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I’m back in Sao Paulo and one of the things that makes me the most excited about being here is that I’ll see my hairdresser, Marco Antonio de Biaggi, again! Marco Antonio is not only my hairdresser but the hairdresser of all the celebrities in Brazil, so yes I’m pretty lucky to have him! I used to have a huge fear of hairdressers and Marco Antonio is the only one I trust!
I’m seeing him tomorrow and he already agreed on doing a small ‘interview’ regarding hair and everything you want to know about it!

So now it’s your chance to ask my favorite hairdresser any question you might have regarding hair care, styles etc! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Caroline

    Hey !!
    Can you ask him if teasing hair is good for it?
    Because I feel like it’s not very nice for the hair.
    His sun good for hair?
    Thanks you very much beauté!
    Gros bisous continue ton super blog!

  2. Vero

    You’re so lucky to have found you perfect hairdresser!! I’m still looking for mine ><. But are you also going to see him for a haircut and stuff? If yes, I can't wait to see it ^^

    As I asolutely loove everything hair care related I've got a few questions!! :)

    What are the best ways to naturally lighten my hair? (I've heard lemons but it seems a bit harsh to me)

    What would be some good supplements for growing long hair? (I have quite a healthy diet I think but as I want to grow my hair due to a veryyyy bad haircut, I'm really looking for sthg which could help me, just a little bit!)

    His thoughts about henna? So far, I really liked henna and dit it every months or so, but a hairdresser recently told me that it could cause hairloss if used during a long period of time O_o scary! So if he has any thoughts on henna (usually hairdressers hate it ^^ haha), I'd love to know them :)

    Thanks for this great opportunity!! It was really a good idea :)

  3. Em

    This is awesome!
    I have a question.. I have dark blonde hair with highlights, but i really want to go darker, not much though, but i would want my hair to look much more natural. Kind of like the color fades from a dark blonde to a medium blonde.. What is the best thing to do then, get stripes in my hair or color it?
    I’m not such a fan of color my hair, i’ve always had highlights. But i just really would like my hair to become more natural, so i don’t have to go to the hairdresser and always fix my roots..
    Thank you so much! I love your blog!

  4. Elizabeth

    You are so beautiful in these pictures ! I hope you’re enjoying your trip. I want to ask if he knows something which can help me: i have dry hair, but they are very thin and if i put something which moisturises them, they become very quickly oily. Does he know a product which i can find in Europe? Thank you so much :D

  5. The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    This is such a nice idea – I’m really lucky to have a hairdresser I trust too – I’m always terrified going to someone new!

    I would love to know if he has any tips/tricks to cutting and styling bangs – people all seem to do them differently, and I have trouble keeping them from all clumping to one side!

  6. Andrea

    Might be a bit of a weird question, but I’m desperate to growi my hair out, and a friend of mine suggested castor oil…so..Does he believe scalp massages with Castor oil promotes hair growth?

  7. shayna

    Cutting and styling your hair is additional points to our looks. We should be consider if your hair is healthy. And it should be consider if you will look good the style of your hair you want.

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