My Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case

I love iPhone cases and I’ve already got quite a nice collection. My newest addition is this amazing case from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Actually, I’m not really a huge fan of those Louis Vuitton and Chanel print iPhone cases, but this one I adore!

I buy most of my iPhone cases on ebay but this one I bought at the Marc by Marc Jacobsen shop in Paris.

Are there any shops who sell iPhone cases that I should know about? :)


  1. Delphine

    Jag vet en fin butikk som säljar iPhone cases i Paris. Det finns i Rue de Barigue (bredvid Place des Vosges i Le Marais).

  2. Totally Beauty Addict

    Hello!! I love the shop you’re talking about!! I’ve bought many things frome here like a heart-shape mirror, a red-lipstick pen…
    By any chance, do you remember how much it costs??

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