Diptyque Baies

While sipping on a glass of red wine this candle from Diptyque is burning in the background, perfect for a calm Saturday night. Diptyque makes the best candles and Baies is one of my favorites.

It fills up the room with a gorgeous fruity and florar scent of blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose. I think it’s the best candle I’ve ever had. Love it! :)

What about you guys? Do you have any candles from Diptyque?


  1. Leah

    I’ve heard a lot about diptyque candles but I never tried it.
    Your appartment seems beautiful, very peaceful and harmonious : is a decorating article comming soon ? I hope so !

  2. Evelien

    I would love to try a candle from diptyque!

    Could you please write another post about your current/monthly beauty fav’s? I love too read them! xxx greetings from Belgium

    1. Author

      Yes I will probably post my beauty round up tomorrow, better late than never! :) Sorry for the delay :/

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