Thailand’s Baby Elephants

Our holiday has come to an end and today is our last day in beautiful Krabi, Thailand. As usual time passes by way too quickly, we’ve had an amazing time, but haven’t got to do nearly as much as we planned. Oh well, we will come back, that’s for sure!

The first night we arrived at our second hotel, while enjoying a jasmine ice tea in the sunset, the hotel had arranged for a baby (or teenager?) elephant visit. My first thought was sorrow, I’ve heard so many horrible stories about how they treat these poor animals, however I tried to enjoy the little show of the elephant dancing and standing on two feet. I also got to come up close to feed and stroke this amazing animals.

Today we had a quite relaxing day by the pool, enjoying the sun before we are heading back to cold, dark Europe. I’ve just finished packing and have 30 minutes to relax before our butler(!) will come and pick us up (in the cutest golf car) to take us to our taxi. We have been staying at Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton the last couple of days and it really is the most amazing hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I’ve stayed at 5 star hotels before but nothing like this, I’ve been treated like a true princess! I did take a lot of pictures and will of course show you.

I’m actually looking forward to our flight back, first we are flying from Phuket to Singapore, then from Singapore to Paris we are flying the Airbus A380 with Singapore Airlines. The the service, the seats, the entertainment, the food; everything is the best I’ve had so far, plus we managed to get seats on the upper deck, whoop! :)

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