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Hey dolls! It’s been a bit quiet on the blog the last couple of days, I’m having a busy period here in Hamburg with work, go-sees, castings and on top of that I’m working on an assignment in financial accounting! I haven’t got too much time to study so I’m struggling quite a bit with this assignment..

So anyway, I’ve promised to show you guys my little pharmacie haul in Paris and as I’m starting to discover the German apotheke (or drugstores actually) I thought I’d show you what I’ve bought there as well, so far. What I really like about Germany is the focus on natural ingredients, one brand I really like is the German drugstore natural cosmetic brand Alverde. The drugstore I visit the most here in Hamburg is Budni, but I’ve also been to Rossmann and DM several times. So, here is what I’ve bought..


First up, the products I bought dans la pharmacie in Paris;

Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream
This was a new product to my beauty collection and so far I really like it. I use it about 1-2 times and while traditional scrubs often feel too harsh on my skin this one really exfoliates well without irritating. My skin feels smooth, fresh and looks radiant after using this. A full review will come soon.

Phyto Phytobaum Hydratant conditioner
This is a repurchase and I love this conditioner, it smells wonderful and it conditions just enough so that I can untangle my hair without problems. It does not weight it down at all like a lot of other silicone based conditioners does. If you have fine hair like me you should definitely try this one.

Bioderma Crealine H2O
A staple product in my beauty collection and one that most of you probably have seen on the blog before. It does a great job removing my makeup and is very gentle, exactly what my skin needs. Love it!

Avène Eau Thermale Water Spray
This is a very helpful multi-use product that soothes my sensitive skin, I use it after cleansing, on sunburn or other irritants, or just as a refreshing spray during the day. It definitely calms my skin as well as giving a boost.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes
I don’t really use eye creams on a regular basis as I feel like a good day/night cream should work for the under-eye area as well. However when I was in Paris I decided to give this one a try. It feels really refreshing and cooling which is exactly what I need in the morning. So far I really like it but as I’ve only used it for a short period a full review will come later.

And now, over to the products I’ve bought in der drogerie here in Hamurg (so far);

Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream
This cream is light-weight but intensely moisturizing. It’s definitely a really good moisturiser for cool weather, it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. I was originally planning to buy the Dr. Hauschka rose cream but I’m not a huge fan of the scent so I chose this one instead which smells fantastic (citrusy sweet yummy). A full review will come soon.

Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenationg Mask
I got a sample of this when I bought the Quince Day Cream and have only got to try it once. It is supposed to stimulate dry skin to produce more moisture, reduce redness and large pores, stimulate skin after stress. My skin was definitely more hydrated and healthy looking after use.

Alverde Nutri-Care-Shampoo Mandel Argan
A friend of mine told me about the German brand Alverde, she told me their products were fabulous and quite cheap. I decided to give one of their silicone-free shampoos a try and so far I love it! My hair gets really dry and brittle in winter and this shampoo with almond and argain oil really provides moisture and protects it from drying out.

Alverde Wild Rose Facial Oil
I mentioned earlier that I didn’t really like the scent of the Dr. Hauschka rose cream, well this wildrose facial oil has a light rose scent which doesn’t bother me. It is made for dry skin and I really feel like it smoothes and revitalize my skin. Guess what, I got this facial oil for only 3 euros. I’ve only used it a few times so a full review will come later.

I’ve already got to buy a few more products from the German drugstores, I’ll collect them all in a post later and show you. So, what about you guys, have you tried any of the products above? Are any of them staples in your beauty collection?

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Swantje

    Hi Hanne!
    Alverde is always a good choice, I’ve got some stuff from that brand, too. And dm is my favourite pharmacy at the the moment, I can’t leave there without having something… ;)
    Anyway, enjoy your stay here in northern Germany with that great weather today (you’re just a one-hour-drive away, I live in Kiel) and good luck with what you’re doing!

  2. Amandine

    Quel plaisir cet article :) j’utilise aussi la bioderma h20 qui est un très bon produit,pr les cheveux j’utilise la marque aveda. Pourriez vous me dire ou puis je trouver en ligne les soins aussie miracle shine en êtes vous tjrs satisfaite ou avez vous tester autres soins cheveux qui vont semblent encore mieux

  3. Marvela

    If you use it a bit more, you’ll see that Caudalie gentle buffing cream is the best out there.
    A tip is to exfoliate and then don’t wash it away, but let it sit for a couple of minutes to let the cream absorb a bit, because it has those grape seed ingredients that are so good for the skin.

  4. Vanessa

    Alverde is a really good and affordable brand with a variety of great products!I have the same face oil and it is amazing!I only apply it on my skin before I go to bed which means that I’m using it as a kind of recovery night cream.But it does wonders on my dry skin during winter and I can really recommend it even though I usually have an oily skin with imperfections: little wrinkles under my eye and on my forehead disappear magically and my skin feels unbelievably soft and regenerated after the absorbing process over night. So you’ve made a good choice by buying this one!

    Regarding the shampoo I can recommend to you the Argan /Almond oil for the hair from the same product line.I only apply it on the ends of my hair which get dry quite quickly because I have wavy, thick and long hair which needs a lot of attention and care.After applying this oil my hair feels and looks better and well-groomed.So, if you get the chance to pay another visit to the DM drugstore you should definitely buy it!
    Plus,it’s only 3€ – bargain!

    I might be moving to France this year and I already know that there will be one thing that I’ll definitely miss the most: the DM drugstore and their brand Alverde!

    1. Vanessa

      p.s.: If you need reviews on more products from Alverde just leave a note!I am a kind of “expert” because my bathroom is filled with many different Alverde products which I’ve been using for 4-5 years :)

    2. Author

      I’m already addicted to the German drug stores so I can understand that you will miss them! I will definitely try to hair oil from Alverde, I already love this brand so much! :)

  5. Constanze

    I love alverde, the quality is great. ♥
    Other good drugstore-brands are p2, essence and Catrice. And if you go to Douglas, you should have a look at Artdeco, BeYu, Lavera and greenland (looove the natural body butters, lipbalm and so on…).
    Have a great start into the new week, Hanne! :)

  6. Taylor

    Hi Hanne!
    I love a good shopping post. There are lots of great products here. I’ve always been curious to try Dr. hauschka, I love a more natural skin care approach. It really sounds like things are crazy busy with you! I very much admire you for it. I hope your getting in some personal playtime!

  7. Sthephany

    I’m dying to try to Bioderma makeuo remover, but unfortunately it’s not sold anywhere in Canada…yet! I guess I should make my way back to Europe soon xoxo

  8. Sarah

    oh i am excited for you to be in germany! my favorite conditioner is alverde’s “feuchtigkeit” (=moisture) conditioner with the pink cap, it’s also silicone free :) dm’s brand balea also make a mositure sheet mask and a really thin beautiful moisture serum (their aqua range). p2 does fabulous sheer lipsticks in red packaging, check out the colour flashdance and fame for coral and apricot juicy sheer color. catrice does fabulous eyeshadows with dupes for mac’s satin taupe, copperplate, club and many other beautiful colors in great blendable quality (check out “oh, it’s toffeeful” for a beautiful all over the lid color), their gel eyeliners aswell as the essence gel eyeliners are a dream. and my last big tip is the catrice lipsticks for intense color, they have just come out with two matte ones! i hope you get to try or at least check out some of my suggestions

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