Monthly Favorites: October

These are (some of) my favorite products from the month of October. From now on I will do a monthly round-up with my favorite products. So, here we go…

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:
This foundation is amazing! The coverage is light to medium and it gives a natural, flawless finish. It feels very light when applied – you barely feel that you’re wearing makeup and it leaves your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow. Very good foundation overall and definitely worth a try.

Bioderma Créaline H2O Makeup remover:
I adore Bioderma because it’s simple, gentle and cheap. It is also THE favorite among makeup artists around the world. Definitely something you should buy if you are in France, or you could buy it online here.

Caudalie Vinoperfect  Radiance Serum:
This is the best serum I have ever used. All-natural, anti-aging, brightens skin, lightens sun spots and acne scars. Your skin will experience a boost in radiance no matter what age bracket you’re in. The reason why this product is so effective is because it has a patented formula derived from the grapevine extract. It’s ten times more effective than Vitamin C which is what most serums use to brighten skin.

La Prairie Cellular Night Repair Cream:
Definitely a product that I can see results with continuing use. It pumpers the skin, prevents aging, diminishes pore size, fine lines and give skin a healthy glow. It is quite rich, but not too thick, not greasy and not exactly heavy – it is somehow velvety. My skin absorbs what it needs when I apply this after toning and I still have my skin moist in the morning when I wake-up. Yes, it is kind of pricey but on the positive side, a little goes a long way. Buy it here.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo:
I’ve been using Klorane dry shampoo for years but after having a period where I’ve been trying lots of other brands I decided to go back to Klorane and I recently re-purchased it. It works great for my thin fly-away hair and in addition to losing the oily look it gives my hair some fullness. Dry shampoos can be a life saver when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

Kiko Lipstick #392
I absolutely adore the red colour of this lipstick. It’s gorgeous and makes me feel like a woman when I’m wearing it! Hehe :)

Skin79 BB cream Hot Pink
One of the stars of this months beauty round-up, I absolutely love this product. I wrote about it yesterday, if you didn’t see it yet, click here.

Caudalie Vine Body Butter
I already wrote about this lovely product, but it is definitely one of my new favorites. It has a fresh, faintly citrusy smell, which is wonderfully refreshing, it also feels light and airy yet my skin feels deeply hydrated.

Acai Berry supplements
Directly from Brazil, it is described as one of the elite superfoods with anti-aging and weight loss properties. As I’m not in Brazil to have my daily acai smoothie, I take this Acai Supplements (bought in Brazil). Simply put, Acai is one of the highest antioxidant fruits in the world as well as it’s very rich in healthy Omega fats. 7.59% of the weight of the Acai pulp is from amino acids and it is also a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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    1. Author

      Thank you! :)

      I think it’s the light a bit, my hair is not that silvery, more beige. But yeah, my hair was more or less white when I was a kid. :)


  1. Deb

    Have you ever tried the blue bioderma? I think that it dries a bit less the skin but still I love the original formula for its smell :)

  2. tiffany - moteblogg

    Hi Hanne, I’m not sure wether to write in norwegian or english.. Haha. I’ll try english though :-)

    I am 17 years old and modelling have been my dream since i was 12. But i am always thinking that i’m not skinny enough (i’m am skinny but not model skinny..), not tall enough and that there are so many other good models in the world and i wouldn’t have a chance..

    I know that i could make it, and i got confidence in my self. I know it is hard in the modelling business and that it’s a lot of work, but i am strong enough to chase that dream..

    But.. I am 1.72cm long, and living in Norway.. And i don’t know “how” to send my photos in to a modelling agency. Do you have some tips about this or how it was for you when you started and how fast it went before you got a little bit known for the agencies?
    And how is it to live in Paris? I am considering to move there myself after school because i got family there.

    I know this is a lot, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and hope that you can answer by questions :-)
    Love from Tiffany

    1. Author

      Hey Tiffany!

      You can write to me in Norwegian if you want, but I’ll answer you back in English in case there are others with the same questions.
      First of all, I would recommend you to read this post that I wrote a while ago on how to become a model.

      Yes it is difficult to make it as a model, but as it has been a dream of yours for that long I think you should give it a try, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you know you’ve tried. You have to be motivated and you have to not loose hope, it is always slow in the beginning and you’ll go to loads of castings without getting one job, this is normal.

      You say you are 172 cm high which is usually considered to be too short for fashion (but hey, Kate Moss is only 1.70). So I think what you should focus on is commercial modeling (that’s where the money is anyway, hehe). Commercial modeling can be campaigns, catalog and lookbook etc for everything from clothing brands to skincare to tv advertising. They are also less strict about measurements with commercial models and they actually don’t like models who are too skinny.

      But be aware of that the requirements of big agencies around the world, for them even to consider you, is that you are at least 1,75 cm and 90 cm or less around your hips/butt. But there are lots of smaller agencies that are less strict and a lot of models works a lot with the smaller ones.

      Anyway, I was checking out your blog and you are a very beautiful girl, and you are already confident which is great! My advice is to contact agencies in Norway first and then if they are interested, you could discuss with them about going abroad. Agencies abroad receive hundreds of e-mails from girls wanting to become a model every day, so it is better to have an agency in Norway first who takes care of this for you. I recommend Team and Heartbreak (Pholk). Most agencies have a “Do you want to become a model?”-page on their sites and there they tell you what kind of photos they want etc. They usually want one without makeup (or very little) of your face, your profile, one where you smile and of your body (wearing tight clothes or bikini).

      Living in Paris is great, it is such a wonderful city. When it comes to work it is definitely a lot of competition here compared to a lot of other cities but there are also a lot of work. If you get an agency in Norway first you can discuss with them what type of cities/countries could be a good market for you (I’ve heard Germany is good for my type of look so I’m planning to go there). If you go to Paris on your own it would help you a lot that you already have a place to stay :)

      Hope that answered some of your questions! :)

      Don’t hesitate to ask me again about anything! And thank you for the sweet words, I’m happy you enjoy reading my blog! )


  3. Paula

    I am really enjoying your blog. It was actually nice to see that you’ve already been here in Brazil. I was reading this post and saw how you like the Klorane dry Shampoo. I bought it, but I believe I don’t use it correctly. I follow the directions, but it does not work for my hair. I don’t see the oil on my roots to vanish. Can you give me some tips on how to use it? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! :) Yes I’ve been living in Rio and Sao Paulo for about a year and a half, e eu falo um pouco portuguese tambem ;)
      Hmm, which one do you have? The gentle dry shampoo? I think there is another one called seboregulating dry shampoo which is supposed to be a bit stronger for oily roots. So maybe you could try this one. If not there is also the dry shampoos from Batiste which is very affordable but also very good for oily roots, they have a lot of different ones to choose from ;)

  4. Paula

    Well, I have the “Shampooing Sec Extra-Doux”. As I see from the picture you posted, it’s the same one. I’ll try to see if they have this Batiste one here in Brazil. Oh, and I just bought the Skin79 product you told us about in another post. I searched for more information and I think it was a very interesting product line. Legal saber que você morou aqui por tanto tempo! Até cortou com cabelo com o Biaggi. Ele é muito famoso por aqui =D Thank you for all the tips, beijos do Rio de Janeiro!

    1. Author

      Oh okay. Well, you should definitely try the Batiste one, I’ve struggled a lot to find dry shampoos in Brazil (maybe I don’t know where to go) but if you buy it online from Europe it cost nothing (like 2-3 pounds). :) Yes Skin79 is very interesting indeed, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before, it is thick and covers well but at the same time it feels light and hydrating on my skin.
      Siiim o Marco Antoinio é um amigo meu, e tambem meu cabeleireiro favorito. Ele sempre faz o meu cabelo. Ele é o melhor :) Pode ser que eu vou ao Rio o final do Novembro, mais so para uma semana :)

  5. Paula

    Yes, you are right. It wasn’t you, it’s here…not very easy to find some brands and products… Those caudalie’s one you recommended I tried to search for them, but I couldn’t find places in Brazil where they sell them yet. Sometimes it’s hard =D heheh. Então, você está vindo de novo! Provavelmente vai estar bem quente no final de Novembro, calor! If you have time, send *hi* when you arrive! =D

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