Chanel Powder Blush #72 Rose Initiale – Fall 2012

The Rose Initiale powder blush is Chanel’s Fall 2012 addition to their blush collection and this is a permanent shade, not a limited edition. Chanel describes Rose Initiale as a universally flattering blush for all skin tones and I couldn’t agree more! In my opinion it’s a perfect pink, not too cool and not too warm.

Rose Initiale has a gorgeous petal pink base with finely milled shimmers. Unfortunately the shimmer isn’t very visible on my skin, but it does give a beautiful color depth. In my opinion this beautiful blush is suitable on most skin tones. The powder is very fine-milled and soft which makes it really easy to apply.

I really love the bright pink color it gives to my cheeks. Here’s a picture of me wearing the blush;

All in all, I think this blush is a perfect pink and definitely a must-have to my collection. I must admit, it’s been long since I ‘ve used blush on a daily basis, but this one from Chanel has made me want to wear it everyday! Anyone who likes pink-toned blushes is going to love the luscious color.

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Claire

    I swacthed this blush 100s of time and still can’t decide whether to get it or not. It looks very pretty on your skintone. I like your hair btw <3

  2. JJ

    I never wear makeup, but wore Chanel for my senior class pictures (I’m graduating in less than two weeks!) I bought a ton of the makeup to recreate the look but forgot to ask about the blush. I called the Chanel counter to see if they could look into my file, but they took them out of the store to copy the products down after the holiday event this evening. The makeup artist who answered told me it was definitely rose, but failed to specify which one… of course, me knowing nothing about makeup, didn’t know there were about 5 different shades. Since this is in the newest one, I’m guessing this must be it! I was a little wary because I do have a tan complexion, etc… but it looks like I can’t go wrong, especially seeing as my mall will be too insane for me to even want to go to for a while! : )

    You look stunning with it on!

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