Monday Beauty Tip #7: Long Lasting Perfume

Did you know that fragrance will last longer on a person with slightly oily skin? The moist skin holds the fragrance longer than dry skin.
So, if you’re struggling with dry winter skin and feel like your perfume goes away quickly, you can just put a bit of vaseline (olive oil or shea butter would work well too) on the points you plan to spray on and the scent will adhere better.

Another way to make perfume scents last longer is to apply lotion before applying your perfume. A lotion having the same scent is an excellent way to make your perfume last longer. But if you don’t have a matching lotion, apply an unscented lotion.

Also, learn where your pulse points are, this is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps.. The three best pulse points to spray or dab your perfume onto are the ones on your neck, wrists and the back of your knees. If these spots are real moisturized they will hold the scent even better! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Paulinha

    That perfum is great! Is always my daily choice! Can I ask you something? when you put on a perfum, do you spray and rub too? some freind told me that rubing your fists together ruins the scent.. do you know if that is true? xoo

    1. Author

      HI there. Cool we have the same perfume! :) I absolutely love it! I always spray on perfume, I also heard/read that rubbing is not good, that it kind of breaks the scent, but I’m not sure if it really is true! I’ll do some researching! Hehe ;)

  2. Paulinha

    You are such a darling! thank you.. I don’t wanna put you throw work! But thanks anyway! In doubt, don’t rub! hahah
    I read you have a brazilian boyfriend, right?! You must came here a lot! I hope you enjoy our country! :D

    1. Author

      Always happy to help! I’ve also been wanting to figure this out, whether it’s true or not :P Actually my boyfriend is French, but he is living and working in Rio right now. But yes I was living for more than a year in Sao Paulo, working there. Eu falo um pouco Portuguese tambem :)

  3. Adèle

    Thanks !! Because my Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf goes away so quickly.. But I found Valentina from Valentino this winter, and I adore it !

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