Vendredi Soir

Bonsoir cupcakes! Sorry for bad blogging today, I’ve been studying, preparing for my exams as well as I went for a looong walk. Of course, I had time for a little shopping as well. I found out that I left almost all my winter clothes in Norway, so another excuse to shop a little. I found two big, warm sweaters at H&M at half price, very basic (black and dark grey, again..) and simple, but just perfect for this time of the year. I’ve started buying more basic and less “trends” as this usually last for only 6 months… By the way, what do you guys think about the Versace for H&M collection? I think it’s a bit too hyped up, and honestly I only see myself wearing two or three pieces from the collection. I find it a bit tacky and over-the-top. What about you?

My make-up today; red lips, pale skin, a little blush, a little color on my eyebrows, mascara and a some black eyeliner.

Hope you’re having a nice Friday night! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Cassie

    I absolutely LOVE your make-up!! And I totally agree with you, there’s only a few “wearable” pieces in the Versace H&M collection, the rest is too much!

  2. Lisa

    Kunne ikke vært mer enig angående Versace og H&M! Det blir nesten litt harry!
    Elsker sminken din! Hvor er leppestiften fra?

  3. mia

    your skin is perfect, I wish I had so nice skin as yours :)
    and: FINALLY someone saying something honest about this versace collaboration. I feel like everybody is saying how cool it is just because it is hyped so much. I have to admit some pieces are nice, but all in all, not my style and nothing new, sorry… :) I am with you :)



    1. Author

      You think? Thank you so much! :) I’ve been much better at cleansing morning and night as well as doing masks lately, so that’s probably why it has improved :)
      Hehe yeah I know, I’ve been SO annoyed about all the fashion blog writing how much they LOVE this collection etc, everybody writing the same things. Good to hear some people agree with me on this one! ;)


  4. Inger

    Helt enig angående Versace & H&M. Det er kanskje et par plagg som jeg syns er greit fine, men kommer ikke til å kjøpe noe fra den. Utrolig fint sminket du var :) og jeg kjøper også alltid svarte / grå / hvite klær… haha

    1. Author

      Bra det er flere som er enig med meg, virker jo som om ALLE motebloggerne elsker kolleksjonen…!
      Tusen takk! :) Hehe, graatt, svart og hvitt er saa enkelt og lett aa style, dessuten kan man freshe det litt opp med kult accessorie ;)

  5. Line S

    Fin sminke!
    Jeg liker det enkle, men spesielle. Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Acne…. veldig langt fra Versace. Så kolleksjonen er veldig langt fra det som jeg synes er fint.

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