Xen Tan Mousse Intense

I got the Xen Tan Mousse Intense about a week ago – a product I’ve been really excited about trying! I’ve read so many positive reviews about Xen Tan’s products and I was especially curious about their mousse as I’ve only tried cream and spray self-tanners before.

It is very easy to apply and the light non-sticky foam texture glides on very easily. While tanning lotions take a while to dry this mousse dries almost instantly, love it! At first the I was a bit alarmed by the green color tone of this mousse but as soon as applied the color went to a light brown color which was a also very good guide color to ensure an even application. I used the tanning mitt and managed to cover my whole body pretty fast, starting with my ankles and working my way up. The product dried within a minute or two which really impressed me as I hate to wait for a tan to dry. I love that there is hardly any smell to this product, there is no chemical smell at all, just a lovely vanilla scent.

At first I was a bit afraid that the Medium/Dark color of this product would be a bit too dark for me but I’d say this product is more in the medium category, leaving a beautiful and natural tan. If you want a darker finish you can just re apply which in my opinion is much easier and give you more control than having a product that can look too dark.

I’m also very happy to say the product didn’t leave any streaks (see picture of my arm above) which can be a huge issue when it comes to self-tanners. The tanning mitt was very easy to use and kept my hands clean. I also decided to try to this product on my face (as the product is for both face and body) and I was very pleased with the result. I used my hands to apply on my face, after about 5 minutes I applied my regular moisturizer all over my face to make sure it would melt in even better and leave a more even result. It didn’t break me out or irritate my skin at all and left a beautiful color. I’m very impressed!

The “after” photo is taken in the afternoon and therefor with flash while the “before” photo was taken in daytime with natural light. Because of this the two photos are not great to compare, however I think you get an idea of what type of tan the mousse gives. The photo is also taken before I took my shower, after I took my shower some of the color went off, however my skin still had a beautiful, natural and even tan.

Overall I’m really impressed with this product and can’t wait to use it again. I loved the color it gave me and that it was streak free. I actually think I prefer mousse formulas for self tanning now, as it dries a lot quicker and the tint in the product seem to be less noticeable as well! :)

Do you have any experiences with Xen-Tan and mousse formulas?

Hanne Sagstuen

Norwegian New Yorker Hanne Sagstuen a fashion model, art director and editor in chief. Beautylovin is the website where she shares her take on life, travel, beauty and everything in between.

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  1. Joanna

    Hi Hanne ! :) I already have The lotion version and I like it a lot! I must write a review on it soon as i can, I think Xen-Tan have the best tanner ever. The fact that the Mousse version dry fast is a good point because I’m really obsessed with this ! I would like to try the saint-tropez brand too. Xx an happy easter :) J.

    1. Author

      Yes you should write a review, I’d love to hear your opinion about the lotion! :) Everybody tells me Xen Tan is the best self tanner and I think I have to agree! I’m really enjoying using it!! :) Happy Easter sweetie! :)

  2. Maria blogg.gold-digger.no

    Hej Hanne

    Jeg har prøvet en del forskellige selvbrunere. Alt fra de dyrere som st tropez selvbruner til lidt billigere som loreal.

    Og jeg har også testet Xen-Tan og den er helt grei…

    Men min ynglings er SunSpa. Den er flot naturlig og enkelt at anvende.

    Jeg er i Danmark på påske ferie nu og har også lige testet deres nye Mousse og creme som snart kommer. :-)

    Jeg synes spray er enkel til ansigtet og mousse og creme til kroppen. :-)

    Du burde seriøs prøve SunSpa sine.

    Flot påske videre..

    1. Author

      Hei Maria! :) Har ikke prøvd SunSpa enda, men det er et merke jeg definivt er interessert i å prøve og lære mer om! Takk for tipset! ;)
      Ha en fin påske! Xx

  3. Sandrine

    Hi Hanne,

    i really appreciate your blog !
    How do you put self tanner on yours hands : where do you stop the application ? on your wrist or do you apply on your fingers ?
    Happy easters !

    1. Author

      Hi Sandrine,
      Thank you so much! ;) I used the tanning mitt (in the picture) to apply the product, it worked really well as well as I didn’t have to deal with streaky/tanned hands after. I stopped around my wrist, I just make sure to really “blend it in” around this area. What you can do is also to apply some normal moisturizer in this area, then you’ll be sure to be streak free ;)
      Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Alinii

    Wow, sounds great! I’m looking for a self-tanner like this for ages! Where did you buy it? And how much did you pay for it?

  5. Ladybird

    Den må jeg teste. Har ikke fått jobbet så mye med brunfargene enda, og velger gjerne et litt sunnere alternativ som en selvbruner!

  6. Lene

    Hei! Brukte du denne i ansiktet også? Har litt dårlig erfaring med selvbrunere i ansiktet både mtp uren hud,og unaturlig resultat…

  7. Line

    Hi Hanne! You look great :-)
    I wonder if you have any tips about bras for girls with small breasts? I´m like 75a/aa, and I find it really hard to buy bras that fit me well.

    1. Author

      Hi Line,
      I’m not an expert on this area, I’m 75 a/b (more b) and usually don’t have a problem finding bras. Some of the best ones I have (best fit) are from Sloggi, did you try this brand? :)

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