Monday Beauty Tip #17: Detox Your Hair

Are you having problems with dull and lifeless hair? If you’re a styling-product junkie then you should use a clarifying shampoo to maintain a healthy hair and scalp. A clarifying shampoo is formulated to deep clean your hair by removing product buildup from the hair shafts. Styling products, such as hair spray, mousse, gel, oil (silicone based), conditioners, and even daily shampoos can cause buildup on the hair over time. This buildup can weigh down your hair, making it flat and lifeless, as well as prevent the reflection of light, which can make the hair look dull and dingy. Weekly use of a clarifying shampoo will help remove the buildup and provide the hair with a clean start.

I’ve only recently started using a clarifying shampoo and now I’m hooked! I’ve definitely seen a huge improvement in my hair since I started using it, my hair feels so much lighter as well as it look healthier. Right now I’m using the Phytoneutre clarifying shampoo from Phyto which I love. It is highly concentrated with natural active ingredients (lots of essential oils), which I love. It has a very fresh eucalyptus smell to it which can be a bit overpowering if you have a sensitive nose, I love it though. The feel and the movement of my hair has improved a lot, this clarifying shampoo does a great job without stripping my hair to a dry state. Would definitely recommend!

Edit: Many of you asked me if this can be used on colored hair. I’m not a 100% sure but I read a bit online and apparently a lot of clarifying shampoos contain acetic acid and this is whats bad for colored hair. I checked the ingredients in the one I have from Phyto and it does not contain acetic acid! :)

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