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I’ve been wanting to write a post about the Italian cosmetics brand Kiko for a while now. I first discovered the shop while shopping, I was wondering what was going on in the shop I passed by since it was PACKED, so I went inside to have a look. It’s all about colour at Kiko and the line is HUGE! They must have thousands of different products, everything from makeup to skin care to nail polishes. And even better, their products are all affordable at 3-20€ a piece!! So for that reason I was actually a bit skeptical at first, but now, after trying some of the products for a while, I have to say I’m impressed!

The first products I bought was the Soft Focus Concealer (#01) and the Invisible Powder. The concealer is light but covers well at the same time, it’s perfect for spots, fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Price: 7,50 €.
The Invisible Powder is a translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone. The powder is white but becomes invisible on contact with the skin, it slightly mattifies the skin without changing it’s natural contours. It make’s your skin feel super soft and it stays all day! Price: 11,90 €.
I can honestly say that it is just as good as the Microfinish powder from Make Up for Ever or the Mineral Finishing Powder from Laura Mercier, that I’ve used a lot at photoshoots.

I recently bought their Pigment Loose Eyeshadow which is another great product! As you can see the products contains a lot of eyeshadow, probably enough for a life time. The eye shadows are very pigmented as well so you don’t need to use a lot. Almost all the other (compact) eye shadows at Kiko contained a lot of glitter, which was a bit over the top for me. But I love these loose powders and I’m probably buying some more colours more next time I’m there. Price: 5,90 €.
I’ve also tried their Long Lasting Stick Eye Shadow which is amazing. Not only is it unbelievably soft and blendable, but the color is a beautiful burgundy/plum that lasts hours before fading or creasing. Price: 6,90 €.

I  bought this Nail Lacquer the other day and I absolutely adore the colour (#303), it is perfect for autumn! Not only is the colour beautiful but the nail polish stays on for days before it starts fading, it also dries very fast which is a big plus in the book! (The colour looks much ligther in the photo than what it really is, the real colour is more similar to the colour of the bottle.) Price: 3,00 €.

When it comes to their lipsticks they have tons of different colours, they are long lasting and very moisturizing! The price is only around 6,00 €.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this brand, the good quality, the huge range of colours and the affordable prices. When it comes to buying their products I’m not sure if their online shop ships to other countries, and I’ve only found one shop in Paris, though if you’re going to Italy you’ll be sure to find it! I think they have shops in Spain as well.

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  1. SparklyLass

    I discovered them in London last weekend – the range and quality is amazing. I’m very much a MAC girl but these are just as good if not better in some cases. Even the glitter liners are water proof (very important if you are a dancer) and so they really do stay on. I also got their magnetic nail polish – stunning!

  2. Barbaraitaly

    Hi :) i’m italian and i’ve never seen this lipstick! What is the shade? You Are amazing

  3. jacquielipton

    I am going to Paris on Tuesday 5 September. Please which shop can I buy Kiko Eye Shadow and nail polish please. Many thanks JACQUIE

  4. Alicia

    Hi I have just came back from Rome seen this shop and spent an hour in it, almost always I would opt for the most expensive brands as I think they are better. So I bought the nail varnish and the lip gloss pencil as I was afraid to use anything on my skin. Much to my surprise the colours where true to form, Called back next day and tried out the foundation the staff where so helpful I bought the matt primer concealer and mineral compact foundation these are amazing and very natural am hooked. Will be making this my number one beauty products.

  5. Ana Leote

    Hii :) I’m obsessed with this brand! Their nail polish
    colection is amazing and everytime I go there I bought a new one! I
    have that concealer to and for me works really well if I use a
    medium coverage foundation. If I used a sheer to light one, it
    wouldn’t work so well because it’s to light for a concealer but as
    a eye lighter works perfectly! xx

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