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Hey beauties! Hope you are having a wonderful start of the new week! Last week I had a ‘Q&A – Ask me anything’ post and here is part 1 of my answers. If you have some more questions or forgot to ask, you can still post your question in the comment section of this post.
So, here we go;

Q: What do yo want to do after your studies ? Why do you only do shoots and not défilés ? I just love your blog HANNE !
A: Thank you so much! Honestly, I’m not sure what I want to do after my studies. I am considering to study more and something completely different than what I do now. A bachelor in business management is a very good base to have, but I think I want to do something more creative so I’m considering to study something like journalism or graphic design.
When it comes to modeling I have done some fashion/catwalk shows, but as I am a commercial model I do mostly photoshoots like campaigns, catalogs and video commercials.

Q: Do you think it’s possible to visit a modelagency in Paris, without having a motheragency in the country I’m from?
A: Yes! I got my agency in Sao Paulo on my own, before having a mother agency from Norway. You can check out the agencies websites where you’ll find instructions on what type of pictures to send etc, remember to keep it simple and natural. Some agencies also have open days where you can come visit.

Q: Hi Hanne, I would love to know how you maintain your weight or how you shed some pounds if you need to!? Any major tips?
A: My major tips would be to eat every 3-4 hour, don’t eat food that is very heavy after 19.00, eat slow carbohydrates instead of fast and and cut most liquid calories (soda, artificial fruit juices etc) and drink water instead. But all in all, eat healthy and varied food and exercise. I also try to walk a lot, take the stairs when I can etc.

Q: I have one question: what sport is the best for you?
A: When I was younger I used to dance jazz ballet and hip hip (it was actually a really nice combination, haha). I really love dancing and if I had the opportunity I would still dance. Not only is it a fun way to exercise, but dancing can really give you a great mind-body workout. I also learned to do pilates and yoga while dancing and this is still workouts I enjoy doing. When I go to the gym I usually start on a gym stepper machine (for 30-40 minutes), then I lift weights and do some pilates exercises. I hate running!

Q: My skin at the lip contour (at the sides) has started to become flaky after moving to Northern Europe. I have tried to apply lip balm on the area, but it doesn’t seem to stop the problem. Do you have any tips on what I can do?
A: I would try the Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden or a lip balm with lanolin. Also, when you are outside in the cold try not to ‘lick’ on the chapped areas.

Q: What primer you use for your face before you put on makeup?
A: When I use a primer I use the Beauty Flash Balm from Clarins, it works great for me.

Q: Hi. As you work as a model, I was wondered if you have got some great makeup tips from makeup artists that you have worked with? Thanks in advance! :)
A: Most of the makeup tips I get from makeup artists are how-to do different types of makeup and especially eye makeup. But sometimes they give me great beauty tips about skin care as well, it was a makeup artist in Brazil who told me about the Bioderma Crealine H2O which is the favorite makeup remover among makeup artist around the world, and now one of my favorite products as well!

Q: Favourite everyday concealer?
A: To be honest I’m still searching for the perfect one and I don’t use concealer everyday. I really like MAC Studio Finish Concealer but sometimes it becomes cakey after a couple of hours. Another one I really like is Secret Camouflage SC-3 from Laura Mercier, it gives great coverage! YSL Touche Eclat is beautiful but I feel like it doesn’t always give enough coverage. I’ll keep you updated when I find the one. ;)

Q: – The Kanebo foundation seems so great, but I really care about the different ingredients in a foundation, is the composition good or not?
-Have you always had a perfect skin? Didn’t you have acne when you were a teenager? If yes, what products did you use against acne? And if not, what products would you use? I’ve been to a dermatologist, but the products she gave me didn’t work… I don’t have a lot of acne, just only some little spots!
-Have you heard about chemical exfoliants and have you tried it? 
-Finally, do you have any woman who inspires you in fashion or in beauty in general, like an actress or someone else?
A: – Unfortunately I don’t have the ingredient list of the Kanebo Fluid Finish with me right now but I’m sure you can find it online, I do remember the first ingredient being water. This foundation works great on my sensitive skin, it has never caused any breakout or irritation.
– I’m lucky to say I have never struggled with acne, but I wouldn’t say my skin is perfect. I, like everybody else, can get a pimple now and then and sometimes my skin has reacted to products used on my skin while modeling. It’s difficult for me to recommend products to you as I’m not a dermatologist or know your skin type, but maybe you are using to strong products? My skin has always been at it’s best when I use really gentle products, and especially cleansers.
– Yes I have heard of chemical exfoliants but haven’t got to try them yet, maybe because I prefer my products to be as gentle as possible (like mentioned above). I know some exfoliants come with glycolic acid and I’ve heard that they work against acne and wrinkles. I have a night cream with glycolic acid and what I can say is that it’s really strong. If I put it too close to my eyes it almost start stinging, so I’m not so sure I like it..
– I don’t really have a woman who inspires me, I find a lot of women beautiful but don’t really have one who is my inspiration. I get my inspiration from friends, bloggers, YouTubers and people on the street. :)

Q: Dear Hanne, do you cook? *_*
A: I haven’t been cooking a lot the last couple of years but now that I have moved back to Norway and am more familiar with the ingredients I’ve started cooking more. I really like the idea of making my own food from scratch, that’s the only way you can really know what you are eating.

Q: Hi Hanne ! Do you wear your clip-in hair extensions a lot or not at all?
 A: I wear them sometimes but not on an everyday basis. I haven’t been using them a lot lately but I’ll definitely use them more that party season is coming up! :)

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  1. Katherine

    Great post. This article very informative and interesting.Believe me i have never ever read this type of article, I refer your blog to many of my friends as well.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge..

  2. Eva

    Flotte svar! jeg lurer på noe mer!:) Drikker du ofte og mye? Og jeg hører at mange modeller røyker, er du en av de?

    Klem Eva

  3. Rachel

    Oh, I know what you mean about the ingredients being familiar! I have just moved to Los Angeles from England, and I get so confused in the supermarket! I’ve lived in France as well, but there was not that big a difference with the ingredients, but American food is crazy!

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