My Real Techniques brushes

I bought these makeup brushes from Real Technique about a week before Christmas and they have replaced most of my Sigma brushes that I was using. These brushes are very handy for your everyday makeup. They help you achieve a perfect face makeup and are very easy to use.

Core Collection: I absolutely love this set that consist of 4 full size brushes and a case. I really like all 4 brushes, the buffing and contour brushes being my favorites.  The buffing brush is ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation, it smoothes everything out leaving my make up looking very flawless. The contour brush works well with my highlighters and bronzers and works amazingly. The detailer brush effortlessly conceal problem areas, it can also be used with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition.  I use the pointed foundation brush mostly for applying concealer under the eyes, I find the brush too small for applying foundation.

Stippling Brush: This is probably my favorite brush and the one I use the most on an everyday basis. This stippling brush is really soft and easy to use, it’s duo fibered with very soft hairs that never shed (can’t say the same about my Sigma brushes). This brush is great for applying primer, moisturizer, foundation, cream blushes, cream bronzers etc. I use it mostly to apply foundation and primer. It really gives a perfect finish and your foundation will look pixel perfect even in harsh light.

There are many great YouTube tutorials that will make you an expert using these brushes. I purchased mine from iHerb as they aren’t available in Norway. I used the coupon code JEM146 and got 5$ off. :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Taylor

    I love the RT brushes. I have been using the stippling brush every day as well. I have been meaning to pick up the core collection, if only for that buffing brush ! Glad to hear you like them as well :-)

  2. Athena

    I got my first Real Techniques brush today and I’m already loving it! I couldn’t decide between the expert face brush and the stippling brush, but I went to the first one in the end. Perfect for applying foundation flawlessly!

  3. Claudi

    How long did the delivery from iHerb take? I think about buying there, because we can’t get RT here in Germany, too.

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