The Answers – Part 2

Q: I would like to know how and where you and your boyfriend met? In Brazil or Paris? Does he also work in fashion or in another field?:) I know that right now you live in Oslo due to your studies.But could you imagine living in Paris with your boyfriend permanently or rather not?:)
A: We met in Paris in 3,5 years ago, right after I moved there to study fashion management (a semester). He is working with real estate and consulting. I could definitely picture living in Paris but right now my heart belongs to Norway, I guess it’s true what they say, there is no place like home. After living abroad for many years I started missing Norway and the Norwegian culture. Where I’ll settle later I don’t know yet, we’ll see…! ;)

Q: Which products is the best: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kanebo Fluid Finish, Bare Minerals foundation.
A: My favorite foundation is definitely Kanebo Fluid Finish, but I also love the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but more for everyday as it doesn’t give as much coverage.

Q: You who travel a lot, what are the best places you have visited? Could you write a post about where you travelled? :)
A: I can definitely write a full post of about my travels, I’ll try to post it within the next week.

Q: Do you go to a salon to have skincare treatments? if yes, which ones? Who are your skincare “gurus” in the blog world?
A: Actually I don’t, if it wasn’t so expensive in Norway I would definitely go more often. I try to have at least one “facial” a week at home where I pamper myself. It’s not really a skincare guru but I love the blog Into The Gloss, I get lots of inspiration and I especially love The Top Shelf.

Q: What is your favorite nail polish ?
A: Right now my two favorite nail polishes are Essie Sugar Daddy and Opi Passion.

Q: I would like to know if you still use your clarisonic? And also if you maybe have a good tip how to make your foundation stay all day long?
A: I still use it and love it, but I have never used in every day, 1-2 times a week is definitely enough for me. A good primer can make your foundation stay longer, I also know Clarins sell a facial spray which is ment to make your makeup stay longer, I tried it a while ago and really liked it.

Q: What are your favorite singers?
I don’t really have one favorite singer, but I listen a lot to Lounge music (Hed Kandi etc) when I’m at home. I also like hip hop and listen a bit to Jay Z and Rihanna. Maybe I’ll share my Spotify playlist with you guys so you can see what I’m listening too. :)

Q: What are your hobbies ?
I don’t really have any hobbies, I guess my blog is a hobby and I also love photography (I’m still learning).

Q: Which software are you using for the photo effects ? Their all great, colors and everything are so perfect !
A: I’m learning how to use Photoshop but for the blog I don’t really edit my pictures, when I do I just use Picasa and Picnic. I also like Pixlr for making collages.

Q: How did you get in to modelling? What is your favourite food?
A: I’ve been doing some modeling since I was 16 years old but started working full time when I moved to Sao Paulo. When I was living in Rio a lot of people told me I should start modeling in Brazil so I contacted some different agencies in Sao Paulo. I had a few agencies that were interested and then I chose the one I felt was the best for me. I like almost all kinds of food, I believe in having a varied diet. For breakfast I like to eat homemade crisp bread and for dinner I really like fresh fish, salads and sushi. I eat much more fish than meat and almost never eat steak.

Q: What are your favorite makeup products?
A: Hmmm, my three must-have makeup products must be concealer, bronzer and lipstick/lip balm. When it comes to makeup I love trying new brands and products, while in skin care I stick to my favorites.
Q: My only question is, did you totally move to Oslo. Are you no longer having an appartment in Paris? Why? :-( That’s so sad. but as I saw your lately pictures of your view from your new appartment I think I would love your new home as well. :)
A: I still have my boyfriends place in Paris so it’s not like I don’t have a place if I feel like going there. Right now I want to live in Oslo but for how long I don’t know yet, I’ll see how things goes! :)

Q: How long are you & your boyfriend together & do you want to have children? Whats your all time favourite day- & nightcream?
A: We have been together for almost 3,5 years. I definitely want children one day but not anytime soon. I love my Hydra Beauty Cream from Chanel and use it as both day and night cream. I don’t really have one particular favorite night cream yet, most of the ones I’ve tried feels too heavy.

Q: Do you have any favorite drugstore products? If so, what are they?
A: In Norway we don’t really have drugstores, and I’m not used to it from Paris either. Most pharmacies here only sell a few different pharmacie brands. I love pharmacie brands such as La Roche-Posay, Avene, Caudalie and Nuxe. I often use deodorants and shower gels from brands such as Garnier, Nivea and Dove.

Q: I would like to know your skincare routine :)
A: I have written a full post about my skin care routine before, you can check it out here. :)

Q: How old are you? I find you gorgeous and I want to know how you make to remain thin? Do you have a diet and what sports do you practice?
A: I’m 23 years old. I don’t really have a particular diet but I tried to eat healthy and varied food. I also quit drinking soda about 6 months ago and I try to not drink too much alcohol. I eat every 3-4 hour and I try to not eat food that is too heavy after 19.00 (difficult when I’m in France as they have so late dinners). When it comes to sport I do pilates and yoga as well as going to the gym.

Q: What is your essential thing to have in your bag(beauty or fashion related)? What is the one thing which completes Scandinavian fashion? What is style in your opinion?
A: Except my phone, wallet and lip balm I always bring a hand sanitizer, I always keep it with me when I’m on the go and use public transport. In my opinion Scandinavian fashion is very simple and androgyne, the last couple of years it has definitely become more accepted to stand out from the crowd and be different which I think is great. I really like Yves Saint Laurent’s quote; Fashion fades, style is eternal. Everybody is different so I think its much more important to have your own style and dress in a way that works for your body and shows your personality, rather than following every trend.

Q: What is your favourite lipstick for day and night? 
A: My all time favorite lipstick must be MAC Hue, I think it’s the perfect shade for my blonde hair and pale skin and I use it for both day and night.

Q: I was wondering how you take care of your hair to keep it so healthy and shiny. Do most Scandinavian girls dye their hair blond, or do you guys naturally have gorgeous hair? 
A: I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days. I also try to let my hair dry on it’s own when I have the time and I always use a heat protecting spray before blow drying it. When I was younger I always wanted to have more volume and used a lot of product for that, now I embrace it the way it is and try to use as little or no products in it. I really love the shampoos and conditioners from Phyto but unfortunately they are not so easy to find here in Norway. When I was younger my hair was very blonde (almost white in summer) but as with most Scandinavian girls it becomes darker when you get older and especially in winter when we have so little sun. So that’s why a lot of girls here highlight they hair. Highlighting is very common but almost nobody dye their hair as it looks fake.

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  1. Chloé

    Thank you very much for answering my curious questions!I have to admit that I cannot really relate to your statement that there is no place like home,although I completely understand your point about missing Norway and its culture. My motto is rather: “Home is where your heart is”. I am still in the process of figuring out where my heart ran off!lol…But we are all different and this is the way it should be :)…Your pictures of Oslo and the location where you live caught my full attention,it look so modern and sophisticated! It is definitely on top of my travel list :) I wish you and your bf all the best and good luck with your studies in Oslo :) I am a faithful follower and enjoy reading your blog very much,so please do not stop! Bisous!

  2. Brita Melissa

    Dette var interessant å lese :) Gleder meg til å du skriver mer om reisene dine. Lurer forresten også på hvor dyrt det er å reise til Brasil fra Norge. Hvilke flyselskap er rimeligst og hvilke bruker du?

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