Pre-Party Skin Prep: Facial Mask

It’s that season again where we tend to eat a little too much, drink a little too much, and spend like crazy. Fortunately, you can at least keep your party looks in check with some much-needed pre and post-party preparations. In this post I will write about a peeling mask from Caudalie that is perfect before a night out or in the morning the day after. In just 10 minutes, your skin is radiant and fresh looking.

I rarely used facial masks before I started modeling but now I’ve turned into a total addict, they really are an important part of skin care. A weekly facial mask session cannot only help your skin receive moisture, but it can also ease skin disorders, depending on what type of mask you use.

I’m very pleased with the results I’m getting with the Enzymatic Peel Mask, my skin feels so much cleaner and fresher since I started using it. The mask is very light and smooth to put on, and I think it smells good (considered it’s a peel mask). It feels really soothing when you leave it on and after a while you will feel some tingling, don’t worry, this only signifies that the enzymes are working on the skin. As this stuff is very strong you shouldn’t leave it on for more than 10 minutes. I have sensitive skin and the mask did make my face a bit red, but not like an allergic reaction, just a sign that it worked. The redness goes away pretty fast, leaving your face clean and radiant. It really works, and immediately, with effect that can be seen.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask
What it is:
A ten-minute mask that offers an immediate radiance boost and a new-skin effect.
What it is formulated to do:
This creamy facial provides a fast-acting flash effect: it exfoliates skin, tightens pores, reduces sebum, and renews skin’s texture in just ten minutes. Ideal for all skin types, its innovative combination of stimulating, nourishing, and ultra-soothing active ingredients renders the complexion fresh, even, and luminous.
Contents: 50 ml Price: € 24.00 (in France)

I would definitely buy this again, and I probably will pretty soon as mine is almost empty.

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Inger

    Takk for tips :D Kanskje jeg skal prøve ut denne, har lett etter en ansiktsmakse / peel en stund nå, og vil ikke ha sånne H&M aktige i poser. Er så upraktisk :)

    1. Author

      My pleasure ;) Ja de H&M maskene egner seg best hvis man skal ut å reise. Jeg tror nok også at hvis man regner pris per ml så er de ikke så stor forskjell! :)

  2. Thea

    Bruker allerede vinoperfect serumet du nevnte og det er helt fantastisk! Har bestillt masken (og endel annet…) nå ;) Gleder meg til å prøve. Koser meg skikkelig med å lese bloggen din til morgen kaffen og få gode tips! Your doing a great job! Thank you!

  3. Raquel

    It’s SO funny how we have tried the SAME products so many times!! haha =) of all the products in the world!!!
    We have such similar taste…
    when I read a review from yours I could just comment: “YEP! That’s it folks!” ;)

    xx raquel

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