Monday Beauty Tip #12: Benefits of Honey

I totally forgot about my ‘Monday Beauty Tip’ yesterday, but hey, better late than never! :)

I guess we all know that honey is great for healing sore throats, coughs and general cold symptoms, but did you know that the vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in honey make it a wonderful beauty aid?

One tablespoon of honey a day can do wonders for your body and soul. Honey raise our protective antioxidant levels which will help in removing these free radicals and build the immunity of our body. It will also provide great nutritional value to the skin and hair and the effects will be seen if taken over a period of time, it is supposed to help our skin to glow more radiantly and reduce wrinkles. Honey also acts as an antibacterial and antifungal agent and helps disinfect and speed the repair of wounds, damaged tissue and burns. It has also been shown that honey naturally produces hydrogen peroxide, a substance capable of killing disease-causing bacteria. Though honey is pretty high in calories, when consumed with hot water, it can work as a good weight loss agent by burning the fat stored in our body.

There are two primary things to keep in mind when purchasing honey for nutritional purposes. First, dark colored honey, is generally thought to contain higher levels of antioxidants than the lighter colored varieties. Second, raw or unprocessed honey contains the widest variety of health-supportive substances.

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Raquel

    GREAT TIP! :) i totally agree :)
    i like to put a spoon of honey in my tea, sometimes :)
    Other times i just take it… for the sake of better health :)
    xx raquel

  2. The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Such a good tip! Supposedly when you buy locally harvested honey it helps with allergies too, builds up your immunity or something, and it’s great for the skin – I mix some with sugar and oil for a body scrub sometimes, or put a little on my lips when they’re chapped:)

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