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New Years Makeup – Eyes

I wanted to do a New Years look with different eye shadow colors than I normally use. The result wasn’t quite how I expected though (I expected the color to look more blue), but I still like it and will probably do something similar tomorrow night.

I used three colors; Sidecar, Creep and Gunmetal, all have glitter in them, which I think is nice for New Years. A little extra glitter is definitely allowed for a night like this.
I used the lightest color, Sidecar, all over my lid, then I used the blu-ish color, Gunmetal, over the outer part of my lid and then finally the darkest color, Creep, on the crease of my lid to create depth. After applying the eye shadow I apply a line of liquid eyeliner along my upper lashes – creating a cat eye effect.
Hope you liked it! :)


    1. Author

      Thank you ;) Yes me too, I usually don’t wear a lot of glitter makeup. No I didn’t see the Naked 2 yet, only swatches from other blogs, it looks really nice but quite similar to the original one.


  1. Anna

    I love it!! Can I ask which eyeliner did you use? It looks great, not to dark, not too sheer… xx

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