Top 3 Purifying Facial Masks

Hello cupcakes! The weekend is here and I’ve finally got my MacBook back, whoop! During the weekend most of us have some extra me-time and I love to pamper myself with facial masks and long baths. I try to use a purifying mask at least once a week and I thought I’d tell you about my three favorite ones.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask
This was one of the first cleansing masks to my collection and definitely a staple. This is a 10 minute mask from Caudalie that really works, my skin feels so much cleaner and fresher after use. The mask is very light and smooth to put on, and it smells pretty good (considered it’s a peel mask). It is very soothing and after a while you will feel a little bit of tingling, this only signifies that the enzymes are working on the skin. All in all, this stuff is great and leaves your face clean and radiant, I would highly recommend it!

Skin Ceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask
This is one of the newer additions to my collection but also a great mask. Every time I use it my skin looks great – softer and glowing, the clog pores and impurities look much less or even gone on the next day. It really purifies and does not leave my skin feeling tight. This mask doesn’t dry my skin  like many other clay masks do and it is very easy to wash out. It really makes my skin glow which is attributed to the hydroxy acid ingredients. This mask from Skin Ceuticals tingles a little bit as well but I like it – I feel like it’s doing something.

GlamGlow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask
I have written about this mask before and I absolutely love it. You can see my before/after pictures in this post. After application this mask immediately starts tingling which to be honest, is at the point of being uncomfortable. However the burning sensation starts to calm down after about a minute or two. The mask dries quite fast as well leaving a very tight “I-can’t-move” feeling to my face. After about 10-15 minutes my face is set solid as a rock-face and it’s time to wash the mask off. Not only does this mask make my skin more glowing but the texture also changes to feeling more smooth, soft and firm. After the strong tingling sensation I was almost expecting my skin to be a bit red and irritated, but not at all, it actually looked lighter and brighter! This mask from GlamGlow is definitely like a facial in a jar.

Are you familiar with any of the masks above? What is your must-have purifying mask? :)

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