Chanel Lumiere d’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder

I got this beautiful highlighter from Chanel a few days ago and so far I’m very impressed. Chanel Lumiere d’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder is a beige-based highlighter with an iridescent finish. It’s a beautiful soft peachy beige with a very fine shimmer-sheen.

I love the typical Chanel packaging, it’s sleek and classy, both the  powder and the brush comes with a small pouch which I love, it’s like a mini dust bag but for makeup.

This highlighting powder is embossed with round circles that look like overlapped pieces of sequins. The powder itself is dusted with a silvery glitter overspray. Underneath you’ll see stripes of soft golden beige and soft beige-rose.

This highlighter has a glitter overlay that doesn’t seem to go all the way through. This is quite a subtle highlighter, the way it reflect light is minimal but noticeable. It’s subtleness makes it very beginner friendly and very hard to overdo.

All in all, I love this highlighters and it’s definitely a very exciting addition to my collection. I think this product is great for people who prefer a more subtle highlight, or beginners who want to something that is difficult to mess up with. It will also be a great choice for those with medium to medium fair skin for highlighting.

I think this is a must-have for me, it’s a bit expensive but I’m sure other Chanel fans like me will absolutely adore it.


  1. Rach

    This looks amazing! I will have to save up to buy this soon!
    I think I have become addicted to your blog, loads of stuff I’ve never heard of! xx

  2. Anna

    I bought this one aswell (I’m a Chanel-Fan :) ). The first time I used it I had the glitter all over…Than I brushed the overlay off and now I looove it:) Sadly the sequins aren’t that pretty anymore.


  3. marie

    Do you think this powder would be BEAUTIFUL on a very
    fair-skinned, olive under-toned (neither pink nor yellow)
    “porcelaine” face with brunestte hair and brown/hazel eyes? Even
    used as a bronzer (and I typically do not use bronzers because of
    my fair complexion), is it a beauty must-have — for a fresh, newer
    look? Or, for someone with my coloring, would you skip it?

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