Trying a new mascara is a gamble. You hope to find a tube of stuff that will give you longer, more perfect lashes – sometimes you get lucky; most times you don’t. Do take a chance on this one, though. The formula contains fibers, which, like Estee Lauder Lash XL, are unnoticeable (a huge plus). This mascara lasted all day for me and I never had an issue with clumping or flaking and it didn’t t bother my sensitive eyes at all. It removed very easily for me with my makeup remover.

Overall for me it is a great daily mascara, great for work or running a day of errands, though I wouldn’t have a problem with using it for a night out. This mascara has never smudged, flaked or smeared and I love how it makes my lashes defined and lengthened. L’Extreme is also easy to layer but as always with caution. A lot of women try to layer and they don’t do it correctly and so end up with clumpy lashes. I’ve never had that problem with L’Extreme.

If you are looking for a lot of volume and drama this probably wouldn’t be your best choice, but for me I really love it and will probably purchase it again.

L’EXTREME – Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara
“Extend your lashes up to 60 percent, instantly! This exclusive Fibrestretchâ„¢ formula takes even the smallest natural lashes to dramatic lengths. The patented Extreme Lash brush attaches supple fibers to every eyelash for an instant lash extension effect.”

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