than my other hand. No! I let the sales girl know I wouldn’t pay that much for a skin care product, ever. Took the samples and just tried them, nice. So I came online to see what price they were, yikes. No thanks, so many other options that work just as well if not better for way less money. Ladies, the only real help for wrinkles in the long run is probably laser peel. Just buy a nice moisturizer and know there is not magical moisturizer. So save your money and go see a plastic surgeon if you want to spend that kind of money on improving your skin and be very weary about them as well.

  164. Julia

    I also lost a lot of time in a boutique in Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The lady in the “Perfume de Paris” boutique told me that Celine Dion was a very good client of her and that she used Oro Gold products… Because we are from Quebec Canada she tryed to influence us that way. The boutique looked serious. What a shame ! Take care everyone !

  165. Linda

    The same group has set up shop in one of the malls just south of Boston, MA. Same old tired come-on – just a few minutes, look at the amazing difference in the pre and post peel skin, etc, even the same Israeli type of gentleman (who claimed to be Italian, but had less skill with the language than I do!). Got away with my credit card intact, and most of my dignity, but only before the same kiosk had been manned by – big surprise – the Dead Sea group. Filing a complaint with the attorney general’s office, so we will see how that pans out.

  166. Carolina

    I had an awful experience with this store last night at the Galleria in Dallas. They offered me a sample as I walked by with my daughter, and I accepted. Saleswoman then asked if she could show me something else. I consented and let her apply eye products and ooh and ah over the immediate difference (it looked moderately more hydrated). I thought her explanations of the science were hilarious, but no different than other cosmetic company puffery (hint: collagen doesn’t penetrate skin. It’s too big!). She then explains the two products are $250 each but they are on special today for buy one get one free. I asked how long the promotion lasted, and she said just for today. Alarm bells started going off, so I told her it was simply outside my budget. She then insisted on showing me other things. She then asked for my favorite. I told her, and she then dropped the price further. I told her no, and she dropped it again. At that point, I thought it was insane that a mall store would have a product that supposedly retailed for $250 that she was willing to sell for $75. There is no way they expect to see it for that much, and I think it is highly deceptive to inflate a price in order to make a customer believe it is a bargain. I scooped up my child and hightailed out of there. Avoid this place. If the products are as good as they say, they would have up-front pricing and clear disclosures of any special promotions. There are many good skin care brands at a variety of price points from companies that offer returns and do not have high pressure tactics. I called the general manager of the Galleria to complain today. This can’t be the environment it wants to offer its customers.

  167. Pattage

    I was at Westfield Eastgardens today and they’ve set up a shop there. The attractive french woman’s sales tactitcs were almost identical to the ones you have described. However because I’m a young teenage adult she used her feminine side to charm me and establish some strong physical contact. I don’t doubt that many people would say yes to Orogold just because of the strong psychological manipulation they use.

  168. Sandra

    I wish I had seen this post before parting with my $300. We were holidaying in Canada in September and I just happened to be having trouble with my skin with the climate change. As I passed the Orogold store in West Edmonton Mall a lovely Israeli assistant approached me with free samples and very quickly had me in the store. She was extremely nice and flattering and with a promise of a facial that would help with the blemishes she quickly had me parting with my money for some very expensive eye creams. Before I left the store she tried selling more product which I refused and I should have at that point returned the product. But feeling very foolish having spent such a ridiculous amount of money I tried to return them just 30 mins later and was told they don’t refund. I am yet to see if the product works let’s hope it does.

  169. Tove

    Thank you for your blogpost! I was googling Oro Gold when I came across it, as I had a very similar experience yesterday in Lahaina, Maui. Free sample. Let me show you. I told the young woman, claiming to be German when she found out I was northern European, I only use organic products. She then had the nerve to claim Oro Gold was all organic and pointed to the recyclable symbol. I argued with her about the symbol, but she said in the States that’s it! So right there and then the bells of warning started ringing. Then I got the full treatment. Peeling, eye serum etc. “See how the lines under this eye are starting to move upward while under the other eye they’re moving down..” No difference, except that the skin under the eye she applied the stuff to looked more hydrated. USD 250 for each product was quickly reduced to 300 for 3. That will last me two years… At least. I said I would not buy anything until I had waited at least 12 hours to see if I would have a skin reaction. She assured me I wouldn’t, that the products were hypoallergenic etc. Saying that that’s happened to me several times before and if I felt I wanted to buy, I would be back, I left the store.

  170. JKJ

    I am with Hannah….same thing happened to me in High St Kensington, London. Unfortunately I ended up paying between £500 – £800….and have barely tried using anything since the purchase- I dont know why….

  171. hilde

    I was in Santa Barbara,CA walking in the outdoor mall when a man with a very heavy accent approached me, offering a sample of OroGold. I said thank you and attempted to keep walking. Unfortunately my personality was evident and I was easily lured into the store. I was tired, alone, hungry and just wanted to go but didn’t want to be rude, so I went into the store. Giovanne was quite smooth talking, what I could understand, and convinced me to try out some of the products. It was nice to feel pampered for a minute. I told him I couldn’t afford anything in the store and that I actually choose to use OTC storebrands. He was very persistant and I did end up buying products which I could not afford. Shame on me for allowing someone to push me to buy products that I truly couldn’t afford. Lesson learned and I didn’t return to that mall the rest of the stay in SB just because of it!

  172. Louise

    Dam. The same happened to me this afternoon. I felt really stressed and ended up buying the peeling. But I felt horrible because I didn’t want to, but they were better than my willpower. It is like if that boy had hypnotised me. I suffer from social anxiety and it is difficult for me to say no.

    I will go and won’t leave the Westfield Forever Flawless until they refund me. Or I will stand at the door warning other people not to get in an listen to them.

    I really need the money back.

    Wish me luck.

  173. Starling

    I walked by the San Francisco store and was approached by a very pushy salesman. Luckily, I have 2 toddlers and had an excuse to leave quickly with a sample. I have a product of my own that I have designed and manufacture with 24 karat gold and wanted to see what their product was like. I found the perfume quite strong. Organic? This is a loophole in the cosmetics industry. The product I sell has 3 ingredients in it.
    Thank you all for your input to help others,

  174. Dawn

    I was suckered in and bought the scrub : ( Same tactics used on you. When I used it on my face last night it turned red immediately. I am going to try to take it back, wish me luck.

  175. Kayleigh

    Wow. I just experienced these sales people today in High Street Kensington. I managed to escape the sales woman’s charms, but was not impressed with the sheer determination of the sales rep.

    Any company that deploys those types of sales tactics has got something to hide…

    Not interested.

  176. Drew

    This happened to me today too. this was my worse shopping experience ever.
    I’m a person who doesn’t like to reject people.
    Too sad I didn’t see this amazing blog post before this thing happened.
    I just spent a ton of money on those…..
    I’ll definitely be more aware of these stuff in the future.
    Did anyone successfully got their refund? Did those stuff even works? I know acne is linked to bacteria infections. I doubt these things will work better than some acne medicine with benzoyl peroxide, etc..

  177. KD

    I had the same experience in Whistler canada. I bought a Groupon for an OroGold
    ‘facial’. Well i was taken to a room, and someone who didn’t even wash their hands starts putting her nasty cigarette smelling fingers all over my face. She didn’t tell me what she was doing/or putting on. It was awful. Then I got the sales guy who hard pressed me. I walked out with nothing b/c I couldn’t stand their tactics. THEY ARE LIKE TIME SHARE SALESPEOPLE. Relentless. Awful. Don’t buy their craptastic stuff.

  178. Meursault

    I was stopped by a tall, creepy, israeli guy on South Molton Street. He hadn’t even heard of the Ren facecreams I was using and asked why I am not taking better care of myself and spending more money. I started to feel a bit embarrassed and clueless and was lured in. He pointed out the fine lines and bags under my eyes, something I had never worried about before being only 25, and I was convinced to buy the eye serum for £350. I paid and wanted to leave but then things got more intense. I was taken to a room in the back to be shown the premium range. I got given a facial and products costing £1000 upwards were pushed at me. When I repeatedly said “no”, he brought his colleague to see if they could do anything about the price. They started throwing in free products but I kept refusing. I was trapped there for about an hour with half my face covered with a mask. They could see that I was angry and distressed and eventually gave me a body scrub and moisturiser for free in the most tacky packaging I have ever seen. Haven’t used it since and will, regrettably, have to avoid this street from now on.

  179. Michele

    Great information. I was at the mall I frequent today and was approached outside a new Oro Gold store by a promoter. I was in a rush and took the free sample. She started asking me questions about what I currently use and looked faint at the mention of a ” drugstore” brand. She tried to get me to come in and was extremely annoyed when I refused. When I got home I came across the sample and googled it to find out what it was. Funny thing was I only passed that way to avoid the bullying antics of the Dead Sea sales people on the other side of the mall. It really is a shame something can’t be done to keep these stores out of our shopping centres.

  180. jenn

    At least they complimented you. The woman that stopped me said my wrinkled baggy eyes bothered her. I was mortified. I was not even shopping there. Just walking by.

  181. Anna

    I had a similar experience in Dallas at the stone briar mall. The sales person was so persistent and when I tried to walk out, he opened up the register and showed me signed receipts claiming that customers have spent 100s of dollars on their products and that he was giving it to me for a fraction of the price. These people should not be allowed in the malls.

  182. Louise

    I got a refund! I went to the store and I complained in front of other customers about the way they pushed me to buy without letting me know about the non return policy. I asked to talk to the manager and he told me he couldn’t do anything and that somebody from the Customer Service would contact me. I asked him to call him straight away and he refused. So I got even angrier and told the other customers to be aware.
    They called the SECURITY!! But happily he helped me, by asking them why they don’t show on their counter in big and clear letters the non refund policy (they said it was broken), and telling them that they can’t refuse to deal with a customer request and called himself from his mobile phone that “Customer Service” person. I could also talk to him and in tow minutes he called me to the number I provided him to tell me I could go back to get my refund.
    It was an awful moment as I don’t like to get angry and show it and they were trying to make pass as rude and a bad person. Until the last moment they were telling about how wonderful their products are.
    I also made a written complain at the shopping centre Concierge, to let them know this retailer behaviour is spoiling their reputation.

  183. Kate O'Leary

    I was a victim of consumer fraud at the newly opened Orogold store in the Paramus mall at the Gardenstate Plaza mall. Although I have now disputed the charges with my credit card, I want the warning to go out there to all consumers in New Jersey to avoid this store at all costs! They are a bunch of slick con artists who have absolutely no regard for doing business in a legal or ethical way. Last week., I was at the mall buying something I had planned on getting for my upcoming birthday and I was in a relaxed and unguarded mood when I was approached by this man with an accent. He spoke to me as if he was my friend which I did not buy into but my defenses were down and I agreed to let him apply eye serum to my one eye. He went into his whole schpiel and even though I kept saying no, he kept saying how the product was not that expensive considering it would last for 2 years. I hesitated and he then asked me if I was a nurse.I said no and he looked at me knowingly and said, “Answer me again. Are you a nurse?” I said no again and he shook his head and said, “Come on. Are you a nurse?” So I kind of laughed and said yes because obviously he wanted me to play along. Then the product was 1/2 priced. So I agree to give it a try, thinking that I had gotten a decent price even though it was still kind of pricey. Then he was continuing to chat me up and saying I should come into their newly opened store so he could give me some more samples. So I reluctantly followed him into the store. There he had me sit and he examined my face very closely. He offered me first some water and then shook his head and suggested champagne since it was my birthday month. I laughed nervously and shrugged. He then gave me another schpiel how he was going to apply treatment to half of my face so I could see how well their other products work. I protested that I defintely could not spend any more money that day. He shushed me and started applying treatment to the right side of my face. At tis point, I was a little worried because I had an appointment in an hour and I wanted to get a bite to eat before I went. But he had already applied things to my face and had put a glass of champagne in my hand. Then he whisked me to the back, saying it was free there now and I could lay on the table and relax for a few minutes while the mask on my face did its magic. He then talked of Denise Richards who endorses them and said Dr. Oz recommends their products. All the while still talking to me as if I was a long time friend. When he took the treatment off my face, he gave me a mirror and was positively glowing about how incredibly better the right side of my face looked than the left! My head was a little light from the champagne since I had not yet had lunch and I agreed with him because it did look better. Then he told me the price of the package he put on me and my jaw dropped. No, I can’t! He protested, did I not like the product. I said I liked it just fine but I had to go and I couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money. He was then going, “What would you rate it?” I said, “Maybe an 8” because at that moment I was impressed. He insisted hat he really wanted me to use their product so he would bring down the price and he proceeded to cut the price in half. It was still too steep and I said no. Then he whispered in my ear, “I’m not supposed to do this but I really like you and I want you to use our product because I know you will have good results and you will tell all your friends. But please do not tell anyone you got it for this price.” He then took a card and scanned it thru the machine and claimed it was his employee card for an employee discount. The price was now about 1/3. He then said he would minus the price I had already paid for the eye treatments I had already purchased. It was still too much money. but I was late and now I was a little torn. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll take it home and think about it. I could always return it.” Those were the thoughts in my head so I agreed and he took my card. My heart was thumping because I had just spent $1000 on skin products. Yes, maybe it was for 1 year or more but still, it was alot of money. Already I was starting to feel some buyers remorse but I was in a rush and after posing for a picture with them, feeling like I was in shock, I left.

    When I got home later after my acupuncture appointment, I took out my purchase. Then I examined the receipt. I saw that it said “No Returns. Exchange in 14 days”. My heart dropped. He had never mentioned this no return policy to me once! Feeling depressed, I went online and googled Orogold. Behold the first suggested search was “Orogold scam!” My heart dropped more. I searched for a review and the first onethat popped up was, “Beward of Orogold”. And I kept seeing post after post of complaints about Orogold from all around the globe from the US to Canada to England to Sweden to the Philipines. Feeling depressed with being stuck with unaffordable skin care products I decided to open the treatment ad treat the other half of my face to see if I could see a dramatic change like they showed in the store. Guess what? There was no dramatic change and then it occured to me. They had tricked me. Everyone had one side of the face that is better than the other. The left side sees more sun if you drive so the right side is the better, less sun damaged side and thus has fewer blemishes or fine lines. The skin also looks brighter on that side. I was busy with other things too and I tried to go about my day while I also stressed about how I was going to pay off $1000 without my husband notcing since I did not want to upset him with the stupid mistake I had made.

    But after pondering all the hundreds of stories and complaints, I thought to myself that this could not possibly be legal! So I looked up NJ cnsumer protection laws and sure enough I found that I had been a clear victim of consumer fraud since they had misrepresented their prices, deceived me about the product and concealed the material fact that the products were non-refundable. I was in the right and they were in the wrong. I called my credit card company and they suggested I go back to them and give them a chance to make it right. So I did along with my friend who came for moral support. The moment they saw that I was upset with them they started acting like they were the victims and did not understand why I was so angry. I informed them that they had broken consumer laws and that I wanted to speak with their manager. The told me that was not possible because he was out of town. How convenient! They then kicked my girlfriend out of the store because she was trying to video the proceedings. THey then tried to reason with me but I stood my ground and threatened legal action. THey then threatened to call security. I am a petite Asian woman. Maybe they thought they could intimidate me since my friend was no longer in the store. I said, “Go ahead. You’re the ones who brok the law.” At which point, a customer slipped out of the store. They then changed their tack and said that they really wished to help me but could not do so themselves. I needed to call an 877 number, a number I had called the day befrore and gotten an automated message telling me to leave my name and number and that I would get a callback which never came! They promised me that this time the call would come.So I called and left a message demanding my money back in their presence.

    I then left the store, upset and shaking but I had held myself together because there was no way I was going to cry in front of them. I walked away a bit with my girlfriend who was trying to calm me down and we called my credit card company to dispute the charge. This is when I burst into tears. I have never felt so victimized in my life. How do people just blatantly flaunt the law and then when faced with the consequences, behave the way they do. The credit card company informed me that since I had already given the merchant a chance that they would fight for me. I told them that these people must not get my money because they are a bunch of crooks. After I had calmed down, I also reported this incident to mall management.

    I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, talk to the Division of Consumer Affairs in NJ and maybe even write the governor. I also plan to post anywhere and everywhere I can on the internet about what a shady bunch of scam artists they are. I feel foolish to have been conned this way. I will never again speak to anyone who tries approach me with any kinds of products in the mall. I hope you can do a story on this because this store should not be allowed to profit, scamming their customers/victims. What they are doing is wrong and illegal and consumers need to be warned about them

    1. Nathalie

      I am doing the same in England !! Its a matter of principal and duty as I don’t want them to scam other people .IF every person would have done this they wouldn’t be operating anymore.I got treated worse then you when i tried to return it .And VISA insurance wont take my money back . Good luck to you !!

      1. Kate O'Leary

        Nathalie, i just got a call from the credit card company that they had to give the merchant the sale because the receipt says , “No returns”. I have 2 charges and they did it on one. The other has is still in dispute but I am concerned that the same will happen with that one. I am waiting for Consumer Affairs to call me back. This is absolutely unconscionable.

  184. Mariana

    Hallo Hanne and the rest of the people everywhere,
    They got to me too in South Africa in a small town close to Johannesburg! Hanne it sounds as if I have met the exact same Israeli salesperson as you have!!! His style and wordings was almost exactly the same, including the references to previous beauty houses!! And I fell for it!!!! I bought four products (on my credit card) at I price which I am too embarrassed to say out loud! It left my husband speechless!!!! The obviously orchestrated sales-pitch had me wondering about these people, the real value of the products and the group for hours on end and I thus went onto the internet and found your blog. They had next to the Oro-gold range, another product range named Seacret, which is very similar. Two years before this incident I did buy a scrub consisting mainly of sea salt and oils at a similar (Israeli) stall in the same mall (from another pushy and rude Israeli person), and I did enjoy the product immensely. But I regret having purchased all of those items at that ridiculous price. I was thinking about warning the management of the mall about these Israeli salespeople, and know I am sure that I should. The people in our area mostly can not afford this and we are not really used to such sales-techniques. I agree Tamar, they are shaming the Israeli name!

  185. Nat

    OroGOLD ,Premier Dead sea cosmetics, SOAP and CO , the shop named SAKARE in convent garden and elsewhere in London.Is all owned by the same group.It is a billion dollar scam that they have operated for years.Its all over the world and they are hated in the USA.The people they hire often work her illegally from Israel.The products are a complete scam and they don’t work at all , if u are lucky .With me there eyecream made my eyes sore and red after 1 week and my wrinkles was huge after 1 week use and they still are damadged skin around the eye eria. They conned my boyfrind into baying products for almost 1000 pounds he thought it was 100, as he dosent have a clue about skincare.When i went and wanted my money back after reaserching the company and finding out about the scam .They literately laughed in my face.They were enjoying it !!!After i said i refused to live the shop before i got my money back they got agitated and was in my face. This was 3 israeli guys going against me. Going up to my face and telling me to get out .They were very intimidating and the manager treatened to hit my boyfrind!!! This says it ALL about this SCAMMING company .I think it is strange how they can get away with this after so many complains all over the world.And I have complained to the covent garden rentel group and also complained with the trading standard.Also the bottels of creams they use in the store to get this INSTANT result that they say see the diffrence is just also a scam ,the bottel in the store is doctored up so when u get home u will never get the same results.PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP !!!!! and if you have bought anything from there go staright back and try to return it .Its worth trying even if we were not sucsessful.They were loosing customers as the discussion went on,so at least that was something.Also they sell there products for whatever price the decide would make u buy.they will drop the price from 170 to 50 ……if u saying its to expensive.They will do anything to get a sale .and they know the products dosent cost anything to produce .the products are worthless. !!!The sea butter is also just just crap .. when u think of creams from lancome that cost 170 pounds they have done years of reaserch .. This company just sells cheap crap .and they dont have a customer service or main office .the adress are just som e shitty acconten office ..It enoys me so much that they have taken so much money from me, and that they are scamming people EVERY day and getting away with it !!!….

  186. Cate

    Hi Hanna…I got hit…targeted really as I’m 64 and worried about my aging skin. It was at a mall in San Diego, California (these creeps are EVERYWHERE!). It was a hideous experience, rather like falling in a shark tank and eaten alive. I won’t go into the details of my experience as they have already been pretty much described here by you and/or one of my sisters. Let’s just say I too was tricked, berated and beaten down and I’m sorry to say I spent almost $1000. !!

    My daughter found me white-faced outside the store and I told her what had happened: that I had just put $934. Dollars on my credit card…money I needed for important things! She was shocked and 5 minutes later, and at my request, took my bag ( with her newborn strapped to her chest ) and said her mother wanted to return the products. He said no returns, no exchanges.

    I grieved for a day…then tried the products. They didn’t work and the gold paint wore off the jars the first day.

    If this happens to you, do what I did: call the credit card company and place a dispute on the charge. It old. The woman who took my dispute info exactly what had happened was very sympathetic. The outcome, Citibank credited my account pending an investigation and after a month the “conditional credit” came off my account!!

    I plan to contact the mall and file a complaint. I recommend others do the same to drive
    these frauds out of business!

  187. Cate

    Hi, I wrote “If this happens to you, do what I did: call the credit card company and place a dispute on the charge. It old. The woman who took my dispute info exactly what had happened was very sympathetic. The outcome, Citibank credited my account pending an investigation and after a month the “conditional credit” came off my account!!”
    But I meant:
    If this happens to you, do what I did: call the credit card company ( mine is Citibank) and place a dispute on the charge. I told the woman who took my dispute info exactly what had happened and she was very sympathetic. The outcome: the money was itemized in my account as a “conditional credit” and after a month Those words were no longer there and the money was fully refunded to my account!!

    I, too, still have the bag of products stuffed in the back of my closet….I thought I might have to return them but now I can toss it all in. The trash!
    Thanks Hanna!

  188. Renee

    It happened to me last, this lady tells that my skin is beautiful. She invited me to set down and their good product..better than my prescription skin care. She rub a cream to my face and it exfoliate a lot.. they use an ingredient called PVA in this specific peel that is almost like glue, and what happens when you put glue on your skin and let it dry? Give it a try and then rub it off, it looks very much like skin! Afterwards he held my two hands together saying, can you see the difference? “Umm, no not really” I was thinking. He then started putting on some other products talking about how amazing and beneficial they were and that they were made of 24k gold. He started asking lots of questions, about which products I used on a daily basis, how much I spent on beauty products a month, how long my creams lasted etc.

  189. Fatima

    I got duped this evening, I’m so upset. With myself for being conned like this I can’t sleep I’ve been crying, feel so stupid. I’m taking stuff back tomorrow..

  190. bonnie

    I had this experience as well I work for seacret which by the way is way better and more affordable. I stopped to hear,and humor the lady yhen explained I was mot intrested I worked for seacret and I stand behind them and their products so she started offering me free seacret products to go with the 2 products she was trying to sell me for $500 I said for get it

  191. Naomi

    Pretty much word-to-word I had the same experience, the only difference was that I was on a work trip to Boston, MA when it happened. So they must train all their staff the same way!

    The only difference with this was that after about 30 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get out of it he finally wore me down on the fact that I was jet lagged and did in fact have dryer skin than usual from the flight. This meant that I reluctantly walked out with the peel and a sample size hand cream (which was actually a normal sized hand cream) for the equivelent of about £35 – they must have been desperate to sell something that day!

    The box and container for the peel is a lot more effective than the actual product and I wouldn’t buy it again. I must say that I was most impressed by the hand cream which was really good (I get awfully dry hands in winter), ultra nourishing, lasted a long time and smelt amazing! So maybe not a COMPLETE loss ;)

  192. jj

    Had the same experience in Hong Kong, Central today. Put eye cream under one eye and tried to convince me there was a difference. I didn’t buy which upset the sales guy but he gave me a sample of a product and my skin has broken out!! Awful product, awful sales staff and a total rip off!

  193. Rex

    Hi Oro Gold sold me a lot of stuff I suspected that it is mostly a scam, although I cant say the products are no good.
    The receipt shows no Refunds Exchanges within 14 days.
    This contravenes consumer affairs fair trading laws in Australia if I have interpreted the law correctly.

  194. Kiki

    Omg! I got conned last week by Forever Flawless in Westfield White City.

    I purchased the diamond face peel and they offered it to me at 75% off at £35. I know I paid a lot less than most of you on here but my boyfriend ended up buying one too. I feel so stupid that I got conned, my boyfriend initially stayed outside of the shop but the assistant lured him in with some prosecco.

    I want to return my product after reading about the number of scams on here, but like always it is a no return policy that is stopping me, however they do offer exchanges within 14 days so I am going to see what they will do tomorrow.

    I also had an Israeli sales assistant, she seemed nice but pushy and she probably won’t be in there when I return.

    I wonder if there is a bureau or some kind of beauty trading establishment we can report these companies too, because there must be some kind of regulation of this trading practice and lack of genuine substance in these products.

    If anyone has any info please respond to me.

    Thanks K x

    1. Kate

      Are you in the US? Because if you are you can file a
      complaint with the federal government as well as local or state
      governments. Probably all of them. Look up Consumer Affairs
      Division. Go here too I plan
      to file a complaint with them too. I have a call in with the local
      Consumer Affairs Division and on Monday when I go into work I will
      speak to my boss who is a lawyer to get some advice.

  195. Yesudeep Mangalapilly


    And the same thing happened to me too! I did some digging about
    these fake companies. I asked for a refund and they said they couldn’t
    refund the whole sales amount but could manage to pay me back some
    pounds back.

    The store attendant at Sakaré (Bond street/Oxford Street, London) is clearly a very well trained salesman. They know they are fleecing people and aren’t ashamed of it.

    In fact they even follow the same sales pitch script for all their products.
    You’ll probably find the entire script online!

    I’d like to add some important pieces of information which non-technical
    people may not be able to determine without some help. The parent company
    for all these fake companies Orogold, Sakaré, etc. is Soap & Co. Ltd. The salesperson
    sold me a Soap & Co. product but clearly stated that this is a third party product.
    I performed a whois lookup on their domain and found this information:

    Domain Name: SAKARE.COM
    Registry Domain ID: 1704108560_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Update Date: 2013-03-07 02:46:33
    Creation Date: 2012-02-26 02:46:07
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-02-26 02:46:07
    Registrar:, LLC
    Registrar IANA ID: 146
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.480-624-2505
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: ALON BARZILAY
    Registrant Organization: soap and co uk ltd
    Registrant Street: 272 regents park road
    Registrant City: london
    Registrant State/Province: london
    Registrant Postal Code: n3 3hn
    Registrant Country: United Kingdom
    Registrant Phone: 02084976300
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:
    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Name: ALON BARZILAY
    Admin Organization: soap and co uk ltd
    Admin Street: 272 regents park road
    Admin City: london
    Admin State/Province: london
    Admin Postal Code: n3 3hn
    Admin Country: United Kingdom
    Admin Phone: 02084976300
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email:
    Registry Tech ID:
    Tech Name: ALON BARZILAY
    Tech Organization: soap and co uk ltd
    Tech Street: 272 regents park road
    Tech City: london
    Tech State/Province: london
    Tech Postal Code: n3 3hn
    Tech Country: United Kingdom
    Tech Phone: 02084976300
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax:
    Tech Fax Ext:
    Tech Email:
    Name Server: NS-1027.AWSDNS-00.ORG
    Name Server: NS-856.AWSDNS-43.NET
    Name Server: NS-2027.AWSDNS-61.CO.UK
    Name Server: NS-212.AWSDNS-26.COM
    DNSSEC: unsigned

    These guys have troubled a lot of people all over the world.
    They need to be brought to justice.

    enlists more information about this company and the address
    they have provided belong to their accountant (apparently).

    How are these guys even allowed to do business?

    I want my money refunded in its entirety! But they handed over
    less than half of it claiming that “we cannot refund your money in its
    entirety for products purchased during Christmas.”

    What a bunch of losers. This is my first experience buying
    cosmetics for people I care about and what a rot to the core.
    I’m so turned off by cosmetics now I don’t think I’ll ever buy them.

  196. Yesudeep Mangalapilly


    I’d also like to add that BE VERY CAREFUL if you
    buy anything over there. The receipt I got didn’t
    list all of the products, there was no proper breakdown,
    and the receipt didn’t even carry their brand name for God’s sake!

    I feel so bloody helpless right now. I wish someone would
    take all this information I just gave out and sue the hell
    out of these morons.

    1. Nathalie

      Im on the case with a lawyer ! It is just unbelievable that they can get away with it …I cant really understand that this scam has been happening for so long .They don’t have customer service Just the accountant address..The products ruined my skin around the eyes . I should have been compensated on top of getting my money back . Even VISA insurance said they couldn’t take the money back on my card since i didn’t have picture evidence of the damage .(its hard to catch the damage with a camera)Just think of how many people they are scamming right now during the christmas period.This was sakare in Covent garden.Almost a 1000 pounds they scammed of me and i have a bag full of worthless if not dangerous products.Soap & Co , Sakare ,Premier dead sea ALL SCAM!!! I told a guy that was selling for Soap & CO that he should be ashamed of himself selling the products.A normal person would be stunned if a stranger walked up to him like that while he was working .Agin he just did what they done when i tried to return my products.Laughed in my face. I do it every time i pass there stands …just for pure amusement on my part and scare away the VICTIMS “customers”….The product that ruined my skin was an eye serum and a eye cream ,and when u look at the package they have just copied and pasted the same ingredients in the same order >so this means eater they selling the same product with different name as serum and cream telling you you need both as they told.Or its just fake and nothing of the stuff in the bottle.I have complained to trading standards and hopefully they will do samples of the products.It should be on watchdog or something this company should be properly investigated by the authorities.

  197. Sheranda

    Not only did I stupidly buy the products my bank called just about an hour ago to tell me a very large purchase was charged to the card I used to pay for the products. The Vino Vera kiosk in Town center mall in Kennesaw Georgia is a scam do not purchase anything from them.

  198. Ros

    Thank goodness I was sufficiently strong to reject the “special offer” of Collagen Renewal Cream at around £100, from a salesman at the South Molton Street store, just off Oxford Street in London.

    Almost word for word my experience echos that of others around the world – sample outside, invited in, sit down, what products do I use? At what cost? May he show me how wonderful the products are? Which product do I like best? Believe it or not, he only has one pot left at this price, etc etc.
    I had been impressed by the demonstration but in the end what I think had happened was that he’d simply put cream on the side of my face where the wrinkles were naturally less deep then the other side and then claimed it was due to the effect of the cream.
    Anyway, I left without purchasing and although I did initially believe the product had done what he said … more fool me, it seems … thought I’d do some research.

    Thank goodness for this site and all the other ladies who’ve left comments. I now add my own .

  199. Anna

    I went through the ordeal of being pushed into buying the product in Santa Barbara.
    Very pushy sales people with no consideration for other people’s packets and time.
    On the positive side I loved the creams and would buy some but never in the shop. Could not take their attitude anymore. I walk on the other side of the street and never look towards the shop.

  200. Andrea

    Hi girls!
    I’ve been reading your comments all morning and got amused. I am working with those products in Europe. I have to admit I was a customer at first and I was also disturbed by some guys’ sales techniques. I bought some products because I liked them , I became a regular customer and then I joined the team. I must say that I feel really sorry for some of you didn’t even have the chance to test those products as most of them are really amazing! It’s too bad the sales technique made you run away before even trying. Most of the Dead Sea cosmetics are skin care cosmetics. Some are perfect for rozacea, others for acne, others for psoriasis (doesn’t cure it! Ok?), while others are perfect for wrinkles!
    We don’t apply the aggressive sales techniques even though I’ve seen that with some people it’s working. At first they get the arrogant and defensive reaction but very soon they realize they fall in love with our products :)
    I don’t want to give you advices but I think you should only give them a try and if you don’t like them just get up and go away. You don’t have to buy. The purpose of trying is to see what’s good for you.
    Sometimes we make free treatments to our ladies to let them see the result on their own skin. 99% of them love it :)
    Merry Christmas everyone !!!

    1. Author

      Hi Andrea from Orogold. Why do you people feel the need to comment on this post and defend your company? Did you really read all these comments and got AMUSED?!??? I must say I am surprised, but then again not really, once again this shows us that the people working for Orogold are cold hearted! Any normal person would be upset after reading these comments from innocent frustrated customers being tricked into buying some overpriced products they probably didn’t need.
      Thank you very much for your “advice” but I would NEVER try your products. Hopefully I’ve managed to warn other people from doing that mistake. Merry Christmas to you too.

  201. Andrea

    By the way! The peeling gel is not a glue! As I am reading the comments I am starting to wonder if any of you ever went to a saloon. Ever heard about “breaking the connections between the dead cells”??? Those peelings are very common today in spas and saloons ! Better log into blogs or forums and check opinions of users . If you really can’t help to buy something you don’t need I don’t think it’s the seller’s fault! It’s our job to offer. Sad!

    1. Author

      Well, if you guys at Orogold were only “offering” this blog post wouldn’t exist and all the comments on this post wouldn’t be here.. What you do is not only “offering”, you are pushy, rude sales people that should be ashamed of your job and how you treat innocent poor people!

  202. James

    I just had to comment about the product more so than the sales complaint. I would agree about the aggressive sales attitude but overall it is its own line and wont make it the department store.
    However, I would consider this product to be very fortifying. I’ve used this for about a week now, and yes I did get “CONNED” into it. But come on! We all need to try EVERYTHING out there! I would give this #3 in product. Khiels, Lancome and Orogold in order. I use Khiels for and every day use Cleanse, body wash, toner, spf, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Lancome; I use with my clarisonic for my night cleanse and mosturizer. My skin has to be switched up. Otherwise it’ll get used to the product and not work correctly.
    So I’ve used the peel twice this week already and I have dramatically noticed a HUGE difference in my skin texture and color. I have to say the Peel thingy does work quite well. I know how many of you must feel about this product or the sales in that matter. But just work with it and use it religiously. Dont let it sit in the cabinet and wait for the day of expiration. We all want perfect skin and in order to do that we must maintain and use the product. Not just this one but others too until we find that right niche. It sucks but its the truth. Other than that I just wanna say again, that I really do like this product and I give it a 3 in my book.
    Thats all! :)

  203. Andrea

    Now I get why there are only complaints. You will not even alow my messages to be visible and probably other pro opinions either . Nice :/

    1. Author

      Hi Andrea. Your comments are approved, as all the other comments I’ve received on this post. I NEVER delete comments unless they are spam (yours are on the limit of being spam if you ask me). And yes, expect from all the comments from Orogold sales people (including you Andrea) feeling the need to comment and “defend” your horrible company, they are ALL NEGATIVE!!! You should feel ashamed after reading all these comments!!!!

  204. kkostya777

    I have tried Oro gold peel after being dragged into the sale and whatever it does it most likely denatures proteins which are major constituents of skin cells on your face. As the author indicates the constituent is glue-like and clumps up as you rub it, so i got curious and applied that peel to the table while wearing a rubber glove, just to make sure there is no skin contact. And the first time around the product clumped together like on the skin, but second and third times it didn’t do anything, just stayed sticky until it dried to nothing. When i used it on my face (btw I ended up being forced to buy it by the israeli girl at SF civic center mall for $70+tax after her starting from $150), the skin felt really thin afterwards for a day or two. It does have some effect, and I think it does the exfoliation job. I wouldn’t necessarily trust their other products very much, especially their tonic for $45 which is bullshit. I was offered that and said no thanks. Does anyone know a similar working product which removes layers of dead skin cells from some other company? And hopefully for much less than $70 for this? Btw yeah it is selling for a crazy price of $118 on amazon lol.

    1. kkostya777

      so the reason it clumped up the first time is likely because the table had some proteins /fats on the surface. then they were gone second and third times.

  205. Andrea

    Dear! First of all I am not working in orogold but in premier Dead Sea cosmetics and seacret spa. I am not defending anyone but I am trying to say that the products are professional even though the sellers may be pushy.
    Now I feel sorry I even tried to get into this discussion because you are not a real blogger but just a manipulator. Yes, I was amused to see how people like you can be narrow minded. This comment is for YOU not for anyone else. You can keep using what you like or what you can afford but it’s so wrong in life to be so narrow minded.
    You are probably one of those who don’t like things because they can’t afford them.
    I should be making a blog about cheap bloggers like you :))) all the best!

    1. Author

      Haha ok so I’m a narrow minded manipulator now? You know me
      so well. Why do you visit my blog anyway then? And what do you know about what I can afford? I would
      happily pay a high price for a good quality product from a trusted
      brand. I never said Orogold products are bad but I wouldn’t use
      them based on how they treat and trick their customers. Anyways, I
      think you should stay away from my blog now. I world happily
      discuss with you but first you need to learn how to have a normal
      discussion with good arguments without throwing out false
      accusations about someone you don’t know. Goodbye

    2. Nathalie

      Hi Andrea You parants must be so proud of you scamming other people as a living …Hope u get scammed so you can see how it feels like.

  206. Phoenix

    In regards to the comment of PVA, your comment is too general if you look it up with the Food and Drug Administration depending on the molecular structure of how you apply it, it has for many years been used not only in many cosmetics but also drugs. Suntan lotions, creams, moisturizers, etc. has PVA in it. I like what Orogold does so far for my skin and I also do not see that on Amazon that it is way cheaper than what the Orogold website sells it for… and we all know if something is too cheap, either it’s expired or made in China using the name brand falsely. Everyone has their own opinion on anything…it is why there are so many different skin care products out there with so many price ranges. And everyone’s skin is different. sorry you had a bad experience but not everyone has it… depends on the sales person you end up dealing with, like in any store.

  207. Denise

    I wish I had seen your blog before I was lured into the Orogold store in Arcadia, Ca today, where I bought the eye creams and thermicon package. I have been avoiding the aggressive sales people at the Seacrets kiosks for years but didn’t realize that the fancy storefront was related, though the high pressure sales tactics are just the same. The reason I was lying awake at 3 am worrying about this purchase wasn’t as much about like a sucker for buying the products but the fact that they insisted on keeping my credit card and driver’s license at the cash register while they demonstrated the products despite the fact that I asked for them back, making me worry about all the unnecessary personal information they now have about me. I normally never let my credit card out of my sight and cannot imagine why they “needed” my driver’s license. If there ends up being any kind of problem, I’ll know the source, not that it would be much help. I do hope the products work but I’m glad I didn’t fall for buying more. When I go in for my complimentary facial, I will “forget” my wallet. Thanks for this blog; at least I know I’m not alone.

  208. Anabel

    THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS. I was tricked at South Molton
    Street in London. Typical fare. A young, thin man with an Israeli
    accent outside the store was offering samples and practically
    jumped at me. Saying oh you are so pretty, I will you show
    something amaaaazing, you must see this!! Etc etc. I went inside
    against my better judgement and they were stating prices like £800
    for an ineffective eye serum, and £300 for a toner spray! I stood
    my ground and said I wanted to buy nothing but HE WOULD NOT LET GO
    OF MY ARM!! It was only when I threatened to call the police that
    he got angry and kicked me out of the shop. My wrist was actually
    red when I left! These people are dangerous, lying

    1. firstpref

      Anabel, I have also written about my experience with these
      people. The guy I have referred to in my review ,was also a young,
      thin man with an Israeli accent outside the South Molton Street
      store. I think its the same guy – he is just so intimidating and
      pushy. He kept walking on with me and would not let go! I guess he
      did not have the courage to touch me as my husband was there.
      Something should be done about guys like him…

  209. Melanie

    Last week I spend a few days in London as a little
    christmas vacation. Me and my boyfriend were also lured in the
    sakare shop, by offering a bar of soap. Since I do like bath and
    shower thing I wanted to take a look. Was pretty impressed with the
    nail buffer, made my nail really shiny. Then she showed me the
    scrub, body butter and mineral peeling. She told me the nail buffer
    had a life long guarantee and that there was a store in Amsterdam
    where I could go if necessary. Also with the whole ” I give you
    special discount blabla” I ended up buying the body scrub, nail kit
    and face peeling for 75 pounds. Now, I realise there no store in
    Amsterdam, the site is always ‘under make over’ the receit is
    nameless and unclear, phone numbers nowhere to be found.. Also read
    this blog afterwards. The black sides of my nail buffer are already
    damaged and wore off. And what does this face peeling do? It keeps
    producing “skin rolls” even after doing it a couple times in a row.
    Is it really a useless glue? Can’t imagine they’d like to people
    like that. And why is that store still in London, even after all
    these complains?!

  210. Luci_Lu

    Hi Hanne, First, thank you for posting about your
    experience with this ‘brand’ – if you can even call them that… I
    bought the peeling gel from Sakare on Neal St, Covent Garden early
    December and find its just like picking glue off your face. I went
    there after my dad bought the family all gifts as surprise
    Christmas presents. Upon opening them and then researching, my
    whole family is horrified by reading the shared experiences posted
    on your blog. He was conned into spending £190 pounds for the same
    things they pressure everyone to buy. As we have had the exact same
    pushy, false sales experience as everyone here, I won’t talk too
    much about that… What I will say is that anyone who has spent
    money with any of these outlets, call your credit card company ASAP
    and place a dispute to cancel or put the payment on hold. This
    company needs to be investigated and my dad’s credit card company
    is now doing just that. We also all need to complain to the London
    councils about these traders as they have prime London premises
    where people with money as well as tourists shop and are conning
    hundreds of people daily – and not just in London, across the
    world! It is disgusting that companies like this are damning world
    class cities such as London, giving them a bad reputation, and
    crazy they are still being allowed to trade and haven’t been
    investigated. Hanne, you first posted about OroGold in April, and
    still, 8 months later, the stories are coming in think and fast –
    each as upsetting and frustrating as the last. I work in PR so am
    no fool to how words are ‘spun’ (so I am just as gutted I got drawn
    into buying, no one is safe! :-P ) but I also know if a situation
    like this is leaked to a newspaper it can be blown wide open… A
    previous comment talked about taking this to BBC Watchdog – this is
    most certainly a worthy case! The next point I wanted to add is,
    regardless of how much you spent, I would highly advise anyone to
    stop using these ‘natural’ products. I researched the ingredients
    in the peeling gel, salt scrub and body butter (see here – ) and from this
    natural products website, Sarake products all contained at least
    one of the ‘ingredients to avoid’. These are however widely used in
    beauty and cosmetics products, so you have to take this with a
    pinch of salt but the point is they are not natural as Sakare
    claims. They are misleading customers and are operating against the
    trade descriptions act. The deal with the receipt not being
    itemised nor the products in store having any prices by them is
    beyond dodgy. This is in fact against your statutory rights as a
    consumer which is why its probably best to go via your credit card
    to cancel the transaction than have to go into the store and deal
    with these people, causing yourself more stress. I hope something
    comes from all our complaints here but we must all take it into our
    own hands, despite how small the claim may be. x

  211. Melanie

    I e-mailed my story to the westminister city council, Radar ( A dutch tv program which does research to fraud ) and a very popular dutch beauty blog. Hope it’ll help and make people more aware.

  212. Nadia

    So funny, I was in Key West Florida, and had the same
    experience, aggressive sales people, did the sample on my arm and
    tried to sell me hundreds of dollars worth of products, this time
    it was a woman. After I told her I couldn’t afford the product and
    and not interested and started to walk out of the store she got
    offended. If they believe in their product that much, they should
    not be that aggressive.

  213. firstpref

    I had a few experiences with these guys in South Molten St
    and Knightsbridge. I was walking with my husband and this guy just
    came and stood in front of me and stuck his hand out indicating I
    should stop. He then proceeded to offer me a free sample of the
    Orogold moisturiser and asked if “my boyfriend” and I would like to
    come into the shop. I said no thank you and kept walking. He
    carried on talking and asked what I used under my eyes – I replied
    nothing. He was stumped for a second and said “nothing??” I replied
    yes nothing, looking at him straight in the face. He then said come
    with me inside – I will show you something amazing, let your
    boyfriend go!!! At that point I said no thank you I will come
    another time. He was clearly angry, but kept quiet as my husband
    looked at him straight in the face, daring him to say anything.
    These guys are so intimidating. They just don’t give up – they keep
    walking with you, trying to talk to you. This should be stopped. I
    am so put off by them, that I would never buy the product, even if
    it was a good one!

  214. Yulia Kaplan

    “Beware of Oro Gold Cosmetics” – Totally agree. The
    management, especially Lior Reich, is very un-reliable. Full of
    promises and does not deliver. Beware! Do not do business with

  215. Bee

    I had the same experience in Santa Barbara Ca. They pull u
    right into the shop, very aggressive Istaeli woman…I am good at
    saying no and she nearly conned me, I got away with a smoke of
    moisturizer…….whew..awful selling tactics and wayyyyyy too much
    money. Will not buy.

  216. Tiffany

    I just passed by an orogold store in world trade centre in
    Hong Kong and their male Caucasian sales person was terribly
    unprofessional and extremely rude. I’m not even going to look at
    their products when they have such MEAN and aggressive people
    representing their company.

  217. Gwen

    One of these guys managed to talk me into a store today and
    tried to sell me an $80 nail kit. After he spent several minutes on
    his spiel, emphasizing the products were made in Israel, I asked if
    they were made in the occupied territories. “The what?” he said. So
    I explained to him (he said he was Israeli!) what that meant, and
    he said, “No, the box says made in Israel.” I told him I’d have to
    go research first if the products were made in the occupied
    territories; if so, I wouldn’t be buying them. He tried to offer me
    more free products, but I said the same thing. He got pissed and
    turned away from me and abruptly the friendly demeanour was gone.
    No idea if the products are actually made in the occupied
    territories or not, but from what I’ve read online it’s a moot
    point since they are obviously low quality, and available for much
    cheaper on Amazon.

  218. perry

    I had a very similar experience to yours in Las Vegas but I was stupid and got taken for $2000. To this day I can’t believe how I got taken by this smooth talking Israeli man. The store was in the Mandalay Bay & the only good thing is that it got closed down. There is another similar kiosk selling this product called, Gracias, using the same tactics but the products are way cheaper. The sale tactics are the same. Buyers be ware of these smooth talking sales people that tell you that you can look 20 years younger. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  219. ema

    Hello ladies im so sorry to hear that you have such a horrible experience with the salesmen from orogold.its breaking my heart knowing that you are terrified to walk around the stores! As a manager of the store at covent garden neal street I want to apologies for all bad experiences.
    Im not from Izrael, im originally from Slovakia and im a manager the last 4 months.the way I treat my customers is completely different. My staff is NEVER pussing ppl to buy! I’d hate it myself..We still have promoters outside of the shop giving uot the samples , but we try to recognize the ppl who are regular even its not easy to remember all the faces and nobody is ever pushing customer to walk into the shop.
    My store has happy and returning customers which I builded a very good relationship with.And yeah..they all told me about the bad revues and asked me how it is possible that such a great skincare has such a bad name.The answer is -sale tactic, you all just confirmed that here.
    For the record there is no way that my promoters will push you to buy, you are all welcome to try the products and leave.
    I’d love you to come to my shop and have a free facial treatment as a compensation for all your bad experiences. You can pop in to the shop or contact me trough my email

    My best wishes Ema

  220. Marcelle Seals

    Experienced the same pushy sales tactics today at the Park City Mall, PA. I had to be very blunt and aggressive to get the sales man to back off. Kinda made my day haven’t stood up for myself like that in a while. Lol

  221. Julie

    I was offered a sample and enticed into a store last night in Honolulu. I was promised “the natural botox” obviously looking like i needed it!!! $500 and a free facial PLUS the skin care range. Well, one eye got the botox but not the other and i really could nt see any difference! what a waste of time, and money ( which is still in my wallet!)

  222. Annemie

    I was a sucker! Same sales tactics, throwing in products because “he liked me”, (he was apparently from Spain). I kept on telling him it is too expensive, I can’t afford it, then he throws in more freebees and, and, and… I finally ended up buying a ridiculously expensive serum… 2 Months later I can not see the slightest bit of difference to my skin, while the stuff he put on literally lessened my wrinkles within a couple of minutes! Decided to Google this company and found what you had to say. Pity I didn’t take time out to Google before I buy, would’ve saved me R1’o00!

  223. Kate O'Leary

    I feel so agitated. The dispute on the second bigger charge has been closed out since the merchant never challenged it. I just spoke with someone from their company eho claimed that they were going to “resolve” the matter. He was surprised when I said that the second charge was closed out. He said he HAD responded and I said that they had not to the second charge. I suppose it was an oversight on their part. I will be happy if I actually got one over on them. They deserve it! I had confirmed this morning with my credit card that the dispute had been closed out! I expect if he calls back tomorrow that he will probably be apologetic and offer that we settle with me getting my money back on the second charge only since they cannot get that money now anyway. What a joke! I am really hoping that Consumer Affairs can shut them down or at least give them some kind of grief! I need to calm down. I expect that this Sam will now try to call my credit card company and argue with them which hopefully he has no recourse since the deadline is up. At least that is what the credit card company said to me. I really don’t want to waste my energy with these people anymore. They are just stressing me the hell out!

  224. Teri

    I just had a horrible experience with a extremely deceptive and aggressive Israeli girl selling Dead Sea mineral skin care products at a Florida Mall kiosks. This needs to be reported but I don’t know where to report it. Everything that happened in the comments here happened to me also, but in a much more extreme manner! This sales person lied and deceived, and confused me as she talked so fast I couldn’t keep up with her. Aggressive is putting her sale tacit very lightly. It all started as I was passing by the kiosks without making any eye contact in their direction when this girl jumped in front of me and said I looked very familiar. I instantly fell for that line because she could have seen me on line since I advertise my original music online via several sites with photos of me. So I thought, “Cool, this could be a chance to get exposure for my music.” I figured I would tell her I’m not shopping or needing skin care and she would back off… but she was standing two inches from my face chatting and commanding me to come sit down because she had something to show me. I said no thank you I’m not shopping for skin care products and was in a hurry because my husband was waiting, but she would not take no for an answer, and continued to chatter and was practically nose to nose with me and as I backed away she came forward each time. She pulled my by the hand to sit down.. She fussed over me and lavished compliments and called me a princess! Gosh… I was just elated that someone found me so interesting! She told me over and over again that me I looked like her best friend in Israel whom she missed terribly. She stressed again and again that I she wanted me as a friend and, ” we should hang out together.” I was getting totally sucked into her web. She talked me into taking pictures of me with her to send to her friend and talked me into giving her my cell phone number so we could plan to hang out. She kept mentioning giving me ‘kisses on the cheek’ and I thought that must be an Israeli culture from a younger woman to an older woman. It seemed very quaint and sweet and innocent at first and it was hard to resist all the affection since she was the age of my daughters. My daughters have never given me that much attention and affection and I loved it. Stupid of me I know… but I AM gullible. ( After this I will never be gullible again!) After about an hour of her fussing and trying many different products on my face, I became tired and worried that this was a scam, so I tried to squirm of her deceptive clutches, but she would not let me go even when I told her I did not have the money and my husband was waiting. “She got offensive and said ” your husband can wait,” then she pushed me back down in the seat. I was hoping my husband would walk up and see all this, because he would have bellowed at her and that would have been the end of it all. But he never came and she seemed to be taking her time on purpose with me as she chattered constantly at a pace I couldn’t even comprehend. She rattled off prices and bounced around from product to product like mentioned earlier by another buyer here. She placed products in a bag to give me without me even telling her I wanted any of them. She also said because she loved me so much, and because I was her new friend, she would give me a gift. She kept stalling me for some strange reason, and finally it all started to come together in my mind that something very unethical was happening. ( I’m a bit slow) It was getting really weird for me! She was forcing this bag of products on me with some ‘free gifts’ which she made a huge deal about, and asked me not to tell anyone about the free gifts. Finally, I said I would buy this bag of products to the tune of 344 dollars, just so I could get the heck out of there! So she took my credit card and rang up the items in the bag and handed me the receipt, I took the bag and card started to get away from her, but she grabbed me again and said, ” Now wait! I have one more thing to show you for the next time you come here.!” I said, ” No! No way, I have to meet my husband since he has been waiting over an hour.” I even told her about needing to pick up my prescriptions before the drug store closed, but she didn’t care that I had medical needs…. in fact, she told me she was an Israeli soldier and she would shoot me if I didn’t stay and let her lavish me with her gifts! She again pushed me down in the chair and started to rub more gunk on my face. I was trembling by this time begging her to let me go. She became more aggressive the more I argued with her about stopping all this. I wondered if she and that other guy standing there watching the whole thing and the computer, were planning to kid nap and kill me afterward since she mentioned being a trained soldier and she would shoot me for not doing exactly what she wanted. Of course she said that with a smirk… so I hoped she was teasing… but one never knows anymore and she was very unethical in every way. Since she seemed to be stalling me and threatening me , I was certain that if even if they didn’t try to kid nap me they would at least steal my credit card info. I was certain of it. Each time I said no more products, she got upset as to why I was treating her so badly when she just wanted to by my friend. She placed more products in a yet another bag that I did not want, and said she was giving me more great deals and she knocked off about 600 dollars off of the bag of products, plus more free gifts. She was out of control! At this time I just wanted to go home and had a long drive home, and my poor husband was waiting somewhere in the Mall. So I let her ring up the rest of it to the tune of 800 plus dollars ( it would have been 1400 bucks at least! ) Then she still tried to sell another round of diamond products, but I told her to stop this at once and that I was leaving! She grabbed my card back out of my hand and frantically tried to swipe my card over and over…. around 11 times at least, saying she still had yet another discount for me and that she would eat some of the cost for me. I was shocked at her apparent frenzy when things started not to go her way. I told her to STOP this now… I was done and my card was maxed out. At this she said NO, we are not finished yet, and grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to another kiosks nearby to see if she could get me more ‘free product”s because my credit card was now declining anything she was frantically trying to add on. When I got over to the other kiosks there was a more mature girl there and I looked her in the eye and said, I will not buy another thing and I was leaving. The older girl gave the crazy young girl a look and her to let it be, and I hurried off to find my husband. Of course he was furious with me, but I didn’t dare tell him what had happened to me. I was so sickened to my heart that this happened when all I wanted to do was look for a jacket for the winter, then shop at Trader Joes, and then go home and pick up my much needed prescription since I had been sick for several months. But instead, it was midnight now, my husband was furious, and my card was maxed out with products I never wanted and don’t need and probably will not enjoy using since they smell strange and feel to heavy on my face. When I got home around midnight, I canceled my credit card of course so these kids cannot use my card. But can anyone tell me where to report this? My credit card people said because of her aggressive and deceptive manner with me, I could dispute the charges even though I have the products. I guess we’ll see…

    1. Kate

      Yes, definitely dispute the charges. There has to be a Division of Consumer Affairs in Florida or the equivalent. File a complaint with them and based on the way the sales woman treated you, that was criminal since she threatened you. I would file a complaint with the police department also. They do not deal in consumer fraud but they do deal in assault and being threatened. It is worth a try definitely. Give these people a hard time. They deserve to be shut down. Have you complained to the mall or landlord? Do that too. And post this story on every complaint site you can find and maybe even yelp and Amazon. We need to blacken their name so that they don’t get any new victims! I am sorry you had such an awful experience. I hope you get your money back. I got most but not all of my money back with my credit card company.

  225. Margie

    I had never heard of Orogold but certainly have now. Being far from young and beautiful and with a swollen mouth from a trip to the dentist I was cajoled into the shop in Bond Street where this rather silly man who may have had an accent but who cares(!) put all sorts of things on my face which were rather sticky and unpleasant and also did the hand trick which I had thought quite good until I hear it contains pva. The prices were ludicrous so of course I was not remotely interested and as the last resort I was offered a torn box at a bargain price which amused me. The man was not particularly rude and on my exiting the shop one of the assistants standing outside told me that there was something missing in my hand i.e a package of overpriced cosmetics!!!!!!!!!!! The whole thing was a huge joke to me but obviously a lot of people have been made utterly miserable and poor by this type of selling. I realize that age does have its compensations after all………………………………

  226. Elaine T.

    I absolutely love Orogold. I regularly use the Day Cream, the Night Cream, and the body lotion (my husband shares the body lotion…lol). Yes the Sales Peoople are agressive. But I have a spine and know when to say”No, thanks” and walk away. All sales guys are argressive: the telemarkers that call your house, the car salesman, the real estate agent. They are all on comission and want the sale. Big deal. Grow a pair and tell them what you do or don’t need.

    I went from very dry skin to soft touchable skin where my husband caresses my face all the time now. I had tried everything on the market from Avon, Neurtrogena, Nivea, etc. They made my skin oily and break out. I have NONE of that now. For me… this product is fabulous. There are other testimonials out there that are like mine. But to each his own.

  227. Claire

    Hello All,
    I also fell victim to orogold. Same tactics as already described. I am very surprised that these shops can operate in London (they are not called gold mine for nothing!). I have lodged a dispute with my credit card provider but am not hopeful. I have reported orogold to Westminster Trading Standards via my local borough Trading Standards (in England you need to go this route) as well as to Which. I also passed on an email from orogold in which they stated they had not mislead me by not informing me that a 24 hour patch test was required as it had been my responsibility to ask this. This helpful demonstrates, in writing, their trading practices.
    Let’s hope Westminster Council acts at some point. In the meantime all we can do is tell our friends beware and keep making complaints to Trading Standards and Consumer watchdogs.
    There’s a lot of anxiety and stress in this blog topic – I suggest we all try and forgive ourselves and remember we’re the good guys; we don’t earn our money knowing our greed makes other people miserable!
    Many thanks to beautylovin for continuing to host this topic.

  228. suzychoosy

    There is a new kid on the block, ‘Adora’ and MICA cosmetics. Long Acre Covent Garden. Same spiel (word for word!) same tactics, offers, reductions, don’t tell anyone etc etc. I didn’t buy a thing and found it all amusing. At least the guy admitted he was Israli. As soon as they know you’re not biting they give up. We should all be writing to Westminster Council and getting rid of them. The Israelis are all on dodgy visas as well.

  229. E.Rodriquez

    Hi all. I’m not one to give input but after reading Teri’s experience I just had to give some input that may possibly help kind-hearted people to say “No” and turn the table around so to speak. With Teri’s experience in mind I couldn’t help but think that maybe these sales people are in some ways themselves being hijacked, threatened, and even violated. We hear reports all the time of how companies will seize worker visas or make workers pay for housing, food & other necessary items that the company will provide but at higher rates than normal. Not to mention that if that worker has family that family may be threatened if the worker doesn’t produce. All I’m suggesting is if a sales person for Oro Gold, or any company for that matter, won’t take no for an answer just ask them if they or their family are being threatened with harm if they don’t make the sale.
    Since reading this blog and seeing the “desperate” measures these salespeople are taking I WILL NO LONGER BE BUYING FROM SALESPEOPLE. From now on if I feel the need to use more Oro Gold products, I’ll buy them online if possible. I have spent thousands on Oro Gold and I love the results but at almost 55 I am not naive in believing that the quality of Oro Gold and ALL other products will remain unchanged. Our planet is suffering and many MANY things continue to change and not for the better. I appreciate people like Hanne who do care and will take the time to try to be of some help. If it’s found out that this company is threatening their workers then I will stop buying Oro Gold period, just like I have stopped buying from other companies who have been found out. The well-being of another human being is more important than my vanity. I try as best as I can to live by that and let God Almighty be my final judge. Thanks for your respectful consideration everyone. E.R.

  230. Kate

    I would highly recommend to everyone who fell victim to the Orogold scam for whatever amount to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs or whatever equivalent you have in your state or country. If enough complaints come in from all over the world, maybe we can make a difference and the government(s) might do something about this disreputable company. There are many other skincare companies in the world that are probably just as good if not better who do not use such unethical and illegal methods to sell their products. Let’s try to keep customers away from these scam artists!

  231. Paul Collins

    I live in Ventura California and they have set up in our mall here. I am a man and I was approached by a woman that gave me many compliments she commented on my rosacea and claimed it would go away in 4 weeks if I used the 24k deep pealing I feel like a sucker I bought it $175 I can tell now that it has the glue and it is not dead skin. lesson learned I should always go with my gut.

  232. Victoria

    I agree with the aggressive sales man. I ended up spending $400 at a Las Vegas Outlet Mall. They are crazy pushy. I went to return everything but was only able to for half. So I ended up paying $400 but it could have been worse. The products are pretty good but the price is kind of crazy and unrealistic. I haven’t tried it long enough to see anything but it does whiten. I guess I will have to hope for the best for what I bought and maybe it will do some wonders to my skin. Too bad they are ridiculous with the price and selling tactics are not honourable. If they can make their prices more reasonable and stop having these sales guys come at us making the product look like a scam then this post would not exist. For people who have bought the product if it does any wonders I will post that so you won’t feel so bad about your purchase. But do not purchase again even if it is good because there are cheaper options. Also skin care is something you need to keep at. There really are no miracles.

  233. Britt

    I’m from Canada, and we have an Orogd store in our mall. The women who run this store are very, very nice, and they actually encourage you to read the ingredients. If you don’t know what one is, they are more than happy to explain to you what that ingredient is, and what it does. Although, that may be because they were dermatologists at one point. The woman I go to, finds the perfect product for my face and tells all her customers that while the company wants them to be pushy and sell a lot, they prefer to offer suggestions to their clients and pick the right products, so that the customer is happy and they’ll keep coming back as life-long customers. That being said, it’s a little pricey, but I am very satisfied with the product and especially the service from the Winnipeg, Canada store

  234. kate

    I bought some of their products today.. the woman was lovely I didn’t feel pressured and she wasn’t Israeli, she was Switzerland.. what I would like to know is how and where did you find out about PVA glue being used in their peel??? Please answer this question as I have tried to find anything on the internet about PVA being in their peel and nothing comes up…

  235. Wynne Strydom

    Yesterday I was flying from Johannesburg(South Africa) to Port Elizabeth (South Africa) the same thing happened to me. The only difference this time a so called Italian woman called Hila. Take my hands and everything that this article is about had happened to me. I have bought nothing and were so proud afterword’s. So people be careful. This woman were in our country for two days and were making calculations fluently in rands. All I can say run when you see these people.

  236. Farzilah Razali

    OMG! Im one of their victim on boxing day. Im from malaysia. I have spend £100 for their 2 products.
    Im walking around new bond street and someone offerd me with a sample of cosmetic. Since my friend shop accros the road I just get in into the shop and the s metrosexual sales person keep talking about orogold. He start asking me what I have purchased and keeping telling about the importance of taking care of our face and etc.
    At first I just tell them that I dont have any money to buy the products. And the manager keep giving me a discount. From £200 pound end up to £100 pound with free moisturiser plus vat claim. After 3 weeks back from holiday I decided to use the product do a search about this product and look what I found!!!! Im very surprised this kind of company allowed to be operated in the big place like bond stree. This is a very expensive experience I bring back from London.

  237. Tara

    Made false claims about there product that irritated my skin from the test sample she applied.When I tried to return it thirty minutes later she said it was supposed to do that,I said no. She then tried to get me to make an exchange because apparently they do not do refunds, I said I was not interested in anymore of the products after a negative affect from one,She still insisted that was normal. She then told me they would not trust me taking the stuff I paid over 400$ for that they might not would credit me then.She tried to get me to talk to “the manager” on the phone I refused. So I left the products and am out over 400$.Yay. The products also didnt have the stuff listed in the ingredients that she claimed it to have. Fun day. Not.There websites

  238. Lisa

    I had the exakt same experience.. I’m from sweden and i was in OC at a mall there and went by the store called ORO GOLD. And a guy stopped me and my friend and he told me the EXACT same thing yours did.. And guess what? both of us bought the products for alot of money.. But i’m pretty happy with my products.. i always have red cheeks and with the scrub and lotion it went away! :)

  239. s.b.

    I had the same salesman from Israel at Westfield Center in San Francisco. They have a booth right in the middle of the center when you walk in. He sold me four products for $200.00 and said it was a great discount and they would last a year! I am 65 years old and I am told by everyone that I look around fifty. This salesman also thought that I was 51 or 52 when I asked him how old he thought I was. He asked to see my I.D. because he could not believe that I was 65 years old. When he saw that I was telling the truth, he asked what I use; I told him Oil of Olay and good genes from my grandfather! He used the same sales tricks on me with the peel on the hand, etc. I should have walked away then…but he took my package from my hand, put it on the counter and started telling me more about the product. I was also pressured into purchasing. He kept talking so much and so fast that you really do not have a chance to think. I usually try the sample first, since I have sensitive skin. I have tried the peel once and the cleanser once and both have irritated my face. I have only used the A.M. day cream samples that he gave me three times, and each time my face has become irritated. I will be returning this produce back to them, my receipt does not have no return stamped on it. I will stay with Oil of Olay to help keep me looking good and let mother nature do the rest! To the salesman (who told me that he was the owner of the company)…You keep telling me that I reminded you of your mother; I know you were doing your job, but would you want someone to pressure your mother the way you pressured me and other women just walking by? This is wrong….shame on you.

  240. Pam

    I am currently vacationing in Oahu and yesterday we visited the high end Sheraton Hotel on Waikiki beach. This Orogold store is located in the lobby and just like the other reviews I was given a free sample and coerced into the store where same Israel type pushy salespeople were. I got off lucky because I used my husband as an excuse to escape.
    Interesting note: This Sheraton Hotel is the host hotel for the NFL Pro-bowl this weekend. All the NFL players/press/cheerleaders are staying here and we saw this at check-in. Orogold is going to cash in big time!!!!!

  241. randy garing

    My wife too has the same experience this morning with this cosmetic company. she was passing in front of the shop when this Israeli looking guy told her if she was from Manila because the product was own by the famous celebrity dermatologist v…y b…lo. she was amazed to hear the name of the famous celebrity doctor in the philippines .and entered the shop the guy asked her what brand of beauty products she is using because she has a flawless and radiant skin. she told the guy that she was buying it from and the guy upon hearing the name showed her a luxurious box with oro gold products and start discussing the benefits of gold for her skin. after testing all the products he then ask her which is her favorite from the samples and immediately brought the item to the counter for her to pay. sorry for the guy but my wife was braver than a navy seal so she told him to stop pulling around and shut his mouth and went out the shop. don’t be pull by this aggressive selling tactics.

  242. Mich

    I have lupus and suffer from super dry skin. The salesperson was nuts. I think if they complimented my skin one more time… I would’ve offered them my glasses. They are aggressive but what sucks is my skin DiD feel better. Who knows?

  243. yvonne

    Thank you for having this blog! Last night I stopped in at my local mall and on my way out I was stopped by the Premier Cosmetic’s cutie pie. He gave me his spill and sample treatment to the smile wrinkles at my right eye. I told him time after time that I wasn’t buying today, but appreciated his compliments and offer of his cost for the product. He looked very disappointed when I walked away. Still on my out of the mall, and a few store down, the Oro Gold Cosmetics young man lured me in to sample his product. He did the same sample on my hand (it did resemble glue being rubbed off). Then he told me he would show me the eye wrinkle treatment. He spoke and acted so quickly, I didn’t have the chance to mention that the Primier guy just did my right eye. Probably only 10 minutes later, he’s asking me how I liked the results (he did the treatment to the left eye) and which product(s) I preferred. I told him and he gave me pretty good price quotes, but I had also told him several times that I was not buying that day, but I planned on returning to the mall this Saturday. He gave me his contact/business card and thanked me.
    Thank you for this blog! Omg, I was interested in the products and so was researching both products on the www. They mostly have good reviews, but I think it may be less expensive to order on line. I will continue to be a cautious consumer. Again, thank you. ~ys

  244. Gem


    Me and my friend were walking along Covent Garden earlier this week and were approached by the feminine guy. I have to say, although i’m 24 and my friend is 22 we do only look around 18 and 16 so shows they try it with everyone. But we were coaxed into the salon sat down (even though I told him very firmly that I had no money and no use for peel stuff being so young, plus I have my own routine with moisturisers) and the guy put the gold scrub stuff on our hands and to be fair it did seem smoother (still does). When he finished he passed us on to the lady who moisturised our hands. We were surprised by how good it seemed, but we kept saying we weren’t interested. The guy then got out this tub of cream in a box and told us it was £100 to buy, and again I said ‘I don’t have that money’ and he seemed angry at me because I was having none of it. My friend however is one of these kinds of people who doesn’t want to upset anyone or say no to sales people so he was commenting on how pretty she was etc and how she had lovely eyes. He said because he liked her so much he’d knock down the price to £40 and throw in a free facial treatment worth £100. He tried taking her downstairs to the salon and I followed and he seemed angry again but proceeded to tell her about what the facial consists of. In the end she said she would buy it so he went upstairs and asked if she wanted it in the box so she said yes. He then put it through the till and charged £50 – £10 for a box?! She paid it even though she didn’t want a box for £10 extra. I was fuming but I didn’t wanna anger the guy by telling her it sounded like a scam, especially when he had us downstairs in the salon where there was no one there, god knows what would’ve happened… I just wish I had the time to google this blog before we got coaxed in!!! The guy honestly thought we were 16-18 years old which shows they prey on girls of all ages!

  245. Trevor

    I was at the St. Vital Shopping Centre in Winnipeg when a when a woman working there, medium length black hair, about 5 ft tall passed me a moisturiser sample, I accepted the sample, but then she immediately directed me to a sink and said put your hands over the sink. At that point she began grinding something into my forehands (probably a coarse salt). Maybe I was in shock, but at the time, my hands didn’t feel that bad (although they were red). However, for a month since I have endured inflamed sore and scratched up hands. One of the scratches has left a scar. PLEASE, AVOID THIS KIOSK. I don’t want you to go through what I have.

  246. Donna Freeman

    I luv this product! LOL. I was working in Maryland for a few months and I decided to go to the mall there in Annapolis. I came upon this store and yes they lured me in and did the facial. It really works and that’s why I was on the internet today, to look for more. When I still had some of the serum and the mask, I got compliments about how much younger I looked, mainly from my daughter, who can sometimes be critical. Using the two products together, the mask and then the serum, made my skin nice and soft and glowing. Now to be honest, I didn’t pay anywhere near what they are selling it for on here, but it is a great product and if I can find it cheap enough, I will buy more of it!

  247. Hollis

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! They just ripped off my 18-year-old daughter for 1000’s of dollars, high pressure sales, same things you read here. Completely took advantage of her, lied to her, and loaded her up with a bag of products (neck lifts, crows feet remedies etc). She’s 18 years old, not 58 (like me). They picked on the wrong mom’s kid. I’m going to make their lives miserable until they give a total refund, including fraud charges if I can get the job done. Google these guys. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  248. Bella

    Happened to me last week in Singapore, I passed by the store, then the store manager gave me one sample, i said no but he insist me to take it, then one of the worker, a Filipino lady pulled me into the shop. She started to apply that peeling thingy on my wrist, and kind of forcing me to buy the product. I said i need to think about it first because of my sensitive skin and i need to try the sample first but then she wanted to apply it on my face! I said no and i’m not buying it and i was firm and she seemed angry. I think it’s a good product but I don’t think they should force people to buy it.

  249. SG

    I am the person who is very careful with these types of ads. We were stopped in Las Vegas by a very nice Persian guy. He was polite, knowledgeable about the product, and not pushing, as I told I will not pay before I try as I have an allergy (dermatographism). So we ended up buying it for my mother-in-law. I got some samples of 24k day moisturizer which I use till today. It is really good, and you see and feel it in your skin. And to tell you beforehand I had nice and clean skin before using Orogold. I ended up buying today that cream a little cheaper on eBay. I do believe that all products react differently on all of us. I am happy I found them!

  250. Louise

    This company appears to be running a scam that preys upon people with insecurities using aggressive sales techniques. The product that I was hectored in to buying was broken and half empty. I had a skin reaction but they refuse refunds. DO NOT BUY.

  251. Mark

    I have never used the Oro Gold products before and I guess I am thankful for that. I’m sure there are plenty of bad products on the market but I also wonder if certain products just react different with each person’s php.

  252. Sophia Li

    It is true, this product is not worth. In Singapore Orogold at Jurong East, 3 Gateway Drive, this sales assistant Nancy, a Chinese PRC kept on asked my my husband to lift up palms and touched his palm for many times. What a shameless tactic, if the product is good, she do not have to keep on touched my husband. She was plushing and slut. After 1 hour, the OROGOLD cream, Nancy had applied to my eyebags, it faded off, IT WAS A CONCEALER.

  253. Charity Monroe

    Orogold cosmetics is not an honest company. Their sales tactics are shady and can range from outwardly friendly to demeaning of you when you walk by one of their locations. I’ve never even let them put their products on me because they are too aggressive. I’m going to avoid this company at all costs!!

  254. Jennifer

    I went to a store in Key West. The young man who did an eye treatment on one of my eyes was just completely lacking in decorum and social skills to work with women in their 40s. I have the disposable income and spend a lot of money on high end skin products/services. He had the nerve to ask me what procedures I had my dermatologist performing. Ignorant boy … He was offended and offered some passive aggressive insults when I told him I wouldn’t say what my derma was doing LoL If this company wants to tap into the high income customer base, they better invest in employees that have the skills to work with people who can afford to buy their products and ar old enough to need them :-P I’ll stick to y derma and SkinCeuticals.

  255. Jan schoengarth

    That happen to me but I was. More concerned about my other side of my face. So she said all this for 399. But they she started going throughout my cards and come to find out some of the things so ga e me wasn’t in the bag and some it was allready open and then I am billef with two cards one at 399.00 and a nother for 1900.00.please help what can I do

  256. Tiffany

    just would like to share my experience in orogold as well to everyone. I walked pass orogold the other day ( in HK) and the salesman was using the similar tactics such as using the sample as first and kept nagging about how good the peeling jel was. When I said about I would not consider and I didnt want to buy anything, he then asked me in kinda a rude tone. He was saying oh so what is your concern? I was being honest saying about the price and also I don’t see how effective it is by just trying once my my hand. I also have very sensitive skin + ezcema on my face.

    He then applied some sort of cream or serum ( well I don;t even know) without my permission and kept talking about their sensitive collection. It was really rude and lucily I didn’t have any allergic reaction. However, the impression that he gave me was terrible and I would not walk near this shop every again.

  257. Heather

    I totally agree rude pushy and give you a free sample and tried to get me in the shop to try some moisturizer i kept saying i didnt want to try anything and she kept insisting. I kept saying i must go so I took the sample and walked out! Came home and googled it and found they arent very nice and a lot of people have had bad experiences all over the world

  258. Yun

    Two weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, 3rd Sep 2016, I was walking past Orogold shop on George St, Sydney when a salesgirl standing outside the shop persuaded me to go inside the shop as she has something to fix my ‘dark circles’. I was reluctant to go in but somehow pressured to. When I got in, I was invited to sit down and another salesgirl (Asian) came to me and told me about the product (remove dark circles) which I make a joking remark ‘too good to be true’. Without asking me first, she swiped a finger full of the gel under one of my eyes and then walked away to the back of the shop. I was wondering what was going on and looked up and from the distance she told me ‘you can go now’. I said ‘ thanks very much for that and I looked weird now’. The makeup I had on was basically ruined by the amount of gel she put on. I was sooooo put off by the way it was done! My whole afternoon was spoilt.

  259. Finnish reader

    You all should complain to the stores nextdoor about these scammers, if they are harassing you while you try to go to the normal store. Say to the nextdoor store owners you wish no longer walk their whereabouts. Show the other stores that it will affect their sales also – and likely they will ask the mall to not let them in again.

    Also contact mall and tell the mall in their social media how the pushy scam sales makes you want to avoid the mall all together.

    The Dead Sea handcream sellers are already in Finnish small town malls. If they are here, there must be millions of stands world wide!

    Luckily they do not make a lot of sales here – Finnish sense of personal space is vast, and they break it right away by grabbing your hand and pulling you near. People get annoyed right away.

  260. Connie

    I am in HK, the same experience! So rude and aggressive!Even the products really works, I will not spend my money on these kind of people!

  261. Eileen Kuhnmann

    Got framed by Sakaré sales reps today and bought their Mineral Peeling Gel. Mineral Peeling Glue, more like it. They tell you it’s dead skin coming off, but it is PVA glue. I spent the whole morning trying to get it off, but it stuck like
    Special Effect glue. I went back to see the Manager, but he just laughed at me. He pointed to The Refund Policy that says you’ll get a refund if goods are returned in UNUSED CONDITION and in original packaging. This is rubbish people selling rubbish products.

  262. David

    The way to deal with all those Israeli con artists is to Contact immigration
    Even going to the mall management is not helpful because they get rent from those kiosks
    The Israelis here have no work visa so they all here illegals and work for cash maybe the owners are legal but most of the workers not . Once you mention immigration they will keep low profile of course they lie they have papers but they don’t.
    You need to give immigration there locations what malls they are in
    They told my friend who walked with a bag of Dillard’s perfume
    return it to Dillard I have the same perfume half price
    This were Israeli in aperfum kiosk needless to say even the perfum look the same as Tommy Hilfiger From Macy’s. and the same box it was wrapped in a plastic wrap .look brand new. It was a fake. Most likely those perfumes are all made in china I heard many of the Dead Sea creams are made in china
    Even it is said made in USA it doesn’t say it on the product itself so. The box is made in USA but the product who knows where
    They are professional liars and thieves they buy the creams for $3 or $5 ship them in big containers to America. They make tensand hundred percents of profits so even a cream that the original price is $149 if they will sell it for $20 they still make profit

  263. Marry

    The Israelis who works in the mall has no work visa they are illegal
    The owners of the dea sea companies hire them and they
    work on commission only and get paid cash
    The company doesn’t pay any taxes having illegal workers
    The mall management will not do anything as long as the rent is paid so the best is to contact immigration INS will come to the malls and close the kiosks

  264. Yelena

    1)I had disappointing experience, that left a strong impression company is not trustworthy and manipulative. I was given a sample in Sydney and was offered a free trial facial. Sample worked quite well, while my skin is sensitive. So when I was called and reminded about free facial and if I am free on Sunday-I’ve decided I will go. 10 min. of waiting to find out that in Sundays facials are not free, and I would have to buy a product then. How can one trust it afterwards? Is this an offer of a beauty, care about people? what a shame.
    I was told to re-schedule my “free” appointment for the week-days;so the “beauty care” people didn’t realize the humiliation of coming to an office and going away, being lied to?
    2) I did ask why on-line products are considerably cheaper. The response was that an expired products are usually sent; and, since purely organic components are used, they actually harm skin rather.
    If purely organic components are used, why samples are valid for 12 months after opening?
    I liked the sample; but this approach didn’t sound trustworthy at all.

  265. Poi

    Oh my. I thought I was the only one with this experience! I was shopping at a high end mall in Roseville CA and was passing Orogold store. An aggressive woman pounced on me. I said I was in a hurry and had an appointment. She asked where? Wow! Pushy! I started to walk away she pulled me into the shop by my arm, told me I have some discoloration on my face and had lots of oil under my skin. She proceeded to take a packet all the while talking non stop and applied some runny stuff on my wrist. She rubbed it in and cotton balled it off. OK. So what. I told her I use Noxzema forever and happy with what I have all the while backing out of her shop and saying I will see her next time when she have more time. This week I went walking to the other side of the mall avoiding Orogold. A guy inside eyed me for the longest but I just about ran past the place with my full bags. Ughhhhhh.

  266. Poi

    If you are billed tell your bank it’s an error they took your money without your permission they will investigate and refund your money. Make sure you close the card and let the bank issue another one.

  267. Audrey Bernstein

    I had the same experience in Singapore July 2014 – first time I traveled abroad with my 2 girls.

    At the onset, I thought I got a “great deal” with the discounts plus a LOT of freebies (Dont pull my hair but I bought something worth almost US$2,000). That evening, I thought – my husband will never allow me and my girls to travel together ever again with all these things I got. I couldn’t sleep. I just PRAYED really hard. My daughters were laughing at me teasing me to read “Shoppers Guide for Idiots 101”.

    THANK GOD I was able to return everything the following day, including all freebies they gave. The charges were reversed.

  268. Kandis Seidel

    I bought few things from this shop and the eye serum pump does not work and the stuff inside is like a stale jelly – certainly not how a serum should be. The salt that was used in the shop is not what I was given. I am afraid to open other items purchased as don’t want to surprise myself more. I am back in Jordan but would like to talk to store manager as advised by sakare Facebook support. In short extremely disappointed and certainly going to ask for replacement or money back for selling me totally substandard items so nicely packed!

  269. jo

    I had the Same experience in the international mal in Tampa/Florida.
    Thank God I was able to refund everything.
    They should habe been prohibited!

  270. Clarissa

    I had a a bad experience with this specific store in the mall . A feminine guy from another country he seemed very pushy throwing bottles in my hand offering me and my husband deals all i was doing was passing by and somehow got dragged and found my self sitting on the chair while he tested his product on my wrists. Long story short it was a huge waist of my time and expecially his and once i saw him him getting agressive and pushy even more i told him bye he was angry and yelling something as we left i was annoyed never again i will avoid this place!

  271. Saskia

    Happy to find your blog post, Hanne, & these responses. Sadly I can confirm that 3 1/2 years later they’re still using the same nasty tactics, in NYC. I was just approached — or shall I say taken hostage — in front of their 57th St. store between Lex and Madison, while one of their slick sales guys who said he’d grab me an extra sample lured me inside and proceeded to apply exfoliating peel on my wrist. By that point I’d already refused his offer of eye cream application — no way was I going to let some god-knows-what chemical near my eyes — and I’d also say no when he wanted to exfoliate my face, but I wasn’t quick enough to refuse the wrist test. (Alas, aggressive peddlers really know how to take advantage of those who just hesitate for a second.) As you & others experienced, I was eye-rolling on the inside the whole time when he “demonstrated” the exfoliating peel’s supposed “magic.” I’ve seen lots of such products before: the product itself balls up — it’s not taking dead skin with it! Well, I escaped, but what a waste of time. Why are they still around?

  272. Yana

    Sorry to hear you had such an awful in-store experience. I actually happened to get some products from OroGold online and am totally in love with their peel, toner and day moisturizer. They are certainly not cheap but it’s literally my favorite line at the moment, and I have quite sensitive dry skin that’s hard to please. I’d run away from pushy sales people too though, lol.

  273. Natalie

    Basically the same thing happened to me. I am a flight attendant based in Los Angeles, Ca. I was on a layover in London and my flying partner and I were accosted on Bond St by these pushy people.
    My advise to all who find themselves in any type of situation like this is to do what we did… we just said we didn’t bring any credit cards with us. It worked like a charm. They dropped us like a hot potato.
    I thank you for writing this blog and all the others who have given their comments to help others.

  274. Grace

    Wow the nerve of this company is unbelievable! I was walking around Horton plaza on a break and happened to pass by an Orogold store just a few days ago. They were offering some free samples which I politely declined. But some guy was insistent on showing me stuff for my skin which has lots of “sun spots” and break outs of “rashes”, which were obviously lies. I know my face better than some stranger off the street.

    But since I was thinking about some new facial moisturizers, I kind of agreed to see what he wanted to show me, which was an eye cream. I do have puffy eyes! Without washing his hands, he pumped some eye cream onto his hands and wanted to dab at my eyes with it. I immediately told him that he wasn’t putting anything on my face. Especially not with unwashed hands that might’ve been anywhere!

    Since he was unsuccessful at getting eye cream on my face, he pulled out the gold scrub peel that many have mentioned on this post, and scrubbed it on the back of my right hand. Once that was wiped off, he proceeded to grab the large bottle of it, packaged and all. While I waited, I flipped through some clippings they had in a book and it looked like they were all from junky tabloid-like magazines. I had to give him some attitude and tell him that I wasn’t buying anything today several times.

    Seems like their objective to sell aggressively is combined with the attempt to try and make women feel bad about their physical appearances. Shame on them!

  275. Mercury Simanovicki

    I was in the mall and some guy pulled me into his store and put samples on my hand and asked me if I am gay. I basically went to the mall to watch a movie not to be asked if I’m gay. He asked me why I came into his store and I was surprised that he asked me that. He gathered up samples of cream and told me I will be walking home with $2500.00 worth of samples and asked me for my credit card number. I told him I don’t believe in credit card and I don’t carry large amount of cash to watch a $5 movie. He asked for my wallet and told me that he can find my credit card I told him I only have my photo ID an $10 bill. He had the nerve to have the mall security guard write me a ticket for tempted shoplifting now I have to go to court for something I didn’t do.

  276. Lita

    Wow, this page started on 2013 and it’s Jan 2017 and I had the same experience: Santa Anita mall after buying some cool Skincare products from Nature Republic, I was stopped by (probably a clone) a good looking metrosexual guy with an Israeli accent and did the whole schpil on me. My face was actually in its best state ever except for the redness on the side of the nose, which he pointed out as full of toxins. Then he made the offer and I just started lying to get out:
    I’m a student, not working (why not ask your parents outside?)
    They’re not my parents but grandparents (switched tactics: don’t you want to use your savings for your face?)
    No, I have to pay for Healthcare (why won’t your parents pay for your face? Aka, you have bad parents) because they’re paying for my school.

    By then, about 15 min of my time was wasted and I just said sorry I’m not buying (but this price is only today) sorry, I have to, I’m still not buying. I never felt so free when I reached my parents. Whew!

    Why are they still in business?? That was a scary experience and I’m glad I found this site to see that I’m not alone and that this seems like an international ring of control artists. Scary, they’re like the Cosmetics Mafia!!

  277. Cindy

    I bought their product, but I didn’t like it. It seem to make my skin grow more pinpops after using their mask. The face lotion was ok but it is as good as what they said, feels like any other ordinary lotion or cream. What should I do with rest of my mask. I am feeling regretted buying these dump things with expensive prices. Something should be done to make me feel better.

  278. Sharon Harris

    Unscrupulous sales tactics, misleading pricing, false statements — if you get lured into an Oro Gold store and a handsome guy with a middle eastern accent tells you what beautiful skin you have, say thank you and get out of there fast! I got hooked into buying several items, only to discover the price was more than twice what I thought I was paying and the receipt was marked “Final Sale/No Returns”. Don’t let this happen to you!

  279. Katrina

    So funny! Just experienced this yesterday. Lancaster Pennsylvania at Park City Mall. My daughters and I were hystericall after we walked away! Sad that people actually fall for it!

  280. Do

    I do not agree, I had a good experience in Amsterdam, the products are worth it, after using them for a few weeks only I look so much younger. They are expensive and at first I thought I was ripped off but it is really worth the price and they make you good offers. The result is amazing and I had a free facial as well, so I think the sellers know what it is worth and try to convince you. But really I have to say it is worth it every cent!

  281. Caren

    I had a aggressive sales man with a heavy accent. Hi pressure sales, liess starts high then stays high from $1200 to $499. It was a struggle to leave the man would not let go!!! Then he dropped the price to $125 per product! I got the heck out of there and did not buy, thank God! They don’t want you to research anything they want you to buy today based on one application a product so expensive and threaten if you come back after the price will be 4xs higher! Oh well I told the salesman my loss then ! I have to research and read reviews! And now that I did thanks to all of your posts, I won’t buy anything and I will worn others not to buy anything either!!!

  282. mary wimbish

    complete scam. run! rip off city. pushy people, so called one year supply last for 3 months.

    product is no good, the people are even worse.

  283. Celina

    This just happened to me in Salt Lake City, Utah… almost word for word. I left the store feeling like I’d just been bullied because I told him no. I instantly searched them online and found this page. I can’t believe they are even allowed to have a store in the mall.

  284. Hilde Marstrander

    From another Norwegian – with a similar recent experience

    Hi Hanne. It was interesting to read your blog & this thread. I had the exact same experience today. I used to be the fashion editor for ELLE Magazine in Norway and also used to blog about fashion – and are naturally interested in skin-care and cosmetic as well :-) I was walking down Bleecker St. New York today, and a young, middle eastern man approached me on the street, saying my skin looked so beautiful, wondering where I was from. He literally dragged me into the shop, and started applying creams to my face. Yes, the serum and skin-tightening eye-cream (cleverly shaped into a syringe-like tube) worked like wonders for 15 minutes, but when I said I wanted to sleep on it and could return the next day, he told me it was an one-only-offer as their company was celebrating their founding anniversary today (!). I have checked, and no-where on the internet is the founding date to be found. Anyway, I was actually lured into buying the serum and syringe-shaped cream for the eyes for a total of 325 USD, instead of the “real price” of 650 USD and was eventually standing by the counter with the Mastercard in my hand, when this happened: 1) The guy selling me the stuff said he’d e-mail me the receipt, because it was much easier for me, since I was traveling. Which made me suspicious. 2) He then offered to give me his personal phone number, incase of any inquiries, but I could not call at any hours, because of his girlfriend. (Who want’s the phone-number to a sales-rep. and why does he offer to give it?) 3) He put the “sold” products into one bag, but slipped a free gift into my shoulder-bag (why?) 4) I caught the glimpse of one of this dude’s colleagues sending him a nod like “yeah, bro, you did it again, good on you!”. I then told the sales-rep I wanted to retract cash from an ATM, instead of charging my card, and asked him for directions for the nearest ATM. Told him I would be back in 5. Turned the corner, googled the brand, and found all the Scam-reports. Never returned. Kept the free gift. So long, s***ers ;-) And by the way, even egg whites pulls at your skin. and when you wash it off, you are still baggy :-) I am instead getting a good nights sleep. Keep up the good work/blog. Hilde

  285. Estee

    I had the exact same experience in my case and so did my gentleman

    friend who was in his 40’s with me being much older. The encounter was

    on Market St. in San Francisco. I am not sure how they got us to come in

    the store. The next thing we know, we are in the store like sheep. So the

    lady did have some kind of accent and had a very slick sales routine and

    very persistent. When we finally escaped to the street as we both were

    the types to try the samples and then research them before buying in spite

    the sales lady’s dire warning of the big sales bargain that would not

    happen that was only for that hour, there was a man standing to the

    left of the door in the street a little who made a snide comment asking

    why did we not buy then. We did not feel led to tell him since we had told

    her and if he wanted to know, he could ask her. I found the lotion for under

    the eyes for puffy dark circles very drying and it really felt like glue. We did

    not buy anything but next time we will walk on the other side of the

    street. The lady was very pretty with flawless skin. She did a wonderful

    sales job, really, but it was so high pressure but not too many people do

    well with that.

  286. Renee Knight

    I had a very bad allergic reaction to the orogold 24K multi-vitamin deep-peeling purchased at orogold Holt in Toronto.

    The sales techniques were exactly as read in hundreds of complaints.

    I literally have scabs on my face, and am on prednisone, antibiotics & antihistamines & am off work for two weeks. I look like a science fiction character- a borg!

    I am looking for experiences of allergic reaction to this product, as no one should be dealing with redness, soreness, swelling of tissue & later dripping lymph from their face due to a supposedly mild exfoliant & have no recourse!

    Not so much as a refund!

  287. Renee Knight

    Exactly what happened to me, except that I had a bad reaction to the product. Legitimate skin care companies know that you need to try a product for at least a month to see if it works for you, yet a 15 day no return only exchange policy, which they conceal. They tell you you’ll get money back if not satisfied, but then they show you the policy & the receipt you gave with the policy cleverly folded so you never saw it!

    They tried to sell me a sensitive skin line, but I really do not want any of their products.

    I want to get rid of the product I have, have it tested & get a refund & something for the reaction.

    I have scabs on my face because the glue like product balled up on my face.

    I was told by sales lady to rinse off with cool water & when I called to tell them the product balled up & would not come off, they told me to rinse it off with warm water. That did not work either.

    I had to literally pull the little balls off with tweezers.

    That’s not normal! Then over the couse of three days, my face went from red & sore, to thick & square looking, to detoxing and oozing lymph in an attempt to create scabs, for two days.

    Now on antibiotics, prednisone & antihistamines for using a supposed gentle peel.

    I’m sure there is more danger to this product & company than mere poor sales ethic and bad customer service!

    What I’ve read is shocking!

    What I’ve cexperoenced is more shocking!

  288. Debbie

    I had the exact same experience yesterday!! Right down to the male salesman! I live in Ontario, Canada. I was shopping in a mall and got sucked in….didn’t purchase tho. He was not happy. Wasted half and hour of my shopping time. I’ll know better next time.

  289. Jackie

    I had same experienced also here in Singapore last 13 May, their tactics is they were blocked your way then give some sampler and convinced to follow them to their stores to try their products then they will offer you a lot of promotions until they convinced you. sadly I am a victim which i spent $sgd 200 before they allow me to leave from their stores. :(

  290. D

    Yeah, I got the same tactics. I never typically buy anything impulsively but they were products I had wanted. Got 3 or 4 for the price of 1… came home and googled them more and found a lot of negative info. Let’s just hope I really enjoy these products for the next couple months…

  291. Carol

    All that glitters gave me the jitters! I live close to an Orogold store and pass it often. At first I declined samples, eventually accepted them and tried the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer. At first it was very effective, so I bought the travel size. I was very satisfied and decided to get the full size jar. I asked the sales person if I was getting the same product as the sample and she assured me I was. We negotiated an acceptable price and it was comparable to other high end skin creams. Before trying my purchase, I checked the list of ingredients against those in the sample and they were different. Since I am very sensitive, I returned to the store and got a sample of the revised product. The fragrance was different and it burned my skin. I attempted to get a refund for the full size unopened cream. ” Nothing doing,” I was told. I would have to prove my allergy with a doctor’s letter. I brought in my diagnosis of chemical sensitivity and was told the letter was too old. I made a doctor’s appointment for an update. Meanwhile, Orogold continued to hand out samples of the discontinued product and I collected them. After 390 days of back and forth assurances that I would get a refund, followed by refusals, the company finally gave my money back. Meanwhile, I developed a red blotchy rash, discontinued using the samples and returned a whole bag of them to the handout person. It took a month but they finally gave in. In fairness, and despite the hard sell ( when I got my refund someone shoved another product in my face hoping to recover the refund) the women who originally sold me the product seemed unaware it was not the same as the sample. Instead of being hostile, our relationship remained cordial and we chat when I pass the shop. Orogold has a tough, aggressive sales approach and a generally strict no refund policy and consumers should be sure they are getting what they are promised. It’s a tough world out there and buyer, beware of all that glitters!

  292. Carolyn

    I had the same experience at the Orogold store in NJ. I was having a particularly bad day, so I allowed them to talk me into it. I came to my senses a day later and the following day tried to return the products, and they refused telling me I could not return discounted products. I had no idea they were discounted!! Never again! I reported them to the BBB and am awaiting a reply. Wish me luck!!

  293. Tina

    I had similar experience here in Boston. Sales people are aggressive, every time I said no, they gave me more free samples. Sales man should have also asked me if I had any allergies. I agreed to buy one cream that was it. Store manager came over and tried to sell me 3 more creams. I explained I had kids in college I was supporting didn’t have the money. I wouldn’t buy there again, they were too pushy. I like the eye cream but way over my budget. I did get whole bag of samples and “free” hand cream.

  294. Tiffany

    I had a similar experience with an Pro Gold store in the Georgian Mall in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The woman standing outside the store practically begged me to take a sample after I had already said no a few times. So I took the sample just to be nice. And she insists I have to go in so she can tell me about products telling me it would be really quick. Meanwhile I was stuck there wasting my time for a good 20 -30 minutes. She asked me all these questions where am I from, how old am I, what do i use on my skin, and all sorts of stuff. I told her I use coconut oil on my face and she was telling me how bad it is to my face and that I shouldn’t be using it. 1. I actually love using coconut oil my skin has never been better. And 2. I know what I’m putting on my face when I use it. When I read the samples ingredients there’s all sorts of chemicals on it!…. anyway I wasn’t engaging with her and answering I would just give her short 1 word answers and try and leave but then shed grab my arm and put different lotions on my wrist and literally hold my arm rubbing lotion in for a good 7 minutes while talking her head off while holding my arm. I was so unimpressed and just wanted to leave but felt stuck. And then she gives me the “today only deal” That she’ll offer me And was ready for me to pay her before I had even said yes or no. I said um I’m just going to try the sample and see. And left as soon as I got my arm back…..

    I’m so glad I didn’t buy anything. I felt close to just buying something so I could leave. The woman was very convincing but she was so extremely pushy it was not cool.

    I also can’t believe these stores are still allowed in the malls it’s crazy!

  295. Misha tan

    I just had a similar experience in Sydney Australia with this Orogold salewoman . She also thought I was behind time if I never heard of their no one brand etc., was rude when I politely declined her products . $400 worth for an eye cream product , I most as well save the money and have an eye lift . :)

  296. Becky Rapoport

    I had an uneasy experience today also with Orogold,I will never go in there again. Definately shady and unprofessional sales tactics.

  297. caterer

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  298. Janice

    Foxwoods casino they every nice but very pushy. They want 2 make sales. I know them & like bought product from them but very pricy. Always 1 day offer the face machine started at $4599.00 down 2 $1600 but 2 pricy. But the salesman is very hungry I’m sure. Mayb no pay only commission but they very nice 2 me. That’s the world we live in 2day.

  299. Loo D

    Hahahaha…I had one try to lure me in yesterday. As I walked by on the sidewalk, she was pouring on all sorts of compliments about my great skin (I really do have pretty nice skin) and how she could make it better. I had about 20 minutes to waste until my bus was to arrive so I went in (it was rainy out so why not?). When she asked what I was using, I lied and said simply Dove soap and water. Then her praise suddenly stopped and she was pointing out all my flaws and even called me lazy. I was on the floor laughing at how rude she was, yet still trying to push for a sale.

    I then decided to have some fun and just said (with a very serious face) all sorts of ridiculous things about my skincare. I let her think I was starting to buy her high-pressured and aggressive sales pitch. It was all the same tactics as everyone else has listed. When it got close to the time for my bus to arrive, I simply walked out mid-sales pitch. She was pretty furious, yet she still ran after me with her business card offering me to purchase Oro Gold products at her employee discounted cost, “but sssh, don’t tell anyone”.

    While I was just having fun with the whole thing, their tactics are almost predatory. These people are awful.

  300. Patricia

    the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, for example, include Propylene Glycol (petroleum-sourced compound found in anti-freeze. Considered toxic in the USA – skin contact or inhalation can cause brain, liver and kidney abnormalities), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (an exotic way of saying sunflower oil), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (another cheap oily liquid, derived from coconut oil), Betaine Monohydrate (a compound derived from the waste of the sugar beet molasses industry, commonly used in animal feeds), Isopropyl Myristate (a solvent that is readily absorbed by the skin, used in flea and tick products for pets by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton of the parasites, killing them by dehydration), Cetearyl Alcohol (used in hair conditioners to give hair that waxy feel) Cetearyl Glucoside (emulsifier found in shampoos and conditioners), Peg-100 Stearate (used on damaged or broken skin causes kidney problems), Petrolatum (petroleum jelly), Triethanolamine (emulsifier which is approved as an indirect food additive – aka it can be used in packaging), C13-14 Isoparaffin (a mixture of *mineral oils* derived from petroleum), Methylisothiazolinone (a preservative no longer used by brands such as Piz Buin, Nivea, Vaseline and Huggies due to the high number of adverse reactions), Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (used for years as a preservative in water-based paints, metal-working fluids and as a wood preservative, toxic by inhalation and restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan)
    These ingredients, for example the mineral oil (one of the worst skincare offenders), are petroleum by-products that coat the skin like plastic, clogging the pores and interfering with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins.

    The worst offender is the 24K Deep Peeling Mask. The salesperson will tell you that the white beads that form on your hand are impurities, toxins and *dead skin.* -the gel into your skin is down to a reaction similar to that of PVA glue. The chemical reaction between cetrimonium chloride and carbomer (thickener). This cost should be refundable

  301. Julz

    Happened in NYC last month. The man was middle eastern. He was nice, I took the sample which lead to me being asked to go inside. I sat in the chair wondering how I was going to get out of there. I just shrugged at the under eye cream & said seems nice but no way I would pay his one day special price of $150, down from $300. My face serum from Clinque is $150 for a year so not out of line, I just don’t do the high pressure buy now. He said you take the sample & try & think about it & I was out the door. Actually, I tried the sample of 24K Deep Day Moisturizer and LOVED IT. BUT my thought was, will I actually get the product that was in that little sample packet. Just don’t trust a product when it is sold in this fashion. Side note, my husband was with me. Not sure it that lead to a lower pressure because Hubby looks intimidating, but he isn’t.

  302. Francesca

    Omg! I wish I saw this article before myself and my daughter got roped into spending $500 at Foxwoods just so I could escape and get out of the store. I will never go to that part of the mall again. I have never felt so much pressure in a store.

  303. Sheryn Carnazza

    I had a horrible experience with the Garden State Plaza store. Feeling very uncomfortable with the “sales presentation” I returned my products a couple of hours after I purchased them. I used my debit card and still haven’t seen the credit on my account. (6 days later) Thank goodness I saved the credit receipt. When I called the store the man was terribly rude & hung up on me. My bank is now investigating.

  304. Jana

    OMG…. I wish I could have read this first… just an hour ago visiting a Boston mall…the same story. Guy from Israel.Free sample.. puffy eyes. I resisted. He persisted. I finally agreed to the peel. Purchased butall the wholeheartedly kept pushing more products, asking me where I buy my current products. And how Oro Hold products last 18 months so much better deal than my current 8-week product… By the time her offered me 3 for 1 I just wanted out (he showed me a card that said he was the owner and that’s why he could give me a deal). And I bought again.. my daughter (13) was with me and I just panicked. If the products work I got a good deal…but I will never step foot in a store again… I’m such a sucker.

  305. Jen

    Same situation here, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in LV. They were soooooooo rude and pushy. I literally run from them when I had to walk by. STAY AWAY is what I tell everyone. We should report to the mall leasing corporations for harassment or fraud.

  306. Ling

    THANKS for sharing!!!
    I had VERY veryyy similar experience like yours while travelled to Singapore!
    OMG!! I couldn’t believe it actually happened in other countries too with same selling ‘tactics’!!!

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