Traveling again..

Hey cupcakes! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! A few days ago I booked my tickets to Brazil and I’m going to Rio in just a few days! I can’t wait to see my boyfriend again, I can’t believe last time I saw him was in March, time goes by so quickly!

Tomorrow I’m going to Brussels to visit my aunt who lives there, then on Tuesday morning I’m going to Rio. I’ve been a nerve wrack the last couple of days after I found out the security guards would strike at the airport. Fortunately it’s not as bad as expected but I still need to spend the night at the airport as my plane is very early in the morning tomorrow.

So, does any of you have any tips about what I can do to make time pass by quickly tonight? :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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      Thank you Marianne! :) Wow, you had a long distance relationship for 8 years? It’s great to hear that some people actually manage to make it work. I thought it would be very hard to have a long distance relationship but it’s been surprisingly easy! :) It would definitely be harder without skype :p

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