A Paradise on Earth

Hey beauties! Hope you guys had a nice weekend! I thought I’d start the new week by showing you some more pictures from our holiday. On Friday we left Buzios and went to a beautiful place 40 minutes away, called Arraial do Cabo. Arraial do Cabo is a small town surounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and some of the best diving opportunities in Brazil. Here are some pictures..

Early Saturday morning we went for a 5 hour boat trip that took us to amazingly beautiful beaches and small islands. The beaches are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my life, apparently one of them (located on a desert island) is named the most beautiful beach in Brazil 3 years in a row! We saw many different fish species, sea turtles and even a penguins While we were enjoying the sun at one of the beaches the boat stopped by, a small penguin suddenly appeared in the water just next to us. I felt so sorry for the poor little thing, he seemed completely lost. But apparently it’s quite ‘normal’ to see penguins there as they come with the cold current from Antarctica.


These last three pictures are taken at Praia do Farol, which is located at an island and is said to be the most beautiful beach in Brazil. I definitely agree, it is the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Brazil (of those I have visited). I am definitely going back to Arraial do Cabo (maybe later this week already!), next time I might go diving, if I’m brave enough… :)

If you go to Rio de Janeiro I’d definitely recommend you to visit Buzios and Arraial do Cabo if you have the opportunity. The village of Buzios is definitely much more charming with more restaurants and hotels, but the beaches surrounding Arraial do Cabo are truly amazing!

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  1. Adèle

    What nice pictures, the sea is amazing ! (and your bikini too :-)
    I really feel bored during my internship, these photos makes me smile ! Enjoy your journey beautiful Hanne !

  2. Venessa

    How beautiful! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. You two are looking just perfect on that rock.

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