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Hey beauties! I’ve finally arrived in Rio and it feels great to be with my boyfriend again. Talking about traveling, I have written a post before about travel beauty tips, this time I thought I’d write about what to wear on long haul flights, we all want outfits that are comfortable yet stylish. Long haul flights can definitely be difficult and deciding what to wear is even tougher- you want to show up looking chic but you need to be comfortable for your flight and all of your transfers as well!

So, I’ve decided to write this post to give you some travel-outfit inspiration, after all summer is just around the corner. If you are not flying, these outfit tips are still great for long car rides, bus rides and other travels.

Look one:

Product information: Dress: Topshop Scarf: Leaves of Grass Sunglasses: Asos Sweater: Inhabit Sandals: Topshop

Dresses might seem pretty impractical on a plane, but maxi-dresses can be the perfect warm-weather travel piece. If it’s cold inside the plane you can wear leggings underneath the skirt. Paired with a pair of comfy sandals and a loose sweater I think this is a really smart and chic look – it’s dressed up and fashionable, yet comfortable for a long flight. A scarf can always be handy inside a cold airplane and as a long flight can leave you looking tired and not so fresh sunglasses are great to disguise tired or dry eyes.

Be aware that if you wear a long skirt or dress, you will most likely be pulled for special screening in the security check. This doesn’t bother me though, it’s usually a friendly ‘grandma’ type who pats down. :)

Look two:

Product information: Sunglasses: Topshop Scarf: Day Birger & Mikkelsen T-Shirt: J.Crew Leggings: Splendid Ballet flats: Lanvin Cardigan: Haute Hippie

This is my ultimate cool, casual and stylish look for long trips. Simple cotton v-neck shirts are always flattering and classically stylish. Wearing a thick leggings feels like wearing PJ’s but styled the right way you look hot. This fashionable and casual cardigan lifts the outfit to a more stylish level and even if you are going to a warmer destination I highly recommend brining a cardigan, planes are typically air-conditioned and therefore cooler, and you never know what airport temperatures will be like. A lightweight scarf is also a great item to bring for this reason! I love these flats from Lanvin, just like the rest of the outfit you need shoes that aren’t going to be uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. Again, I also suggest to pack a pair of stylish sunglasses.


Some more tips..

  • As stylish as they may be, avoid wearing pieces with lots of studs/metal detailing, as they could potentially set off the metal detector.
  • Stay away from wearing a lot of jewelry or shoes that are difficult to get on and off–all of these things need to be removed during security, and you don’t want to hold up the line!
  • Wear a crop-top or a sports bra instead of a normal bra. There is no need to wear an underwired bra on long haul flights. A soft, non-wired bra is much more comfortable and makes sleeping on a plane more pleasant.
  • Even though it’s not very sexy I’d also suggest to use travel compressions socks which are designed to aid blood circulation in your legs when you are sitting for long periods of time – like on a plane. I always wear compression socks and they really help relieve swelling and discomfort.


Do you have any great advice for long flights or long trips in general? Are there any items – clothing, beauty, or otherwise – that you highly suggest bringing along?

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Constanze

    Great post! :)
    I like both looks, but I prefer No. 2! Sometimes it’s a bit could and drafty in the plane, so leggings or (sweat) pants are more comfy to me than a dress. ;)

  2. Thea

    Ville også valgt antrekk nr.2, ettersom jeg nok ville blitt kald i kjolen.

    I tillegg til genser/cardigan og pashmina synes jeg det er greit å ta med et par sokker, spesielt nå om sommeren når man ofte reiser i skotøy uten sokker.

    1. Author

      Ja det er sant, jeg har alltid med meg et par tykke sokker som jeg tar på når jeg har kommet meg ombord i flyet! :)

  3. Morgane

    I prefer the look 2 because one day i was on the plane with a skirt and it was sooo cold !! The maxi dress is a such good idea for travellig in car or train!
    Great tips :)

  4. Elaine

    I always make sure I wear natural fibers. And honestly it’s because I saw a documentary once about plane crashes (which I dont fear while flying, statistically they are low). A lady was wearing polyester tights and when the plane was on fire they (GRAPHIC) melted into her legs, and she had to have multiple surgeries to remove all of the polyester. So yeah, I always stick with natural fibers only now.

  5. Diane

    Great tips! I’ve always been envious of people who are dressed fashionably yet manage to look so comfortable on the plane!

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