Review: PetitGris Regenerating (Snail) Cream Gel

It’s been a couple of months since I first heard about this so called snail cream which is supposed to be the next big thing (at least here in the western part of the world). The story goes that a couple of snail farmers in Korea started noticing that their cuts healed faster and their skin was softer after handling snails. Until now, I’ve only thought those slimy snails were super gross. But apparently snail slime is rich in allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin — aiding in skin regeneration, healing cuts and fighting off infections!

I’ve tried and tested the Regenerating Cream Gel from PetitGris, which combines snail secretion filtrate with natural plant extracts to produce a gentle, paraben-free range of exceptional care products.

This cream is very lightweight and I’ve used it a lot this summer. It absorbs quickly and completely into my skin and leaves it feeling velvety and soft. As it’s a light gel cream I usually use it in the morning, I like to use something a little bit heavier in the evening as I have normal/dry skin. At first I was a bit afraid of the smell, but it is actually  quite pleasant which is a huge plus!

I love the beautiful glow it gives to my skin and I’d definitely say that it has also improved my skin. As I’m pretty young still I can’t really say wether or not it helps against wrinkles but I definitely feel like it’s a product that can help fight wrinkles at an early age.

Bottom line, I really like this cream and I look forward to keep using it and see further result. What about you guys? Have you heard of snail creams? Would you be comfortable with using this cream? :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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