Monday Beauty Tip #15: Add oil to your hair mask

Today’s beauty tip I learned by my hair dresser Marco Antonio when I saw him last week. If you are struggling with dry and brittle hair after the cold winter then you should add a tablespoon of oil to your regular hair mask. This will intensify the treatment and help restore moisture to your hair. I’m using pure argan oil but you can also use other oils such as olive, castor, macadamia etc.

Remember, after applying your hair mask, give your hair mask time to soak. Wrapping your hair in a plastic shower cap will enhance the effect of your mask. You can also wrap a warm damp towel around the plastic cap on your head to make the effect even stronger. Heat opens the cuticle of your hair and gives you an even deeper conditioning. :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Glossy A

    Thanks for the tip hun. I always wrap my head with shower cap whenever I condition or use mask on my hair. But adding oil would be a great addition

    Have you noticed the difference in your hair when you add oil in your mask? Does it end up being greasy? Just curious =)

    1. Author

      I’ve only done it a couple of times so far, and my hair already look healthier! It does not end up being greasy at all, just soft and beautiful! :)

  2. anya

    That’s a great advice! Thank you! I discovered the Argan Oil last year and just cannot live without it ever since :) It is the most fantastic treatment that helped my hair to become alive again. Though I didn’t think about this trick with a hair mask! Thank you so much I will try to do it this evening :)
    P.S. I hope that you feel better now and your cold has gone away!

    1. Author

      Thank you for your sweet comment Anya! :) It’s true argan oil is really amazing! It’s great to use it with a mask, you should definitely try it! :)
      I’m feeling better but I still have a sore throat! :(

  3. Raquel

    I love this tip! :)
    What I do, if I have the time, is applying a LOT of Pure Argan Oil on my hair about 20-30 min before washing my hair. I have also applied it at night, if I’m going to wash my hair first thing in the morning :)
    I love it! It leave the hair super smooth…
    I’ll try you tip of mixing the oil w/ the mask next time I was my hair, though ;) I’ll let you know the results :))

    xx raquel

  4. Jen

    Hair treatment using natural oils is the best instead of using chemical ones. I love that you featured Argan oil because I find it really effective in maintaining my thick, black hair. Aside from using as a mask, I find it effective as scalp moisturizer. I apply it just before going to bed and now I don’t have dandruff problems.

  5. Resha

    I would really like to spoil my skin with natural ingredients with argan oil(liquid gold) of morocco. It contains 100% pure natural oil that can helps to minimize acne and stretch marks. It promotes healthy skin as well. Argan oil is widely known for it’s effectiveness in the field of beauty products.

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