Phyto Phytobaume Conditioner

I’ve been using this conditioner for a while now and I can’t believe I haven’t written a review about it before. This hydrating conditioner from Phyto is definitely one of the best conditioners I’ve tried for my thin, fine hair. It smells wonderful and it conditions just enough so that I can untangle my hair without problems, but without weighing the hair down. It really does an amazing job just letting your hair look natural.

There’s none of that silicony slickness – so you’ll be disappointed if you want that from a conditioner.  I don’t think Phyto should be marketing it for all normal and dry hairtypes, I’ve read some bad reviews on Makeupalley from people with thick, curly or very damaged hair types who hated this. I on the other hand, love it!

All in all, I love this silicone free conditioner and it is one of the few that makes my hair look beautiful and natural, also on the second and third day after I washed it. It does not weight it down at all like a lot of other silicone based conditioners does. If you have fine hair like me you should definitely give it a try! :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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