Dans les rues de Paris

I just came from some shopping and a long walk. It’s quite calm in Paris right now as it’s school holidays, which means no castings for me as well. So I’m quite bored and what else is there to do than shopping…? Well, actually I have to start on my last assignment in micro economics which is supposed to be delivered in a week. I can’t wait for it to be over!

Some of you wanted me to write a post about my favorite shops in Paris. That is something I definitely will do, I just don’t know yet how I will do it. Either I’ll to it properly with a long post and photos from the shop (one shop at a time) or just a list with a short description. Maybe something in between, what do you think? Tell me what you want, your wish is my demand!

Doesn’t it look beautiful? The park in the pictures is one of my favorite parks (and apparently one of the oldest in Paris), I’m lucky to live not far from it. 
By the way, don’t you hate to have one hour less of daylight in the afternoon. I can’t believe it’s almost dark already, at 18.00. Well, I’m from the North of Norway where we only have about 4 hours of daylight in December so I shouldn’t complain! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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  1. Isabelle

    Beautiful photos, Paris looks amazing at this time! I prefer if you write one post about each shop with photos ans stuff. Would love that!


  2. mia

    wow! beautiful! I miss Paris so much, especially now in autumn…how long will you stay in Paris?

    The TOEFL Test was ok, but I don’t have my results yet. I can tell you more when I have them :) It was just exhausting because ten other people took the test in the same room and were speaking when I had to read for example,…not so fun.



    1. Author

      Yes it’s really nice here now, though they say November is the worst month! But hey, I’m from Norway so I think I can handle it ;)
      Yes please, tell me more about the TOEFL test when you have the result. I will check where I can do it in Paris.
      Oh, it’s soo annoying when people are talking during tests like this! Weren’t there anyone there to tell them to shut up? :P

  3. Line S

    Så nydelige bilder! Du er jammen meg heldig som bor i Paris.

    Jeg reiser til Paris i morgen, så hvis du har tips til noen butikker jeg må innom så hadde jeg satt pris på det :)
    Jeg har Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant, Repetto og Sephora på listen min enn så lenge…

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