Chanel Le Vernis #637 Malice – 2012 Holiday Collection

Chanel #637 Malice is a deep, dark red with ruby red shimmer and one of my favorite nail polishes from Chanel so far! This gorgeous nail polish is a part of Chanel’s holiday 2012 collection and I know for sure I’ll use it a lot, especially during Christmas.

This is such a rich, sophisticated and glamorous color with a ruby shimmer that catches the light really well. The consistency of this nail polish a dream to work with, it’s not too thick or too thin and it’s fully opaque after two coats (one is almost enough too). Malice gives a beautiful glossy finish, which really enhances every ruby facet (see a close-up swatch here).

One single word is enough to describe this amazing nail polish – perfection!


  1. Rads

    It is such a beautiful colour isn’t it? Am waiting for the 2013 spring polishes to turn up now..I think there’s a beautiful pale pink in there :)

  2. Anna

    Hi Hanne,
    it looks so so nice and pretty. I would love to buy it but we don’t get the Chanel Holiday Collection in Cologne. Only Berlin recieves a few. So I don’t have a chance. Anyone who could buy me one and send it to me?;)I would pay everything haha. Germany and cosmetics: that sucks…
    xxx Anna

    1. Author

      Oh that’s too bad! It’s such a beautiful color! Maybe you can find people on Makeupalley for a swap? ;)
      Xx Hanne

  3. Anna

    Oh and have you tested the Chanel Notorious Sculpting Veil Blush? Also no chance for me….

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