D&G L’Imperatrice

I bought this perfume at the tax free shopping in Amsterdam and I’d describe it as a playful, clean, fruity scent that is not too sweet, it’s the perfect scent to welcome summers. I did have this perfume about 3 years ago, but after loosing it on a trip I didn’t repurchase, until now.

It’s a very happy fruity scent with enough character not to be overly girly. It is definitely a perfect summertime-perfume, it’s light enough, leaning towards fruity and has the tiniest bit of warmt in it to prevent it from being too green and fruity. It doesn’t hit you in the face with it’s fruitiness, but it definitely gives you a light juicy breeze. The only downside with this perfume is it’s staying power. It is Eau de Toilette but it last such a short time on me (2-3 hours) and I have to keep spraying it on.

Overall I really like this perfume, D&G L’Imperatrice is indeed a summer fragrance that’s easy to wear and inoffensive to most people’s noses.

What is your favorite summertime perfume? :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. WaxWhiteRose

    I was thinking about buying it this summer but one day the tester at my local perfumery smelled awesome and when I returned a week later to buy it and tested again it smelled super awful and I ended up not buying L’Imperatrice.
    I still don’t know why it smelled so bad the other day…

    My favourite for this summer is “Sexy Graffiti” by Escada. A sweet and light fruity scent with a gorgeous hint of mint :)

    1. Author

      Oh that’s too bad it didn’t smell good the second time. Good you tried two times before you bought it then :) I’ll check out Sexy Graffiti by Escada, it’s been years since I had a perfume from this brand.. :)

  2. Camille-A

    My favorite perfume for the summer is “L’ombre dans l’eau” by Diptyque. It “recalls a lush garden at water’s edge” according to what they say. It’s fresh and it doesn’t hit you in the face like you say. And it lasts pretty well.

  3. lisa

    i had the no. 18 la lune and loved it. what size is that? it looks tiny. i just saw the 100ml bottle :)

    1. Author

      It’s a 50 ml bottle, which suits be better as it’s not as big and heavy as the 100 ml. They don’t sell it everywhere though..

  4. Adèle

    I think it’s quite funny to see how much the stuff I love, you likes it too !
    I really love this fragrance, but I never bought it. For this summer, I will take my every day perfume, Valentina from Valentino, or just oils like the Huile sèche sublimante from Le Petit Marseillais, it smells summer and sun ! :)
    xx pretty Hanne !

    1. Author

      Hehe well I’m happy to hear you like my taste Adèle! :) It’s funny we’re so similar.
      I really love the smell of Huile Prodigeuse from Nuxe, to me it really smells summer! :)

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