THE dress

Now I’m going to tell you the (love)story about me and the dress of my dreams. I saw it for the first time at Zara in Oslo and I knew we were meant to be! I went ahead and ordered online – my dress was supposed to arrive after 2-6 days – after one week they still hadn’t sent it. This annoyed me so much so I decided to cancel my order and I went look for the dress in the shops here instead…
I was starting to get quite stressed after visiting three different Zara shops and still no trace of my dress… I was almost about to give up, then I saw the dress on a mannequins in one of the shops. I asked a girl who was working there if they had any more, she went to look, no they didn’t, everything was sold out… I asked if I could buy the dress that was on the mannequin and she said no, she was not allowed to do that…
At this point I was really about to give up, then it hit me, I’m a ‘gay magnet’ (my boyfriend invented that word), gay guys tend to love me (and I love them) so I went to one of the gay guys working there, explained the situation(in French!) and put on my biggest smile… 10 minutes later I walked out of Zara with the dress of my dreams! :)
This dress is so comfortable and chic and can be used for both daytime and nighttime with the right accessory.
I really love the spring/summer collection at Zara, it is exactly the style that I love and if I could I would buy everything there.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend beauties! :) I’ll spend it working on my assignment…

Hanne Sagstuen

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