Hot Pink Lips

Hot pink lips have been popping up everywhere lately and even though it isn’t a color I’d usually wear I’m loving this trend. I bought this hot pink/fuchsia lipstick from Kiko (#516) yesterday which is pretty similar to MAC Girl About Town.

Hot pink lips is definitely very fierce and not something everybody will feel comfortable wearing. However, in my opinion it’s a very bold and sophisticated color (and typically one that my boyfriend would hate), if you would go for this color then you should (obviously) tone down the rest of your makeup.

What do you guys think about this trend? Oui ou Non?

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Helen

    Kjempe fin farge! Syns man har lov å bruke litt mer farge nå som det går mot sommer ;) Syns også du hadde så fin øyenskygge! Kan jeg spørre hva du har brukt?

  2. Marie

    Ouiouioui!! Elsker det! :D Du har kanskje sett den nye leppestiften min (bilde på Instagram), Quick Sizzle? Den er SKIKKELIG hot pink! :)

  3. Adèle

    If I was wearing it, he probably says that I shouldn’t try to look like Barbie, ahah !
    However, I find this color beautiful, especially on you !
    I’m obsessed with the MAC lipstick, tuesday I’m going to buy one, rather nude, like Myth, Mac Hue, I’m still hesitate !

    1. Author

      Hahaha, guys…. They’re all the same!
      Mac Hue is a gorgeous color! I recently just repurchased! :) Also, in my opinion Creme d’ Nude is a nice beige than Myth, it’s not as thick as Myth and looks more natural on! ;) Let me know which one you chose!

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