The Carrie Bun

I absolutely loved this hair bun that my favorite hairdresser an friend Marco Antonio did on me a couple of months ago in Sao Paulo. I have always wondered how girls manage to do it! With my thin hair I have never succeeded before, but now I have discovered the secret…!
The hair bun shaper! There are different sizes and colors and you can find it on ebay for less than 5 euros. It takes 5 minute to do and is perfect if you are in hurry. What you need is hairspray, an elastic hairband, and some pins, that’s it!

If you don’t have the hair bun you can tease your hair a lot like Marco Antonio did with my hair. But he’s a professional hairdresser and I think this method is much more difficult than using the hair bun.

Check out this blog for a more detailed tutorial on how to do it..

Hanne Sagstuen

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