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One day at work

Last week I did a lookbook for a small boutique shop and Yesterday I received their “behind the scenes” pictures and thought I’d share them with you – so that you can get a sneak peek into my life as a model. Normally lookbooks can be quite boring as the poses are very straight and simple, but this one was different and I think I’ll get lots of cool pictures for my book.

The lookbook was for Avenue Boutique and they have lots of different brands, definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in Richmond, London! The photographer was the amazing Joseph Sinclair, such a good photographer to work with! :)



    bonjour Hanne,

    quelle est la marque du tee shirt blanc que vous portez en dernière photo?et la robe noire svp?

  2. Jana

    Hey Hanne, beautiful pictures. Could you please tell me the
    brand of your ankle strap heels? Thank you :)

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