Last day in beautiful Buzios

After a wonderful week in beautiful Buzios our last day has arrived. We are going back to Rio today and on Sunday I’m going back to Europe. The days have passed by way too quickly (as usual) and I wish I could stay longer! Here are some pictures from our day at the beach yesterday.

If you are going to Rio I’d definitely recommend visiting Buzios which is only two hours away by car. It’s such a lovely village with beautiful beaches, cute streets and amazing fish restaurants! Now I’m looking forward to a couple of days in Rio (or more specifically Ipanema) before heading back to Norway and Hamburg!

Happy weekend cupcakes! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Marie

    ça a l’air magnifique! Merci pour ces belles photos! Et bon weekend à toi aussi Hanne!

  2. Ingrid

    It looks delightful! Hope you’re having a nice weekend as well:)
    Oh, and btw, I’ve been listening lots and lots to Theophilius London lately, and I have you to thank for that! :D Would love another post about your current favorite songs soon!

  3. Lipgloss and a Backpack

    Hi Hanne! I have a question! My old university wants to
    feature me in an advertising campaign. Last year the photos ended
    up on billboards, the side of buses, magazines, etc. I am excited
    but kind of scared to (possibly) have my photo on a twenty-foot
    billboard downtown! I am definitely not a model and have never had
    a professional photo shoot before. Do you have any tips? The shoot
    is in two weeks! Thanks! :)

    1. Author

      That sounds exciting! If you relax and is comfortable around the people you work with I’m sure everything will be fine! The people you’ll work with probably know what they are doing ;)

  4. Cait

    Looking beautiful Hanne.. Happy and glowing! I love your
    sunnies… Where did you get them? xx

  5. Anna Flávia Leal

    I can’t believe your were here next to me and I only saw the post today :( My city is near to Búzios and yeah, it’s such a beautiful place. Did you visit the street of the stones (rua das pedras)? It’s one of the main touristic points :) Well, it’s good to know that you liked the town :D xx

    1. Author

      Oh that’s crazy! I love Buzios and have been there many times! We visited Rua das Pedras last time we were there! :)

  6. Elisa

    Oh, it’s so nice to have found this post of yours. I loved Buzios and looking at these pictures brings me back nice memories!

  7. Elisa

    Beautiful beach! I missed Buzios during my Brazilian trip, that makes one more excuse to go back. Nice pics by the way :-)

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