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Q&A: Tanned Scandinavians

Q: I was wondering which products does the scandinavian people use for tanning, I’ve been travelling a lot and all the Scandinavian people I meet are really tanned , with really bronze colour. Do you have any tips on that one?

A: I guess most people around the world would assume that Scandinavians are very pale, however having blonde hair does not automatically mean you have very pale, burn-prone skin. In my opinion, most Scandinavians and Norwegians definitely find it more beautiful being tanned. As we don’t have a lot of sun in the winter, tanning salons are very popular here, however lately the awareness around skin cancer has become bigger and the government have become more strict when it comes to age limits etc.

Scandinavians travel a lot all year to warmer, sunnier places and when they do they try to get the most out of the sun, the majority of people will probably spend most of their holiday on the beach tanning. It’s also very common to prepare your body and skin before you go, a lot of people take suppliments such as Beta-Carotene as it is supposed to give you a nicer and longer lasting tan, it is also supposed to protect the skin against sunburn.
Last but not least self-tanning is very common in Scandinavia too, you’ll find a lot of self-tanning products and salons here. This is definitely a much safer way to stay tanned than going to tanning salons. My favorite self-tanner is the Mousse Intense from Xen-Tan. Hope this answered your question!

What do you prefer? Tanned or pale skin?


  1. Adèle

    Hello Hanne ! I’ve red hair so i’m very pale. I’m obsessed with tanned body, I purchased l’Eau lactée autobronzante from Clarins, and I used it for the face and also the body in summer, it was great ! I continue my utilisation, it gives a nice healthy glow, it’s very natural.
    I think I will buy the Xen Tan on Asos, you convinced me !
    Lot of kisses sweetie <3

    1. Author

      I love the self tanners from Clarins too. Xen Tan is great as well, you should definitely try it, they don’t smell as much as other self tanners which is so important! ;) Lots of kisses xx

  2. Alexia

    Hi :) I noticed that scandinavians have very pale but golden skin, and this is MAGNIFIQUE . That skin color fits really well with blonde hair. In my opinion (too much) self tanning doesn’t look classy and elegant at all !

    (You’re skin is naturally amazing … not fair :) )

    1. Author

      Hi Alexia! Thank you så much!! Too much self tan does not look nice at all, however the products have got better and people are becoming better at applying it! ;)

  3. Thea

    Hei! Jeg skal snart på klassetur til Paris. Har du noen tips til hvilke apotek e.l jeg kan finne typiske franske produkter som Bioderma, Caudalie, etc? :-)

    1. Author

      City Pharma i Saint Germain regnes for å være det beste i Paris, men unngå det på lørdager. Ellers er Pharmacie Bailly ved St Lazare også veldig bra! ;)

    1. Author

      For some people it is, it’s about feeling good I guess. However the awareness around skin cancer has become much bigger now so I think most people protect themselves with higher SPF than before! :)

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