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After reading all the hype from Asia (now also in the US and Europe) about BB Creams I had to try some for myself. I had a look around and decided on the Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Hot Pink, which is a Korean brand (BB cream slowly started branching out from Korea to Japan, China, Singapore, and other parts of Asia thus creating a very hot trend).
The premise of BB creams is that they can be primer, sunscreen, foundation, acne medication, wrinkle treatment, pore minimizer, and skin whitening product all in one (or in several different combinations).
Now, I know some of you may not like the whitening part of the BB Cream, but actually what they mean by whitening is that it helps to even out your skin tone. And there are also many big internationally brands that have followed the trend of BB creams and made some without whitening. Though a lot of them tend to act more like tinted moisturizers and not a BB cream. Click here to read more about the difference of BB creams and tinted moisturizers.

BB Cream is based on a treatment cream originally created in Germany to help with healing post plastic surgery and it is said that long term use of it will improve the skin.

At first the product has a kind of pale beige (almost grey-ish) colour but it melts into your skin fast and the longer you leave it on your skin it seems to oxidise to a colour that is very natural. I think that it would only work well for pale to medium skin tones.

It goes on very natural and does a great job to even out the skin tone and smoothing over enlarged pores and fine lines. It even worked well at covering my dark circles and the best thing is that it looks like you have nothing on, it’s just like your own skin.
I’ve really started to love this product, it feels light on my skin and it really looks like I have nothing on at all, just natural even toned skin
(See the picture above).

Would I buy it again? Yes!

Would I recommend it? Yes!

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Author

    Jeg kjøpte min på ebay jeg (tror selleren het AccessoriesWhole) og jeg betalte rundt 17 dollar. I følge diverse artikler jeg har lest skal de ekte ha et lite klistremerke i sølv og det har min ;)

    1. Author

      Of course! :) I bought mine at ebay actually, the seller was called AccessoriesWhole, and the products are real. So I would recommend to use this seller! ;)

    1. Author

      Yeah I hadn’t heard about it either until recently. I started “investigating” more into BB creams and I found out most people recommended the ones from Asia, as this is a Korean brand and Korea is the country of BB creams I decided to give it a try! :)
      I’m happy you found the post useful!


  2. Suzanne

    Spennende! Men hvordan bruker man denne? Istedenfor foundation? Over fuktighetskrem?
    Hmmm, har visst ikke helt skjønt hva dette er:-)

    1. Author

      Hehe nei det er ikke så lett å skjønne med en gang! Det er egentlig en slags “alt-mulig-krem” som kan erstatte både fuktighetskrem, solkrem og foundation! :) Jeg bruker ofte fuktighetskrem uansett, men det trenger du egentlig ikke siden den tilfører veldig mye fuktighet! Den skal visstnok også hjelpe mot acne, rynker samtidig som den skal gjøre porene mindre.
      Men ja, jeg bruker den ofte i stedet for foundation da den lar huden puste samtidig som den dekker og gir en fin glød! :)

    1. Author

      Thank you beautiful! :)
      I started answering your questions but it turned out to be a very long comment, so I will write a post with my answer!

  3. ByCelina- Fashion, makeup and life in Monaco

    Åh, Hanne har du laget ny header du også? Nydelig er du som alltid!!

    Jeg leste en artikkel om disse kremene samt andre populære asiatiske hudpleieprodukter som er på full fart inn til europa og resten av verden, men jeg har ikke funnet det noe sted. Tusen takk for at du deler, og super bra research-altså. Disse må jeg teste ut!! :D

    1. Author

      Jaa, byttet for noen dager siden, trives bedre med den nye! Og takk det samme, nydelige du ;)

      Jeg har også lest så mye om bb creams i det siste så de måtte prøves!! Kjøpte en fra Missha som også skal være bra.

      Du bør absolutt prøve de du og, men ja de er vanskelige å få tak i, uheldigvis. Jeg kjøpe via ebay, og produktene er ekte og nye (produsert i september). Noen anbefaler også denne siden ( men jeg har ingen erfaring med den.


  4. Alexia

    Hi !

    I have discovered your blog a few days ago and I really really like it. I see that you use this BB Cream and i want to try it but I don(t find where to buy. Can you telle where you buy it ?


    1. Author

      HI Alexia,
      Thank you so much! :) This BB cream from Skin79 I could only find on ebay. At Sephora you can find European and American brands though, like Nars, Estee Lauder etc. :)

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