Jemma Kidd Light as Air foundation

I was very curious about this foundation after reading Viviannas’s recommendation and decided to give it a try – you guys might know by now that I’m obsessed with finding the perfect foundation (this being my favorite at the moment). In my opinion foundations can make or break a look, getting the right base is definitely the most important step in my makeup routine.

As the availability of this foundation is more or less non-existing in France I got this foundation from FeelUnique’s website. This is definitely a downside about this product as a lot of people like to try and swatch foundations on before buying them. The color range is also pretty limited, I have it in shade #2 which is a pretty good match for my skin, however it can look slightly too yellow on some days as it does have some yellow undertones.

I use my fingers to apply this, it spreads like a dream without being too heavy. It has a medium coverage but can definitely be built up. It feels very light on and makes my skin look smooth, poreless and flawless. It does a great job when it comes to evening out my skin tone and leaves a beautiful matte/satin finish. It’s completely shine free – even in the humid and hot weather in Rio. I’d say the coverage is pretty good for something that feels so light on the skin.

The packaging is very simple and light which is great for traveling, however as the surface is black and pretty matte it can easily look greasy if you touch it after applying foundation. Also it’s a squeezy tube meaning it can tend to overflow as well as the cap can get pretty messy.
Overall I’m enjoyig using this foundation,
it is great for every-day use and feels very light on as well as it leaves a beautiful, matte finish. :)

Do you have any experiences with the Light as Air foundation? What is your favorite foundation at the moment?

Hanne Sagstuen

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