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Home Deco Inspiration

The older I get the more and more I wish I had my own place that I could start decorating. As I’m still just a student that wont happen just yet, but that doesn’t stop me from some everyday home deco inspiration.

A few days ago I came over this beautiful apartment, the home of a Swedish woman called Nina Bergsten and I absolutely love her apartment and the mix of styles.

Images: by Marcus Lawett for Residence, via The Decorista and Nordic Design

As well as getting inspiration from some home deco blogs I use Pinterest a lot. What about you guys? Where do you get your inspiration? :)


  1. Lau

    I’m so ready to get my own place and make it my own, but it’s really hard to get a loan. We’ll see, maybe next year ^^ You have amazing taste Hanne! Love the vintage big mirror xx

    1. Author

      That’s true, I’d love to be able to buy my own place right now :) Apparently she found the mirror at an antique market in Paris :)

  2. Kristi

    Off topic: Byredo Blanche!!! All three items of Byredo Blanche on the table!!! When I see this bottle of Eau de parfum, I don’t want anything else, but this!
    To the point: Yeah, it will be wonderful to have my own place… but for a while I’m trying to create oasis in the rental..

  3. ChloƩ

    I really like the apartment of that Swedish woman.I also like how she mixes old with new elements.Generally I like the way Scandinavian people decorate: very simple,but modern and classy with white,creamy and grey colour shades.I also admit that I love Ikea!lol…But I definitely know that there is more than Ikea when it comes to Swedish or Scandianvian interior style and decoration :) …
    Somehow I have discovered my love for Scandinavian style recently: my watch is from a Danish label called Danish Design and I am so in love with its style and shape!I can only recommend those watches,because they look great and they are of great quality :)

    1. Author

      Me too I love the Scandinavian way of decorating (not only because I’m Norwegian), I love how traditional wooden pieces are mixed with the minemalistic style :) And yes, luckily there’s more than Ikea, hehe.
      I haven’t heard of Danish Design but I’ll definitely check it out. ;) Xx

  4. Taylor

    Love your style Hanne! I actually have that photo of the dresser with white tray and Byredo fragrance and candles printed out and in an inspiration photo. I love the dresser, it’s a dream, did pick up a similar tray :-) I love all the white, gorgeous!

  5. Chrissy

    Wow, I really wish I could afford a place of my own but I can’t. :( Too bad, haha. Someday, I will be able to…and I’ll definitely make it my own!

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