Tudo bem!

We arrived in Rio early this morning around 4.30 after a surprisingly pleasant flight. This flight is known for always having a lot of turbulence (which scares me to death) but this time it was very little. I watched two movies and a lot of Sex and the City episodes, I didn’t get much sleep though, only about 2-3 hours, so I’ve been really tired today. It’s better not to sleep during the day to avoid jet-lag.
We haven’t done much today, we went for a long walk by the beach in Ipanema and we had a long, nice lunch as well as some delicious fruit juices (my favorite right now is rasperry with passion fruit). Here are a couple of photos from my travel and my first day in Rio.

I bought the Chanel Mademoiselle perfume at the tax free before I left Paris, I’ve started to absolutely love this perfume! I also love the fact that Chanel is one of few who used natural oils/ingredients in their perfumes!
The Perfection Lumière foundation looks amazing on and is definitely my new favorite! I’ll try to post a close-up photo of me wearing it.

Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday queridas!


Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Lise

    I’m glad you had a quiet flight ! Flying makes me scared so much… And I also have to take the plane very often…
    Lovely pictures from Rio! Your dress is beautiful!

    How long do you stay here?

    1. Author

      Thank you! I found the dress at H&M for only 25 eur, that’s what I call a scoop ;)
      Good to hear I’m not the only one who is scared! :p

  2. Joyce

    mmm raspberry and passion fruit sounds delicious :) The pictures are so beautiful, I want to go there! By the way, I love your dress and necklace.

  3. Dzung Chula

    Dear Hanne,

    Thank you for your sharing and tips. They are wonderful. I love all of them and you also. :D Could i ask you about this sun glasses you wear on this pic? Hope to see your link to buy it. Thank you so much! Love you!

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