Pamper Sunday

I used to think Sundays were long and boring, now however Sunday means pamper time! Everyone needs a little me-time and what better way to spend your Sunday than pampering yourself? No matter if you decide to pamper yourself daily or weekly, take the time. Everyone deserves to be pampered sometimes! :)

I like to take a long bubble bath while I leave my hair treatment and face mask on, of course with one of my scented candles lit on, I love my candle from Voluspa in Crisp Champagne. I also scrub and exfoliate my body before applying moisturizing. I especially pay attention to my face, I usually apply a deep cleansing mask, I’m loving the Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask from GlamGlow which is really intense (read my review here and see my before/after pictures here). After washing of my mask I like to take a couple of minutes to massage in my facial oil, right now I’m using the Ecorganic Facial Oil from Estelle & Thild.
I also take care of my lips, I usually make my own lip scrub of sugar and honey which does a great job. After exfoliating my lips I apply a moisturizing lip balm, I have a ton of different lip balms that I use but today I decided to apply the RĂªve de Miel from Nuxe. My nails also get special treatment, I give them a mini manicure/pedicure and apply a new layer of nail polish (or I don’t apply anything and let them “breath” a bit).
Last but not least, over to the more “superficial” part – self tanning and teeth whitening. As I’m not very tanned right now I like to add a little glowing tan to my face and body. My spring/summer wardrobe consist of clothes showing more skin and a little extra tan can make me feel so much better! I don’t use teeth whiteners often as I believe they can be (if used too often) bad for your teeth, but I use it now and then and it helps me keep my smile bright!

How do you spend your Sunday? Pampering like me? :)

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