A tea to warm your heart

I’ve become more and more of a tea-drinker the last year and especially in winter. I caught a cold a few days ago and there is nothing like a big cup of warm tea in the evening after a day outside in the cold. A friend of mine gave this tea from Pukka to me for my birthday and it is one of my favorites at the moment.

The love tea is 100% organically grown, I love all three ingredients; organic rose, chamomile and lavender. Definitely a tea to recommend! :)


  1. Camille-A

    I love Pukka tea. Revitalize is one of my favorite with Vanilla Chai, but Love was for a long time my favorite. In fact, I love all Pukka flavours :)
    Have a nice evening !

  2. Emma

    I got Pukka Love tea and a beautiful Greengate cup from my bestfriend the day before i moved to beautiful Brno! I really like your blog btw. Such a nice mix of beauty and travel!

  3. Natalie

    One of my goals for this year is to learn to like good-for-you tea. So far, I have been adding cordial to green tea to ease myself in. This tea sounds AMAZING. I absolutely love anything rose :) thanks for the recommendation.
    Natalie xoxo

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