D&G L’Imperatrice

I bought this perfume at the tax free shopping in Amsterdam and I’d describe it as a playful, clean, fruity scent that is not too sweet, it’s the perfect scent to welcome summers. I did have this perfume about 3 years ago, but after loosing it on a trip I didn’t repurchase, until now.

It’s a very happy fruity scent with enough character not to be overly girly. It is definitely a perfect summertime-perfume, it’s light enough, leaning towards fruity and has the tiniest bit of warmt in it to prevent it from being too green and fruity. It doesn’t hit you in the face with it’s fruitiness, but it definitely gives you a light juicy breeze. The only downside with this perfume is it’s staying power. It is Eau de Toilette but it last such a short time on me (2-3 hours) and I have to keep spraying it on.

Overall I really like this perfume, D&G L’Imperatrice is indeed a summer fragrance that’s easy to wear and inoffensive to most people’s noses.

What is your favorite summertime perfume? :)

Hanne Sagstuen

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