At the Opera

Hi there! Yesterday me and a friend of mine went to the beautiful Opera building in Oslo. The Opera building is just a few years old and is located by the sea, in fact it’s just next to where I live, I walk by it every day! Here are a couple of photos of my outfit.


My coat is from Zara (bought a few years ago), bag Givency Antigona, top Zara, necklace Bubbleroom, shorts H&M and shoes from a shop in Paris which I don’t remember the name of.

Here’s a picture of my beautiful friend (my step-sister in fact)! :)

Even though the main focus on this blog is beauty and lifestyle I’m thinking about doing some more outfit posts in the future. Is that something you would like? :)

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Leah

    YES !
    I like the kind of make-up and clothes you wear. It’s simple but very pretty and smart.
    And this is make-up and clothes you can wear every day including at work !

  2. Diane

    I haven’t commented much recently, but I’d love to see more outfit posts from you! :) You and your friend look amazing.. and gorgeous bag! xx

  3. Fernanda

    Hey Hanne! I would love to see more of your style! I was wondering, since you do so much work in Brazil, do you speak any Portuguese at all? I’m Brazilian myself! :) xx

  4. Chloé

    I like your outfit!It is simple,yet classy and casual due to the colours and shapes :) When looking at Street Style pictures and different style blogs,I did realize that Scandinavian people (especially Swedish and Norwegian) tend to wear classical colours like black,beige,grey,navy blue,etc. To some people this might be boring and I must admit that I enjoy wearing brighter colours during Spring and Summer.But I also discovered my love for the classical colours,because it looks great as well as elegant on anyone in most of the cases and you can combine them in many ways. I am totally up for more outfit posts!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Chloé! Yes, Scandinavian definitely wear classic colors and I think the style is very simple and androgyne, but I like it! :) We definitely wear much more colors in summer here, it really changes with the seasons..! :)

  5. Marie!

    Simple et élégante tu es ravissante ma chère ;) ce manteau finit parfaitement bien la tenue… le sac aussi! et j’adore tes chaussures , je trouve cette taille de talons vraiment parfaite pour tous les jours !

    Et je dis OUI, pour des posts “outfits”! En plus ça nous montre des beaux endroits d’Oslo en même temps !

    Vous êtes allées voir un opéra?

    Bises, Marie!

  6. Marina(Makeup4all)

    You are your friend (sister) look beautiful and stylish. And, wow, that is the bag (or maybe Nightingale ?) that I want to get for my Birthday. How do you like it? Is there a chance you can take some photos of it or maybe a what’s in my bag video with it. I would highly appreciate it.

    1. Author

      Thank you sweet Marina! The bag is Givenchy Antigona ;) I really like it, and whats great is that there is too handle (one for the shoulder). It os also the perfect size I think, not too big or too small. I can definitely do a whats in my bag post. :)

  7. melanie

    Hi Hanne,
    Yes! Please do more outfit posts!! You and your step sister look so pretty and I love your outfit!! I’m quite envious of your handbag (in a good way). I love simple understated handbags like that. I hope you are having a wonderful day, Melanie : )

  8. Kelly

    Hi! I have just discovered your blog on the search for new blogs to read and I love it ;-)
    Love your outfit on this post and you have amazing hair! (sorry I am a tad hair obsessed!)
    Look forward to being a new reader. Please swing by my beauty and eyelash blog!

    Have a great weekend, Kelli xx

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