Paris Winter Wonderland

Arriving in cold and snowy Paris after 10 warm and sunny days in Thailand was quite a shock at first, but Paris is so beautiful in white (and paralyzed!) so we’ve been enjoying the snow quite a bit. On Sunday we went for a long walk and it was so nice to see all the Parisians outside, enjoying the snow that they don’t see vert often! :)

Yesterday it started raining so I guess the snowy days are over, which is ok actually – I didn’t pack a lot of warm clothes with me. Before we went to Thailand it was 10 degrees celsius here in Paris.

Today (and yesterday) we went shopping, we’ve been checking out the sales and as usual I didn’t buy anything. I did end up at one of my favorite pharmacies and bought way too much, I guess I love French pharmacies too much…

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Manon

    Where have you bought this black coat? I’m searching for a simple and beautiful black coat but still not finding it anywhere… ( please don’t mind my english, maybe I made mistakes, sorry for that! I love your blog and you’re a really beautiful girl! )

    1. Author

      Thank you so much sweetie! Your English is great, don’t worry! :) My coat is from Zara actually, bought it a few months ago:) they have so nice ones on sale now!

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